MAS Unions & Associations submitted memorandum against MAS & AirAsia Collaboration Agreement to Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak – Part V

Hello Malaysiaairlinesfamilies’ followers and our greetings to our fans worldwide. This is our finale to Part I, Part II, Part III and Part IV that already had revealed many internal secrets that were of the hush-hush plans in the collaboration agreement with AirAsia. This Part V continues exposing the other dark side of the collaboration with Tony Fernandez and his gangsters as sharing points for many who are out there wanting to know who is Tony Fernandez and what he did as CEO for AirAsia whether it is for saving AirAsia or to save his ass for TuneAir group that is failing under Tony Fernandez’s pinnochio nose.

Some local medias in Malaysia including the Edge was praising Tony Fernandez as the high calibre CEO who has been promoting AirAsia to the world. We could not disagree with this local press who now has Tony Fernandez sits in as its board of directors of STAR Publication.

As we all know who is Tony Fernandez – frequently and famously known as THE ASSHOLE by most of his acquaintances, also the ALCHEAPOS that driving FERRARI but traveling FREE on Malaysia Airlines.  We think it’s like Tony Fernandez driving FERRARI filling up gas with gasoline instead of petroleum. This shows how stingy and how cheapskate and such a low-life bastard he is for taking the ride in MAS even though he is no longer the board of director for Malaysia Airlines. We recall many years back, there were some writings about Tony Fernandez continuously owing from his creditors and set his terms in the settlement with his creditors and some journalists quoted Tony Fernandez was like having sex with prostitute without paying. To the people out there, well! Tony Fernandez is still the same Tony Fernandez who likes to be a bad paymaster.

Never mind – the usual words mostly expressed by Malaysians must have been expressed too by the ladies in Khazanah for sweeping some of their dirts under the carpet. Perhaps, Tony Fernandez is given the free ride in MAS to seal his mouth from talking to the public how corrupted is Khazanah’s managing director – The AMOK.

MASEU President on behalf of GUAMs submitted the memorandum against the share swap and collaboration agreement with AirAsia to the Malaysia Prime Minister YAB Najib Tun Abdul Razak. The present Prime Minister of Malaysia is the son of the former late Prime Minister Tun Abdul Razak.

Note : Thank you to our reader – Helmi for the correction.

MR. PRIME MINISTER walks the talk

Had MAS unions and associations not submitted this memorandum against the share swap and collaboration agreement with AirAsia for Malaysia Airlines to the Malaysia Prime Minister; we would not have known of what’s really happening inside Malaysia Airlines during the collaboration agreement via the SECRET Share Swap.

In our Part IV of this thread, we reported of GUAMs demanded for correcting all the wrong-doings by Khazanah’s poor and defective judgments not only recurring inside Malaysia Airlines but also affecting other Government Linked Companies (GLCs). We’ll see if all wrong-doings would have been corrected within this year before the next election.

We believe the Prime Minister of Malaysia should have replaced AMOK with at least an honest corporate figure preferably Dato Seri Idris Jala to oversee all corruptible practices and all nonsense created by Evil Kutty and his two other musketeers – read this The conspiracy to end Malaysia Airlines to save AirAsia.

Let’s continue with this finale of the memorandum submitted by MAS unions and associations to the Prime Minister;

The Collaboration between Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia if, for real was to SAVE MALAYSIA AIRLINES; should have been given the priority setting forward :-

  1. To increasing the revenue for the airlines and reduces the operational costs by forming the alliance with ONEWORLD;
  2. GUAMs reiterated that the collaboration agreement had planned to divide MAS into two divisions such as Long-Haul and Short-Haul divisions where the separation of these two divisions would subsequently reducing competition with AirAsia and possibly reducing the quality of services that had been strictly focused on LOW COST business model;
  3. The collaboration agreement with AirAsia is actually to align Malaysia Airlines with AirAsia for competing with the international “WAR-LIKE” competitions;

But Malaysiaairlinesfamilies and the world think instead of increasing the revenue for Malaysia Airlines during the collaboration agreement with AirAsia, the first thing Tony Fernandez did was :

