NUFAM a.k.a. MAFAA – The troublemaker that uses lies and cheats for their hidden agendas – Part I

Today, we’re gonna dedicate this article to MAS cabin crew who are in the dark of the swimming hidden agendas by a group of MAS cabin crew who’d formed MAFAA with Registrar of Society – Malaysia Airlines Flight Attendant Association; who latter formed NUFAM – National Union Flight Attendant Malaysia after 10 years of failure in obtaining the recognition from Malaysia Airlines to represent MAS cabin crew following the instruction given by Tony Fernandez to control MAS workers from the inside.

Stated by MAFAA, it was the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Putrajaya Registrar of Societies that approved MAFAA on 24th July 2002.

The Malaysia government should be probing into the Director General of Registrar of Societies for having approved an association like MAFAA allowing them be freely collecting monies among MAS workers to cover their personal expenses. If that is easy case, then a lot of people will use Association to laundry money through Malaysia.

Our investigations disclose NUFAM is formed because of the downfall of MAFAA representatives garnering the unity from MAS cabin crew over the past 10 years. MAS cabin crew who were members of MAFAA have stopped paying their monthly dues to MAFAA over their long disappointment with MAFAA for merely talking the walk but never walk their talk.

We were well informed that MAFAA has proven their long disappointment in talking for almost 10 years inside Malaysia Airlines. We are in the opinion they are a bunch of lazy cabin crew who thought nobody would figure out their wrong doings in cheating the cabin crew of their monthly personal income.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies suggested that MAS cabin crew who are members of MAFAA should consult their legal counterpart and group together to file a lawsuit against MAFAA for lies and cheats for over a decade. 

The realities is that Malaysia Police has already started probing into MAFAA for having misused its membership’s fund which they collected from those gullible  cabin crew after a report was initiated by an anonymous over the embezzlement of fund by MAFAA’s President.

We believe it’s the President who is also the founder of MAFAA and NUFAM that has been misused MAFAA funds to clear off his personal debts where he apparently is living in luxury lifestyle driving luxury car. Comparing to those MAS cabin crew who have been contributing their monthly hard-earned income to the President; are merely driving a non-luxury local made car. What some gullible MAS cabin crew didn’t know is that they have been contributing their personal income to supplement Ismail Nasarudin high maintenance lifestyle. Accordingly to ex-MAFAA members, Ismail Nasarudin had done nothing but merely preaching lies about others and he’s good at stealing others’ credits too. Be very careful who you’ll trust in MAFAA and NUFAM. They’re a bunch of liars and cheaters.

NUFAM and MAFAA are of the same group of MAS cabin crew who’re using underground politics to achieve their hidden agendas. 

Without realizing this, the hidden agenda for MAFAA going on their aggressive recruitment was to use the newly NUFAM platform collecting monies from MAS cabin crew to sustain the President’s luxury flamboyant lifestyle and his high maintenance lifestyle via MAFAA’s fund.

The founder of MAFAA has been bullshitting to the Malaysian government over the intention of forming NUFAM that is to take care of MAS cabin crew employment security in which they claimed is not taken care by the in-house union i.e. MASEU.

The other hidden agenda of NUFAM is to set precedent in outsourcing MAS cabin crew on a short-term employment basis without perks and benefits. This may be a very good idea for Government Linked Companies on its long-term cost saving measures, however, will only be applying to Malaysia Airlines in line with the submissive inferior terms and conditions that AirAsia has for its workers.

We believe such unfortunate practice would only be deteriorating the employment opportunity within Malaysia Airlines with its domino effect could be taking on a higher toll increasing the unemployment rates for the ruling party.

This is one very cunning strategy the stupid fellas are adopting with intention to knock down the ruling party. 

In fact, we’ve unfolded the worms inside NUFAM of its aggressive recruitment drive in enrolling MAS cabin crew. We saw in the process that is actually to recruit MAS cabin crew back into MAFAA using intimidating and frightening tactics that without joining MAFAA, their welfare will not be taken care of.

This evidence is self-explanatory with regards to MAFAA representatives where Mr. Azmi in 2005 declared MAFAA’s revenue posted for that year was RM66,549. We believe its revenue was pocketed by the founder.

Paragraph two above is truly the statement of misleading information. Mr. Azmi said MAFAA had 500 members in that year and their fees is RM15 per month as being informed by our readers. If we multiplied 500 members of MAFAA by RM15 per month, we would get RM7,500; multiply by 12 months for one whole calendar, we would see RM90,000.

What’d happened to the remaining of RM23,451? The posted revenue should be RM90,000 but it was less than that figure as we calculated.

Is our general calculator different from MAFAA’s super efficient calculators?

People…ooops MAS cabin crew, are you being robbed by MAFAA of your monthly contributions?

The YAYASAN MAFAA withdrew from MAFAA after the President kept utilizing its fund to pay off something that were not related at all. The funds allocated by the government for YAYASAN MAFAA as we know is not for paying MAFAA representatives’ debts.

