The legacy of BUNGLING Management – breaking news over the leak of information by Ahmad Jauhari

MAS current CEO displays his chauvinism in controlling the media circulations among MAS workers internally and externally. The latest flicker by Ahmad Jauhari a.k.a. Tony Fernandez’s disciple is the manifest of the passengers list for 80 redundant middle and top management personnel who were on the insensibility duty travel at the disbursement of Malaysia Airlines. This we meant the reimbursement of the travelling expenses.

Ahmad Jauhari is sphering against MAS workers for becoming more transparent of MAS management daily business in his depicts over the evidence of redundancy mentality in the management that proved their lazes and lounges of their enjoyment having spent days away from their desk just to experience the new arrival of first A380 aircraft under the pretense “on behalf” of Malaysia Airlines and our tax-payers.

In spite of understanding that MAS is still over bleeding with expensive contracts, vendors and heavy remuneration of top management including the Executive Directorateship; the obliviousness of rebuilding trust in Malaysia Airlines continues its legacy till this very day.

Malaysia Airlines is so well renowned of its obliviousness in managing efficiently and we brand it “The Legacy of Bungling Management”.

Malaysia Airlines is so cursed to have this bungling management led by Ahmad Jauhari who sat with clueless plan since last September.

If we recalled this unmistakably never did any successful and renowned corporate company in Malaysia had openly published any leaks of information until Ahmad Jauhari took over the throne.

Is it MAS workers or was it Ahmad Jauhari? Whom do we think the leak were or is?

Ahmad Jauhari said it is a breach of confidentiality to leak out passengers list. We say, so is Ahmad Jauhari increases his dis-harmonization domain within Malaysia Airlines.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies said it is a breach of code of ethics by AJ to have allowed 80 management personnel included him to be idled away from their workplace for a sinful luxury travel experiences at the disbursement of Malaysia Airlines. This we meant the overseas’ allowances again; so who’s paying for it?

Idling from work is a fallacious and unsound practice if supposedly Malaysia Airlines management should be putting in effort to turn around the company at every possible angle as quickly as possible.

We believe AJ has been portraying himself as SAVIOR figurine at the same time as CLUELESS as UNSOUND he is; nitpicking MAS workers finding his next scapegoat from the lower paid range for the responsibility of the leaking of information of his fallacious acts and abusive of powers.

His email threatened an action against those who found guilty will be subjected to dismissal. We assume instant dismissal of another strategy to dismissing MAS workers in large.

Blocking Internet access for MAS workers was his first move after bloggers started publishing transparently of the insightful events.

Internet is a step towards cultivating intelligence and development for growth and improvement. AJ stopped it blocking towards cultivating primeval growth and archaic (outdated) structure. So generally nurturing BUNGLING Corporative Agents.

As if, it were affecting the privacy of those management personnel of their travelling itinerary of which that can be proven of their idling dexterities that could have been the whole cause of responsibility in the bleeding of the company.

Here we’ve pointed out the roots of Malaysia Airlines management and we believe it is an interesting finding since the outburst of the published passengers list by YB Wee Choo Keong.

The investigation to be conducted should be on why it had been condoned in the first place? And not the retributive measures of the leaking information to the public for mere intention providing transparency.

The leak was for transparency and a clear louder message to the Prime Minister of all the wrong doings inside Malaysia Airlines. The investigation ordered by AJ is to find the scapegoat for the management to crucify in the name of VENGENCE.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies urge MAS workers to compile evidence for their own protection before another victim of the lower paid is burned on his plate at his whims and fancies.

There had never been any airliners in the world that would have done something like this lazing the turnaround work, idling from workplace on a sinful luxury traveling experience under MAS.

It is only Malaysia Airlines that is so cursed.

In the name of JUSTICE and FAIRNESS, the ABUSIVE CEO Ahmad Jauhari should be found guilty and be dismissed effectively to set good exemplary of good governance in Malaysia Airlines.

His acts of retributive does not make him any better leader but An Avenger – AA Stylo Mylo.

Deputy news editor B.K. Sidhu wonders if Thai International Airways which will take delivery of its first A380 soon will have big-enough first-class seats like that of MAS’ A380.

Had it been the manifest of the legitimate paying passengers, it would not have been exposed.

Another said: “I am wondering why (MAS) top management is not stopping for a while to analyse why his people are resorting to venting their views and frustrations through the blogs … there are many valid messages that it should take heed from. Instead, they are resorting to threats and running down the staff who choose to express their views on the blogs. This is akin to slaughtering the messengers while ignoring the messages.”

There is always a reason for an action and it’s good to look at views from the other side. For MAS, now is the crucial time to rebuild and get back to normality. It needs everyone’s support so that it can make money to sustain its operations.

For all to work together harmoniously, there is a need to build trust, understanding and transparency. So long there is no harmonisation, the venting will go on.

It is like building a relationship it requires honesty, forgiveness, communications, trust, passion and patience. Using a bazooka may not be the right tool, changing the mindset may just be the tool.

Mr. Prime Minister, shouldn’t Ahmad Jauhari be replaced with a better leader for better MAS?


5 thoughts on “The legacy of BUNGLING Management – breaking news over the leak of information by Ahmad Jauhari

  1. Stop bleeding you bastards. Ahmad Jauhari and Zahrah Zaid should be sacked for all involved expenses. Who will be next to go?

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