  • Suspended FIREFLYz and its JET operation based in KLIA from competing with AirAsia;
  • Suspended Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Johannesburg, Dubai and other lucrative routes where many other airlines are looking forward to expand into which had resulted to MAS lost out huge revenues under Tony Fernandez;
  • Uplifting AirAsia X’s stranded passengers without fares and airport taxes into London Heathrow International Airport, Paris Charles De Gaulle International Airport, India ports and Rome station that subsequently have incurred Malaysia Airlines a huge bleeding for subsidizing/covering AirAsia X of which we comprehended as FREE RIDE WITH MALAYSIA AIRLINES FOR THOSE WHO BOUGHT AIRASIA LOW FARES TICKET;
  • Hiring PlaneConsult increasing and continuously bleeding Malaysia Airlines;

It is suffice to iterate in technicality the above had caused MAS a huge lost of revenue. So again, nothing was really gained for Malaysia Airlines and it was more like gaining for AirAsia to increase it’s group earnings.


Malaysiaairlinesfamilies commented that GUAMs comprised of 3 unions and 5 associations and with their level of intelligence, it is of certainty that GUAMs can comprehend the directions Tony Fernandez having had Ahmad Jauhari and Rashdan (who already left after pressured to tender his resignation by MAS Chairman) to break up MAS into two divisions so that the short haul division would continue to buy more aircrafts from Tony Fernandez and stopping the competition between Malaysia Airlines, Fireflyz and AirAsia. In such event, Tony Fernandez would have brought down the service level of Malaysia Airlines to becoming Low Cost Service Industry.

GUAMs reminded the Malaysia Prime Minister the collaboration agreement with AirAsia if genuinely is to aid MAS; would have made KLIA another successful hub in this region. Alas, after the collaboration agreement was signed between Khazanah and Tune Air Group, the issue of violations of the international anti-trust acts as well as the Malaysian competition act became the main attraction by the regulators.

The Cross-Ownership between Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia would increase the Conflict Of Interest in this respect of the collaboration. The sentiment of the workers in Malaysia Airlines had created insecurities where MAS workers believed they have been managed by AirAsia’s management who are of the lower cost mentality that MAS workers were worried they would have to succumb to a lower terms and conditions as being practiced by AirAsia Low Cost Carrier.

The perception of MAS workers is that the COLLABORATION AGREEMENT is not to save Malaysia Airlines but it is more of towards SAVING AirAsia via taking over Malaysia Airlines and Firefly which we saw:

  1. Firefly Jet Operation (FJO) had already been terminated once Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun sat in as board of directors of Malaysia Airlines.
  2. Contract for advertising via Queens Park Rangers that cost MAS RM18 millions after MAS declared  loss of RM247 millions etc.
  3. It has been opted as a way to cripple the registered unions and recognized associations where one of the ways to reduce the employment opportunity is to RESIGN from Malaysia Airlines (Malaysiaairlinesfamilies added it was persuaded by Ahmad Jauhari in his town hall sessions with MAS workers that Ahmad Jauhari had denied of so far)
  4. It is a stepping stone for all AirAsia’s top management parachuted into Malaysia Airlines as MAS top management.

The issues above highlighted in GUAMs memorandum to the Malaysia Prime Minister had urged the Prime Minister to withdraw the share swap deals if the government have national interest ensuring national issue is taken care of particularly the job security for all MAS workers. The withdrawal of the collaboration agreement would also reduce the conflict of issues such as the imminent of anti-trust violation and anti-competitive complication.

The two airlines could still work together without the share swap or a collaboration agreement. The collaboration agreement has to end at this phase because Tony Fernandez and his friends had illustrated unfairness deal for Malaysia Airlines and portraying his behavior not wanting to work for the interest of saving Malaysia Airlines but only to raid MALAYSIA AIRLINES’s profitable units/divisions.

Whatever had been wrongly discharged upon Malaysia Airlines by Tony Fernandez and his friends is the evidence of CRUELTY and TYRANY. The clear behaviors displayed and exhibited by Tony Fernandez and his friends had proven they should not be given an opportunity at all in the first place because they had taken advantage of collaborating with Malaysia Airlines for their own benefits without even contemplating the effects and aspirations of the people and the country.

