QPR owner Fernandes faces financial nightmare if they go down as stars will KEEP wages

The UK Daily Mail reported of the QPR owner Tony Fernandez is facing financial nightmare if they go down as stars keep the wages. It looks like the end of Tony Fernandez’s dream trying to own a British Club.

Tony Fernandez is struggling to pay-off his QPR League now facing a financial meltdown if QPR is relegated from the Barclays Premier League because none of their stars will be forced to take a pay cut.

Rangers’ big earners like £70,000-a-week Joey Barton will still get paid in full if they drop into the Championship.

Stupid Fernandez!!!

What goes around now comes around? Exactly it is now affecting Tony Fernandez as he could not keep up the wages paying QPR team with the way of his budgeting mentality and strategy, it is impossible mission to keep QPR – Premier League.

With the recent cancellation of Share-Swap where the sponsorship given by Malaysia Airlines will be expiring in less than 16 months, we doubt Tony Fernandez would be able to hold on to QPR and very likely he’s gonna bid off the league to the highest bidders.

The Daily Mail wrote :

Premier League teams usually include a relegation clause which would cut slash a players’ wage by half if they are relegated.

But Rangers were so desperate to bolster their squad with the likes of Shaun Wright-Phillips and Anton Ferdinand last summer they did not include a relegation clause in contracts following their promotion in May.

Rangers remain bullish about their staying up despite dropping into the bottom three after Saturday’s defeat at fellow-strugglers Bolton.

Striker Cisse, another big earner on £60,000 a week, said: ‘We have to fight until the end and that’s what we are going to do. I love challenges and I love the club already. I will do my best to help the club stay up because we belong in the Premier League now.’

QPR’s mega-rich owner Tony Fernandes has deep pockets but it seems he is now realising the impact of relegation, with some players on four-year deals worth over £10million.

Chief executive Phillip Beard said: ‘Ideally, we stay in the Premier League. If things don’t work out, we’ll fight tooth and nail to come back up.’

Don’t forget Tony Fernandez is a bad paymaster. Stop paying QPR Premier League for 1 day, QPR will lose for one whole term. 

On March 26 this year, the Times of India reported Caterham’s Tony Fernandez backs F1 Share sale. Please continue reading this and try deciphering the message from Tony Fernandez below.

SEPANG: Caterham boss Tony Fernandes has thrown his support behind a sale of shares inFormula One and called for tighter cost controls to make the sport more affordable.The Malaysian AirAsia entrepreneur, who also owns English Premier League club Queen’s Park Rangers, told AFP that although there were few details about the rumoured share float, it could improve the sport.“As a businessman I think if public money can improve the sport, and accountability and transparency, then we should go for it,” Fernandes said in an interview at the Malaysian Grand Prix.

We say what a great liar Tony Fernandez is. He had caused Malaysia Airlines lost RM2.5 billion in less than 6 months window. His budgeting mentality and strategy had turned Malaysia Airlines sunk lower without its original identity. A premier airlines with renowned in-flight services had drastically dropped in its in-flight services and the airlines’ workers were under depression whilst Tony Fernandez was still the then board of directors for Malaysia Airlines.

A premier British League would soon face the same faith in seeing importing Indonesians players by Tony Fernandez into British Soccer Club. That’s Tony Fernandez – a stupid Fernandez!!

“I saw some comments where the team bosses said they were against it. I think until we know more about it, it’s silly to be against it. Let’s hear about it in the open.” Speculation over a share sale has been intense since a detailed report emerged last weekend that the sport’s supremo Bernie Ecclestone was planning to float a stake in Formula One Management (FOM).Some team principals appear cool on the idea of buying shares. The story is circulating as Ecclestone negotiates a new “Concorde Agreement”, a secret deal dividing profits, with Formula One’s 12 racing outfits.“I think it’s good for the stakeholders to own part of (Formula One), without a doubt,” Fernandes said.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies say we think it’s good for the stakeholders of AirAsia to own part of AirAsia too. What say Tony Fernandez if we are to own his AirAsia and his Tune Air?

“What is good for FOM is good for the teams. What is good for the teams is good for FOM. So I don’t have a problem with it going public.”

“I don’t know enough about it, (but) I think it would be good for the teams to be allowed to participate in the float. And I think it’s the way of the world.” 

