NUFAM acting for Tony Fernandez is overthrowing MASEU in Malaysia Airlines

Wow!!!!!!!! The word is just so true that Tony Fernandez had indeed instructed NUFAM to overthrow MASEU from Malaysia Airlines. This is now surfacing day by day.

We’ve got a letter sent by NUFAM President undercover as SATAY MAS ( – IP Address with the assistance rendering from a few ministers. Let’s check it out if such is true whether the ministries in the Parliament is helping NUFAM a.k.a. MAFAA formed under the instruction of Tony Fernandez to pull out MAS cabin crew from MAS Unions’ coverage.

We saw the intended political reason is to pull out MAS crew from being governed by MASEU of the terms and conditions for MAS crew that still providing transportation for MAS cabin crew.

Satay Mas wrote :

Now read the letter sent by NUFAM.

From: NUFAM – National Union of Flight Attendants

Date: July 1 2012 4:57:51 PM GMT+08:00


Malaysiaairlinesfamilies wondered if the address for the ministers have been correctly delivered or just for showing off only……hmmm…!!! How about the other side of the ministers? Have they received such memorandum from NUFAM to MAS CEO – Ahmad Jauhari a.k.a. Tony Fernandez’s disciple. 

How about MAS CEO – Ahmad Jauhari and MAS management – Zahrah Zaid? Did they really receive the memorandum from NUFAM’s Secretariat sent via email? 

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies thanked our readers for your cooperation and information regarding the actual email address for Ahmad Jauhari and Zahrah Zaid. Here is for the public information – Ahmad Jauhari email is and Zahrah Zaid is So it is well explained this email by NUFAM is bullshit and this is the evidence of NUFAM bullshitting its members.

Subject: Memorandum To MAS MD (The bullshit memorandum that never reached Ahmad Jauhari)

Dear Mr Ahmad Jauhari,

The National Union of Flight Attendants NUFAM is urging you as MAS MD/CEO to take immediate action on the followings:

1.         That the company must revert all 900 Cabin Crew who were forcefully deployed to Golden Lounge since June 2012 immediately;

2.         Ceased all deployment exercise and negotiations in terms of Cabin Crew working conditions with immediate effect between MASEU and the company;

3.         MAS Management terminates the contract and services of all the tenders that is linked to the personal interest of MAS management;

4.         The National Union and its members is also calling the resignation of MAS Human Capital Executive Vice President, Human Capital Senior Vice President, Executive Vice President of In Flight Services and the MAS Cabin Crew Manager with immediate effect.

This is due to the allegations of corruptions, which was posted by Members of Parliament recently.

The call for resignation of those who are managing the crew members issues are also in negligence in their duty of care for the Cabin Crew and abused of their office powers.

The deployment of 900 Cabin Crew to Golden Lounge have been recognized as breached of their employment contract against the 900 employees and MAS Human Capital have breached the Collective Agreement without proper consultation with the employees and the National Union.

The National Union NUFAM is serving the company 7 days notice which by if no response is given to the National Union within such time, the members of the National Union will not hesitate to file a decision that may effect the company’s current position.

We hope that the company will co-operate to acknowledge the National Union’s urgent request to the above.

Thank you.

National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (NUFAM)

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies say let’s find out who are the Secretariat of NUFAM in our next postings Part II of this thread.

CC:    YB Dato Hj Ahmad Bin Hj Maslan – Tim. Menteri Di Dalam Jabatan Perdana Menteri

Timbalan Menteri Sumber Manusia
 – YB Datuk Seri Azalina Othman – MP Pengerang, Johor

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies say the Timbalan Menteri Sumber Manusia is still the stupid Scooby Doo weirdo Dato Mazlan Maznah and not Datuk Seri Azalina Othman. 