In order to avoid further embarrassment in liaising with daily business with the company over the the collaboration deal between Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia, this deal should be cancelled effectively. Such cancellation should have been deemed as a learning process but not as a failure.

GUAMs believe the main factor contributed to the wrongly collaborated agreement is Tony Fernandez because he is the famous CEO and a member of board of director who opposes the existence of unionism and is known to be using strategies in crippling the movement of union and workers’ and human rights in this aviation industry.

The hope from GUAMs for Malaysia Airlines is to see the Prime Minister would walk his way in ensuring the followings;

  1. To cancel the share swap and collaboration agreement between Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia where it only favored AirAsia and destroying Malaysia Airlines. [DONE]
  2. To cancel the transfer of MAS administration staff from Subang to KLIA that scheduled on April 2012. [NOT DONE YET]
  3. To allow MAS staff to join NewCo without resigning from Malaysia Airlines and without losing the job security with Malaysia Airlines. [DONE]
  4. To establish a new board of directors and effective top management without the influence of Tony Fernandez and his friends. [NOT DONE YET]
  5. To provide the opportunity for senior management staff in Malaysia Airlines ascended and leading the new unit and subsidiaries that will be established later. [NOT DONE YET]
  6. To abolish the rights of those board of directors who are favoring and making one-sided decision making for AirAsia and Tony Fernandez and his friends. [NOT DONE YET]
  7. To take back all the profits that Tony Fernandez and his friends have achieved during the collaboration agreement. [NOT DONE YET]
  8. To establish an independent auditor auditing the accounts for Malaysia Airlines for year 2011. [ON-GOING]

Those who are supporting our cause championing to save Malaysia Airlines families, we thank you very much especially to GUAMs for your balls and guts alerted the Prime Minister of Malaysia. We would await for the Malaysia Prime Minister to shower us his passion in saving Malaysia Airlines fixing the wrongs and karate-kicking-out Ahmad Jauhari and Tony Fernandez’s cronies for safer Malaysia Airlines.

In the meantime, do watch out for more of Tony Fernandez’s other cronies inside Malaysia Airlines – co-founder of MAFAA & NUFAM collaborating with Ahmad Jauhari to stop GUAMs

We hope to continue writing more about Malaysia Airlines dirty linens that needed to be washed in the public for more transparency management in Malaysia Airlines.

For GUAMs’ attention, we’ve been busied investigating and it’s your call now or never!!!

Stay tune to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies. Have a great weekend ahead!!!

17 thoughts on “MAS Unions & Associations submitted memorandum against MAS & AirAsia Collaboration Agreement to Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak – Part V

  1. NUFAM is on an ‘aggressive recruitment exercise’….positioning themselves at send-off point
    to ‘catch’ the cabin crew after flight duties….imagine if you are a very ‘junior’ crew… feel compelled to sign-up, you don’t want to be ‘marked’…..pity them especially the narrow body crew.
    So very soon their memberships will increase by leaps and bound!!!

    • Dear MH-J,

      It’s no surprises they would be doing so. We believe they are instructed to do so by Tony Fernandez as they are truly the cronies of his.

      The way they make the crew compelled to sign-up sounded like a forceful memberships. The crew should be lodging a complaint to the Director of Trade Union and also the company more so employing the crew who have been compelled.

      Perhaps we could write another article about this signing up under duress topic.

      In the meantime, we wish good luck to MAS Cabin Crew in your journey fighting off the scumbags. May god be with you before your rights are signed off by Tony Fernandez through MAFAA also NUFAM.


  2. Hi, I only got one thing to say to Guam – u guys are just a bunch who are protecting your self interest, the reality is you were afraid of your own shadow.

    Nothing wrong with Tony or his cronies as they were instructed to take over MAS for the well being of the airline.

    Regards to NUFAM or MAFAA, please note that you are getting wrong vibes about these people who are fighting tirelessly to those crew who have been marginalized.

    The information of Cabin Crew being transferred to other divisions, I like to ask the union specially MASEU, why allow 900 crew members to be transferred to other divisions?