Shame on MAFAA and NUFAM’s representatives for continuously lying and scamming MAS cabin crew for their personal benefits.

We will continue our stories on MAFAA and NUFAM and their relevancy to Tony Fernandez and his gangsters to revenge against MAS workers after Tony Fernandez was kicked out of Malaysia Airlines.

Stay tune to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for Part II series!

11 thoughts on “NUFAM a.k.a. MAFAA – The troublemaker that uses lies and cheats for their hidden agendas – Part I

  1. well done n bravo MAF..after nufam expose im waiting MAF dig out about MASEU wrong doing if any?what do u think about the income of the director,do they deserve the pay that much when MAS is BLEEDING…

    • Dear Viper1909,

      The directors remuneration were reviewed again during the collaboration agreement and share swap deal with AirAsia. It is now higher than previously but the CEO’s remuneration were slightly reduced by 10% after Ahmad Jauhari is brought in. We know Danny Nanny were paid higher than Ahmad Jauhari because Danny was also one of the directors.

      Whether they deserve that much of pay, we are not in the position to comment as we’ve retired from MAS a long time ago. However, the expenses of the directors must be made in full transparency. It was the expenses that were bleeding MAS.

      The new board of directors must be very careful with their expenses! Cheers!

    • The award is only for a few months. Nothing much we can dig. But what we do know AJ is ca-hooting with Tony Fernandez setting up the contracts for Mahathir. So we all know it is Mahathir that tries to control MAS. Evil Kutty is also plotting to taking over all over the unions and associations using his son’s politician position. Cheers!

  2. U guys got it all wrong… If u have proof, then show proof,post the proof not create unnecessary issues about MAFAA NUFAM as they are helping to fight for crew…its out in the papers…have u all not read their postings newspapers and whatsoever emails?

    Don’t undermine people as these are the people who are minority groups who are helping in the right platform.y create issues against them?

    Do u knw tat there 1000 crew members fighting to save their positions and jobs in MAS and MAsEu was the one who signed them off elsewhere? U shud find out about MASEU as they quietly signed the collective agreement with MAs without their own members knowing of the deployment.

    Crew are complaining they have been forced to work elsewhere,earning lesser as a crew while the people in MAs are enjoying free flights to Toulouse on the A380!!!

    So investigate all these issues first if u really care about the crew employees. I happen to be the one also being forced on the same day to accept the contract of new posting.

    My job now is to carry First Class paxs bags all the way to the Golden Lounge and become a butler.So much of my ambition to become a crew,see the world and now a butler!!

  3. hi..maf, satay mas is mafaa union exco. They pretedn 2 be mas crew…….heyai. I dengar they want to attack maseu openly dan maf dan juga sesiapa je yang tidak memberi sokongan.

    . Sebenarnya, macam ni….I hve receive letter from mas to transfer to gl. After my flight, nufam bastards and maffa crooks stopped me from going home early and they blaa…bla…blaa…about my issue signed away by maseu. I am angry so i walked into maseu dan tanya. Actually it was maseu who saved my job with mas because i was about to be terminated. mas don’t want me anymore and my contract is terminated. but maseu helped by making me a permanent crew with mas but on a condition to transfer to gl if i accept lah. Kalau saya tak nak pun tak apa. I can stay at home tetapi on standby for 3 weeks and 1 week flying duty because tak ada flight sekarang. I am forced to join nufam and mafaa paid them RM100 for maffa and RM200 for nufam. They said they cannot help me if i don’t pay. But maseu never asked for payment to help me. maseu help me even i am no member. I only pay RM10 to maseu 2be member je. now i nak cancel my memberships dengan nufam and mafaa. i memang takut bila nak cakap tak nak join ia korang tapi saya tak nak problem. Ada terdengar nufam dan mafaa group dan gang cakap akan taruh junior crew sesiapa yang tak join nufam dan maffa bila terbang dengan ash (dalam gambar maf atas).

    fyi, GL belum start lagi…..hei….hei….itu komen dari nufam union exco tak betul lerr…..

  4. maf, minta tolong jangan hantam maseu….orang maseu orang baik tapi orang nufam macam samseng fikir ia korang boleh tolong. bila tanya macam mana nak tolong, nufam bagi tahu akan dibawa ke parlimen. Manatahulah nufam hanya minta crew portal untuk undi awal. Sy ada di majlis makan malam tu tapi hanya nak tahu apa nufam buat dengan orang parliment. all i know nufam is play politic je. They dunno anything abt law but simply open his mouth.

    Dari sini, saya nak berterimakasih diatas pertolongan datang dari maseu. To nufam sy akan cancel bayaran secepat mungkin. fyi, maf, nufam never sincere abt helping the crew in narrowbody but only spread false info to crew like me who dunno anything. bila sign debit form, nufam never give one copy back. sy pun salah tak minta. tapi sy nak cakap satu je perkataan abt nufam….nufam is fake and corrupted.

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