Ahli Jawatankuasa Gabungan NGO Malaysia (GNM)

President NUFAM

Secretary General NUFAM

Vice President NUFAM

Union Executives Members

Strangely, Malaysiaairlinesfamilies found out the email was sent by the Secretariat National Union of Flight Attendants Malaysia (NUFAM); who are they? Does it mean the NUFAM gangsters a.k.a. The new Johnny Fernandez replacing Danny Nanny do not have a bit of guts to reveal their name when sending emails to MAS CEO? 

The email above was delivered to MAS CEO copied to Ministers and the NUFAM gangsters itself. So we wonder who are the sender? WOW!!! That’s obviously a cowardice act and such coward attitude has now become Tony Fernandez’ new game changing experience using his newly spotted NUFAM gangsters. Let’s us digg more and find out what’s really happening inside Malaysia Airlines. For a start, we should be interviewing some guys inside MAS unions. 

People stay tune for far more exciting news from Malaysiaairlinesfamilies!!!


16 thoughts on “NUFAM acting for Tony Fernandez is overthrowing MASEU in Malaysia Airlines

  1. I’m impressed, I have to say. Really rarely do I encounter a blog that’s each educative and entertaining, and let me let you know, you’ve got hit the nail on the head. Your thought is excellent; the problem is one thing that not enough persons are talking intelligently about. I am very happy that I stumbled across this in my seek for one thing referring to this.
    Oh my goodness! an incredible article dude. Thank you Nonetheless I’m experiencing difficulty with ur rss . Don’t know why Unable to subscribe to it. Is there anybody getting an identical rss problem? Anyone who is aware of kindly respond. Thnkx
    WONDERFUL Post.thanks for share..more wait ..

  2. In the StarBiz of Friday 6 July 2012, BK Sidhu reported that AJ is using threat like dismissal against MAS staff for the leakage of information especially the manifest of the recent ferry flight on the A380 from Kul to London, Paris & Kul. It was mentioned that the said manifest was published in some blogs. Can MF please publish the same manifest for all to view? It will be interesting to see who are the passengers in this ferry flight. Cheers.

  3. Good day,
    Judging from the letter above, I don’t see that there are any problems.
    NUFAM can’t possibly replace MASEU, since they are specifically for the cabin crew only. And since they are a national union there is definitely a legitimate claim to that.
    In your posting, there is no proof of the link between Mr Fernandez to NUFAM. There is no proof that NUFAM wants MAS crew to be without transport, only a statement to the company to cease discussing cabin crew issues with MASEU.
    It seems, from the letter itself, that NUFAM is fighting for the benefit of the cabin crew and against corruption. Why were the crew deployed to Golden Lounge when they are actually cabin crew? How did this came to pass? Where was MASEU in all of this? These are the questions that came into my mind now.
    I do love reading your postings especially about that Danny boy. There are proofs to his wrongdoings. I even enquired about him with my friends in MAS. And about NUFAM too. Most of the cabin crew are for it as can be seen by their membership in NUFAM. Where is the harm in that? It is not wrong to be in a union.
    P/S the Secretariat of the NUFAM can easily be found out. It is not a big secret. They are just doing using the titles in their capacity as office bearers. Maybe they should include their names, yes, but if they really want to hide they won’t say that it is NUFAM who sent it.

    • Dear Andi,

      For a start, Malaysiaairlinesfamilies suggested that you personally make a phone inquiry to the relevant union that represents you for the information you may need.

      From our reliable sources, Danny Upgrading Shameless Asshole held a grudge against the release of his private business onboard upgrading his Nanny to first class cabin. Whilst we were investigating the process of the upgrading issues in Malaysia Airlines; we actually have found Danny before he signed his resignation letter that was prepared for him; had given the directive to terminate 900 MAS cabin crew beforehand.

      Along the process, here came your MASEU interrupted and demanded a temporary redeployment measure to prevent termination of employment opportunity with Malaysia Airlines. What Danny did not like is MASEU had been an obstacle in his evil doings for sacking MAS workers. Per se, the order was to NUFAM campaigning against the redeployment and increase the demoralizing spirit so to force those MAS cabin crew walking out from Malaysia Airlines on their own accord as what Danny had done to the Firefly cabin crew.

