12 thoughts on “About ANTI-NUFAM

  1. To kill NUFAM is very easy. All you have to do is gather everyone that are affected to spread the hidden agenda of these thieves and at the same time pursuade those who have joined as member to resigned and stop all contributions either in cash or kind. At the same time too, ensure that no new members are recruited. If anyone is threaten, report to the police. Do not worry about police not taking action or taking side, as long as more and more police reports are lodged, the police will have no choice but to do something. At least should anything untoward happened, there are police reports to refer to. Moreover, without money and human support, NUFAM or for that matter any organizations will die a natural death. Simple isn’t it! Just get going and do it.

    • Dear John,

      Malaysiaairlinesfamilies hope MAS cabin crew are strong and united. Be wise not to be conned by such irresponsible politicians who have ulterior motive against their own peers! Shame to NUFAM for plotted against your own kind.

  2. after nufam exposed..dont forget reveal the maseu agenda..be fair too..good luck as im waiting about maseu agenda next

  3. There are reports that T “f**king thief” F is ploting to make a come back to destroy MAS. This time even more severe to revenge against the employees who have successfully (through their unions) forced him to abort his grand plan of taking over MAS and dishonourably showed him the exist. He is cock sure that BN will retain Putra Jaya after GE13 for him to make the come back. He thought by diverting to Jakarta, he could hide his evil skim but the Indonesian LCCs namely Lion Air, Srivijaya Air, Mandala & many others have vowed to discipline him and will make sure he could not do what he has been doing at his whim and fancy in Bolihland be repeated in Indonesia. He could get away with all his nonsense only in Bolihland because some evil puppet masters are behind him. That is why even MAHB could not discipline him but not the Indonesians who are waiting for him to make the first move. Hopefully if PR took control , will this pest be got rid off for good.

      • So much can be said and nothing could be done, Nufam is still recrutting and there is no sign of authorities taking action. Infact Nufam President was proudly interviewed on media and making statements. He was demoted bfore due to making public statements. So, is he getting away with it now?

      • Dear Maiza,

        We would be very interesting to know what’s the history of NUFAM President and his wrong-doings inside Malaysia Airlines. Please share with us and we could post it to the public to help washing this dirty linen. Cheers!

  4. If only to show you are impartial, lets discuss MASEU’s roll in the current state of affairs, MAFAA’s promises to its members that they will get recognition from the company to represent them in CA nego, which to my knowledge they havent, MASEU’s lack of transperency when it came to the current CA which its members have not seen, either in hardcopy or softcopy,

    • Dear Ravin,

      We have no clue of what’s going inside the UNION i.e. MASEU as you’ve mentioned. Perhaps you could share some light with us. Even that we’ve asked for some information regarding MASEU, there were none available for us to really harp about it.

      Thus far only informations from your side on NUFAM, MAFAA and Tony Fernandez as well as Ahmad Jauhari. No information there will be no post to write about. Cheers!

  5. I heard that Maseu CA 2011 (extended till August 2014) has been release by HR as softcopy to the members.

    Can you get hold that soft copy and post out the full content in pdf.

    I believe everyone here wants to know whats the agreement content that cause the stir.

    Cheers! 😉

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