The stinky hypocrite TONY FERNANDEZ!

We couldn’t stop laughing when we’ve got the tweeted message from Tony Fernandez a.k.a. The pirates of AirAsia and the big FAT liar – tweeted this yesterday,

We looked into the mirror and we said “Thanked GOD, we still got our teeth and is still alright and intact”. We’re thinking Tony Fernandez mirrors his hypocrisy to his fans and the world by talking about his own reflection.

Let us straight out what’s happening really at AirAsia. In AirAsia, the concept is low cost carrier with leanest staff and benefits. This means to be the lowest cost carrier, sometimes AirAsia just need to go above the law by challenging certain laws of the country.

In this case, Tony Fernandez under Evil Kutty both have been blogging shits to the world did not tell the real agenda how to sustaining a lower cost for AirAsia to survive. Given this LOWERING COST reasons, AirAsia under Tony Fernandez as its CEO have been short changing its female flight attendant their entitlement that would be the transportation provided from their house to workplace.

It’s the Malaysian labour law justifies in protecting all female workers that they must be provided with transport whenever they’re on duty during the wee hours between 10:00 pm to 05:00 am and it is the company’s responsibility for this assurance be made mandatorily compulsory.

Did AirAsia CEO, that is Tony Fernandez provide such benefits for his female flight attendant? 

Well! If the public and the world would like to know the answer… is NOPE, he never did want to provide transport for his workers because Tony Fernandez is such a stingy mother fucker who sees cost is everything to him including the cost for safety of AirAsia’s aircrafts. See this video……captured by foreign passengers. The passengers should have sued AirAsia for providing a terrifying experience during their flight with AirAsia. You may be paying for low cost ticket but you did not pay for a terrifying experience such like below,

And shamefully, Tony Fernandez daringly implying it is the Malaysia Airport management’s responsibility in ensuring his female workers are not raped or killed during the wee hours!!!

Next and soon, Tony Fernandez will change his cabin crew to FLIGHT ATTENDANT or FA (as tweeted above) in conjunction providing support for NUFAM. So guys what other evidence do you need to know NUFAM is controlled by Tony Fernandez? What a hypocrite is Tony Fernandez?

He tweeted his claim that Malaysia Airport is a monopoly. WOW!!! Tony Fernandez must have been feeling intensely burned for the recent increased of airport tax imposed by Malaysia Airport Berhad and calling MAB a monopoly.

Let’s examine a little the bent politicians behind Tony Fernandez and what Tony Fernandez did for Malaysia Airlines when he was still the member of the board.

Behind AirAsia is Evil Kutty (91 years-old) and Daim (above 80 years-old) the count of the bloodsuckers – so we’ve got two well-known vampires who already passed the average life span of Malaysians (72-78 years); and their blood-sister Rafidah Aziz who’s BEE END-ing the ruling party with her ways of carrying balls exposing her own senility to the public and their puppets and cronies who are Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun, CEOs of AirAsia. The two falsely claimed their Tune Air Group still is the largest shares-holders of AirAsia deceiving the public that they are doing very well.

In this video, if you watched very……..very………very    c  a  r  e   f  u  l  l  y…….you would notice this AirAsia X’s CEO Azran Rani actually almost got choked in his throat when the bloomberg questioned him if AirAsia X is making money;

May 4 (Bloomberg) — AirAsia X Bhd. Chief Executive Officer Azran Osman Rani talks about the airline’s business strategy and growth outlook. Azran speaks from Kuala Lumpur with Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television’s “On the Move Asia.” Air Asia X is the long-haul unit of Southeast Asia’s biggest budget carrier AirAsia Bhd. (Source: Bloomberg)

From our exceptional investigations, AirAsia X did not make money but is making losses and it’s losses is covered by MAS funds after AirAsia failed to sustain AirAsia X that followed by the termination of its routes to London, Paris and India which had caused many passengers with pre-booked AirAsia X’s flights stranded and were later upgraded to premium service flight with Malaysia Airlines. AirAsia X used Malaysia Airlines to transport its AirAsia X’s passengers without paying extra fares for the premium services.

Read this article we wrote for the public – Malaysia Airlines was robbed of RM2.52 billion during the Collaboration Agreement with AirAsia.

Tony Fernandez tweeted “They are monopoly” accusing Malaysia Airports Berhad is adopting monopoly system.

Well-said Tony Fernandez but aren’t you a monopolist too? 

For the newcomers, Tony Fernandez is a monopolist. By ascended into Malaysia Airlines as its member of the board, Tony Fernandez first priority was to have Firefly KILLED. Firefly is actually a low cost airlines and the subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines. Since the inception of Firefly, it was doing very well until Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun came into Malaysia Airlines as board of directors fabricating the losses that Firefly had been making so to persuade MAS board of directors to terminate Firefly’s Jet operation (Boeing 737 aircrafts) based in KLIA that was competing fiercely with AirAsia. After terminted Firefly’s Jet Services, Tony Fernandez cheered his victory to MAS and AirAsia workers openly during his official opening of AirAsia’s inaugural flight in Johor Bahru’s airport.