      The link between the SMELLY SNAKE named Tony Fernandez and NUFAM is very imminent when NUFAM was birthed during the collaboration agreement and share swap dodged deal period. Please read our postings – How Tony Fernandez gets to KILL MAS Workers using NUFAM/MAFAA from Part I to Part IV. It would be sufficient to gauge the full picture of the insightful business in terminating workers.

      Do stay stune for we’re about to expose the whole loads of shits inside NUFAM and MAFAA. But first we get to our core business right away. Cheers!

    • Dear Putu,

      That is correct! As you’ve wrote NUFAM was no party to the Collective Agreement with Malaysia Airlines; they have no rights to even interfere in the workers’ daily affairs as according to the standing of the laws.

      Unfortunately, NUFAM continues soaking in between the jokers’ games. We’re informed they’re just a bunch of JOKERS who have their own labour laws only in this Bolihland. Cheers!

  4. This supposedly email sent on 01/07/12 with 07 days notice. Today is 09/07/12. Nothing happen! 07 days notice or else what? Kucing kurap. Know how to count or not?

  5. I 100% agree that NUFAM is no party to the Collective Agreement with Malaysia Airlines but since the government recoqnised it why not let NUFAM handle whatever issues pertaining to Cabin Crew, since it was founded by Cabin Crew and the members are all Cabin Crew.Just like MESA and MAPA. So whatever the decision made between NUFAM and the company is for the Cabin Crew. Be it for good or for bad. Even though whoever founded NUFAM even if he is the son of Tony or even Tony’s gay’s partner, who cares? NUFAM cant interfere with other department affairs but atleast they can interfere whatever affairs pertaining to Cabin Crew. Only Cabin Crew knows what BEST for Cabin Crew. Why must other Department worry about it?? If only NUFAM has any bad agenda, its not actually NUFAM but its the person who runs it. Just like Maseu. For now i dont think the Cabin Crew cares. What the Cabin Crew want is changes. Ask around and you’ll find that majority of Cabin Crew are not happy with MASEU.But all this while the Cabin Crew has no say. And i dont think the Cabin Crew are that stupid anymore…who ever the person runs NUFAM, he will not live forever. In the future if the Cabin Crew are not happy with him, choose somebody else. Just like when people in Selangor chose opposition.
    Merely an opinion.

    • Dear antigajibuta,

      The risk for withdrawing from a union platform into something like non-unionized community is a serious imbecility act of MAS cabin crew if they chose to be part of NUFAM. Whilst we’re investigating the existence of MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement via Share Swap Dodged Deal; we found the evidence of killing MAS workers via a new born union NUFAM and co-existed only to withdraw MAS cabin crew’s terms and conditions and lowering your operational costs than you’ve currently already have. We think it is unwise to adapt to that kind of mentality allowing it to be progressing.

      In this formation of NUFAM and the crystal clear evidence of their origin where they had failed sustaining in its memberships from MAFAA’s platform is another play for regaining your trust that they can do something better than your MAS unions.

      Perhaps, you should contemplate in educating yourself on the current workers’ most threatening factors which we believe is NO JOB EMPLOYMENT in this PRIVATIZING era.

      We’re corresponding with some of MAS cabin crew who’re willing to provide more insightful news of NUFAM who is also MAFAA as well as the workers from the other two airlines namely AirAsia and Firefly. That we could conclude NUFAM is not going anywhere and our resources revealed your NUFAM is contemplating to approach MAS unions very soon. Wouldn’t you like to know WHY NUFAM is approaching MAS unions?

      NUFAM has failed – that it is!!! So you’ve just wasted your contributions to NUFAM and MAFAA for their pleasures enjoying luxury lifestyle whilst you’re still harping about NUFAM and MAFAA that can do for you. They’re conning you and you have just got trapped in it. We think you need to upgrade your Emotional Intelligence.

      Cheers and good luck in your journey seeking for the truth and peace!

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