Fernandes also expressed his admiration for the “remarkable job” building Formula One performed by Ecclestone, including this year’s switch from public TV to paid broadcaster Sky in the sport’s heartland, Britain.

“I’ve only known Bernie for two or three years. The fact is he’s done a remarkable job for Formula One and I think in terms of Sky, that was good,” he said.

“A lot of people don’t like it, but it’s a fact of life. What Sky has done for football in England was remarkable. So it’s important for the sport, if you ask me.” 

“And I’m all in favour of the way things are moving. It’s a good time. Revenues are going to go up, I believe costs will go down. It’s important. This sport is too complicated.” 

Fernandes hit out at the “silly” and complicated technical innovations that beset Formula One and can cost millions of dollars to develop.

This year, attention has focused on the air-channelling ‘F-duct’ rear wing introduced by Mercedes boss Ross Brawn, much to the consternation of rival Red Bull principal Christian Horner.

Teams have also splashed out on introducing Kinetic Energy Recovery Systems (KERS), which provide a speed boost, and the Drag Reduction System (DRS) to help overtaking.

And Red Bull’s title defence has been dented by a ban on “blown diffusers”, another ingenious innovation that channels exhaust fumes to raise down force.

“Today you’re asking about F-duct, Christian’s (Horner) got one view, Ross Brawn wants to look at engine mapping. Out there, who cares? They just want to see good racing,” Fernandes said.

“I don’t understand the F-duct, I’ve got no idea, and I own a team. I think racing should be competitive, it should be fun, it should be glamorous, it should make people excited about it.” 

“I don’t think anyone’s interested about F-duct. I think regulations need to be black and white.” 

He added: “I don’t believe in KERS, I think it’s a waste of money and we need to stop doing these silly things. What was supposed to cost $1 million is costing $6 million.” 

“And it doesn’t help the car industry. I can’t put a KERS into my (Caterham) road car. Neither can Ferrari. So what’s the benefit?” 

But Fernandes also said he had plans to build businesses for aviation using technology developed in Formula One with the help of his technical chief, Mike Gascoyne.

So truly Tony Fernandez is a big dreamer who possesses failing strategy.

Now read very carefully…………..

He said Caterham, now in its third season, had a five-year plan to become competitive. And he said Malaysia should keep its grand prix after its current contract runs out in 2015.

“I think it’s important,” he said. “It gives Malaysia a lot of publicity and I think it’s important for the development of the road car industry, the technology industry and also drivers. So I think it’s important to keep it.” 

Fernandes added: “I’m a very lucky man. At 13, if I said I wanted to own a Formula One team, and a football team, and an airline, most people would have said, ‘You’re on drugs‘. And I would have said, ‘Yeah!

So Tony Fernandez has declared to the public he is on drugs? Everyone closer to him would have known he’s on drugs at all times.

8 thoughts on “QPR owner Fernandes faces financial nightmare if they go down as stars will KEEP wages

  1. It is sad we have people like those in NuFAM (New Farm for Anjing Merah?) among us, being used by others to destroy us and back stabbing us, n at the same time draw salary from mas.
    Their pariah master in red hat has been chased back to his red kennel, but why r these NuFAM people still in mas when they know what is really happening? They want position n power but they cannot get it in mas n they cannot survive in the red kennel. They r now recruiting more members. The NuFAM president say mas staff is unproductive, so why is he recruiting mas staff? Go try to join AA la. (the pariah dont want u NuFAM people la…he know u will back stab him one day too)
    We feel sorry for their mothers that gave birth to them, who now despise them, r disgusted that their offsprings have become ungrateful, back stabbing, useless things, turning against the people they work with.
    We have to chase them n their handlers (Anjing J, n the rest of the Anjing Merah’s arse lickers) out of mas, make life difficult for them. We must hold a sembayang doa hajat, n kenduri doa selamat in groups so Allah will hear our prayers. We must do it soon b4 they do more damage to mas.

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  3. the season ended a month ago. QPR is still in the top division. wtf are you ranting about this in June? thanks but pls try again

    • Dear Tony Mother Fucker,

      QPR is not steady having TF the Chairman a.k.a. The Pirates from AirAsia and BAD Paymaster also full-time DEBTOR. The fuck about is that we’re expressing our opinion QPR will not win and stay in the top too long as long as TF is choirboy-ing the Premier League. It will soon be the LOW COST League with LEANEST Football Players. Now you see what we mean!!!


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