Now we can see Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun or rather AirAsia, are the monopolist.

The SECRET share swap deal between MAS and AirAsia was signed on 8th August 2011 had been cancelled by the Malaysia Prime Minister after reviewing the memorandum submitted by 8 MAS Unions and Associations (GUAMs). A week later after the share swap deal was folded, Tony Fernandez signed over the Queen Park Ranger Club as new owner. In plain sight, Tony Fernandez has bought 66% stakes at the price of 35 million sterling pound. Another week later, Tony Fernandez and his partner, Kamarudin Meranun revealed to MAS workers they did not have anymore money left for QPR 2 years of sponsorship after they invested RM2 billion in MAS shares. And that’s the ground for using MAS to sponsor QPR as synergies for advertising Malaysia Airlines. We believe that is the most expensive advertisement MAS had ever paid for. So more secrets and more lies. No one knows where Tony Fernandez gets the fund to buy over QPR club.

Now EveryOne In Malaysia Knows Of Tony Fernandez is a HYPOCRITE and a big FAT liar!!! 

Stay tune to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for more exciting stories and how Tony Fernandez is going to make a comeback – The Avenger by Tune Talk!

19 thoughts on “The stinky hypocrite TONY FERNANDEZ!

    • Hi Phoon,

      You’re very clever in twisting and putting words in other people’s mouth. MAS have problems too and unfortunately its problems had increased greatly during the collaboration agreement with AirAsia. We believe after Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin left MAS, the sentiment of MAS workers have improved greatly.

      The collaboration agreement also had forced a few talented MAS assets left the airlines leaving MAS unprotected.


  1. Why no one complained 10 years ago when mas had a monopolistic market? If it is true aa and mas are trying to create a minopoly again, we are just going back to pre aa era. Which not a bad thing since no one complained about monopoly. And mas made so much money back then. Difference is the profits will be shared amongst the two company. Still better than making billions of losses.

    • Dear Heskey,

      Thank you for posting on behalf of AirAsia and we’re really appreciated a post coming from AirAsia. Same way MAS and MAHB are being crucified by Tony Fernandez via STAR Publication. What do you know about Tony Fernandez’s hidden agenda getting inside STAR Publication? Please share with us any truth to the insights of AirAsia.

      Very soon, we’re gonna have AirAsiaFamilies site for you to raise your grudges with AirAsia for that soon you’re gonna lose your job.


  2. I could not follow the arguments of your accusation of Mr Fernandez as a BIG Liar and Hypocrites. But that aside, lets focus on Mas credibility and credentials. MAS has been on the scene much too long than AirAsia, i.e since before independent. You could compare it as a wise mature man to a boy coming into a competition, let say, a wrestling match. Now with much experience on his polios, MAS surely could well manage to out wrestle AirAsia in every move Mr Tony make. But the question is why wasn’t MAS able to see this coming? How could Mr Tony gains RM2.5 billions on a flop swap of share? Is there a conspiracy between some people in MAS and Mr Tony? And, most of all, MAS have every now and then fell in the RED most often. It just show that MAS is not manage very well, because no matter how they fare in the business they know that the government is always on their back.

    Furthermore, if @malaysiaairlinefamilies have any objections regarding management of MAS shouldn’t it be more appropriate to have discussion with the management rather than writing and making personal attacks on Mr Tony. For your information, I am not an admirer of Mr Tony for I don’t fancy his character but he did a lot of good to Malaysia in general to be able to fly even those in the lower bracket unlike MAS before AirAsia came to the seen. Remember, just before AirAsia came in, MAS even contemplated on raising the domestic fare (which is already high without onboard food) to cover losses on the international routes some of which should not even exist (to Argentina, remember, because DAT has a farm there). See how futile is the management of our National carrier.

    • Dear Mohd Harith Hashim,

      Our National Carrier has been robbed openly under our noses whilst the weak Prime Minister took all the blames without even justifying the SECRET share swap deal in the beginning. Today, Tony Fernandez continues to tell more lies and misleading many of us with more of his scamming gimmick. We are only exposing the truth and the inner truth is Tony Fernandez is a hypocrite and a very stinky one.

      This should be a wake up call to all Malaysians including your goodself who already knew what’s really happening inside Malaysia. Whatever we posted is based on evidence and inner truth. Certainly, the truth is always the UGLIEST and so this is the UGLY darkside of Tony Fernandez.

      Keeping reading our posts and you’ll discover the truth to state that our National Carrier had been going through.


      More insightful information to be revealed soon. Stay tune to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies!

  3. Bravo on your responses to Heskey and Mohd Harith Hashim….what they think they know is very superficial. You’ve got to be in the aviation industry to know the depth….

  4. Can I just say what a relief to find someone who actually knows what theyre talking about on the internet. You definitely know how to bring an issue to light and make it important. More people need to read this and understand this side of the story. I cant believe youre not more popular because you definitely have the gift.

  5. I’d have to check with you here. Which is not something I usually do! I enjoy reading a post that will make people think. Also, thanks for allowing me to comment!

  6. My brother suggested I might like this website. He was totally right. This post truly made my day. You cann’t imagine simply how much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!

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