    Why did the union allow these crew to be grounded? If your interest is to protect the crew, then do something otherwise and not bark like a dog – stop carrying your own basket and tell the world you are saviors to MAS Cabin Crew!

    Stop the bullshitting and come out with facts!

    • We know where you’re coming from. Your IP address has tracked you down.

      We’re very glad you’ve affirmed your standing behind Tony Fernandez clearly as his dogs barking against MAS workers. Why don’t you go join AirAsia? Assuming Tony Fernandez has offered you a position in AirAsia already. What position? Cabin Crew or management level?

      Questions for you – care to answer?

      (1) Tony Fernandez is a tyrant and a thief that everybody already known of. What it is in there for you to speak for him and recruiting members for his union?

      (2) Why had you formed NUFAM without wasting time when Tony Fernandez came into Malaysia Airlines as board of directors? Coincidence or political movement?

      (3) Who is sponsoring NUFAM? Tony Fernandez or Evil Kutty?

      We doubt it’s Evil Kutty but we believe it’s Tony Fernandez that is now funding your activity to stop GUAMs.


  3. fuckoff u nufam stupid fellas. Dun trust Ismail lipas, akram bodoi, norwalena idiots…all nufam exco whatever…co..they’re pure stupid people no brains but trying to show some peanut brains. Go on exposing their wrong doings. I was one of them but got to know they’ hv bastard ideologies & watch out u bodoi reps…we’ll get ur ass burnt if we got trapped under TF.

  4. Hi MF, you guys have done incredible job exposing the cronies who’re destroying from the inside. Definitely love your blog. fyi, sent you a file containing the info that MAFAA initiated to stop nightstop flights for Narrowbody cabin crew. The witness is Tengku Azmil. Many crew are not aware of the lies MAFAA now NUFAM instilling the cabin crew. MAFAA is being investigated by the authority. People in mAFAA need lots of fund to pay their personal debts. They also needed a percentage of registered crew for Dato Maznah to approve NUFAM officially. They are not even officially approved presently but they didn’t tell the truth to mas cabin crew.They use lots of lies to bait crew like maseu sold off their transport deal but mas cabin crew still have transport coverage. The fat woman Norwalena her husbadn is close buddy to tony. She told lies to gain confidence from the crewmembers abt no more extension for mas female crew but it was a slap on her after maseu signed for extension of age for mas female crew a few months back. Crew like me who refuse to join them would be laughed and convinced with more lies. No Unity For All Members (NUFAM) is likely their code of ethcis.They thot cabin crew are of a bunch of idiots. Nufam keep selling maseu’s weakness claimed what maseu failed to do but nufam will not tell it’s the end of mas cabin crew when nufam take over maseu. Wahaha….a petition from all crewmembers against mafaa and now nufam must be iniatieated for briing them down now. YB WCK was used by nufam under tony to expose maseu. YB also a bit blind politician claiming political mileage only for his next election. He is sincere but no brainer politician.PLS EMAIL US IF FILE DIDN’T REACH U. THKS!

  5. has anyone asked as to “why is it that NUFAM only sits in MAB premises and not in MAS premises to do recruitment?
    Also, why do they have to hold their meetings in Bangi when it would be easier for a MAS recognized bod
    y(if they were) to hold its meeting in MAA. According to an IFS(MASEU rep) if any organisation wants to represent the cabin crew, it must be able to produce a Collective Agreement or else it would be better to “give to a beggar rather than to NUFAM/MAFAA” as mentioned by the IFS. At least the beggar would be more appreciative and the person donating would reap their rewards for the good they do from Almighty God.

    • Dear GreatCrusader7,

      Thank you for your information about this NUFAM. We’ve received a lot of informations for the past weeks. We are gonna write a post about NUFAM soon. We ask for you to contribute more insight information from NUFAM if you have any for us to be included in our post later.


      • We are hoping that MASEU representatives are stronger as TROJAN to fight off these beggars effectively and continuously protecting MAS cabin crew who are innocent. Since our postings exposed Tony Fernandez forming NUFAM using MAFAA for MAS cabin crew to streamline the terms and conditions for all cabin crew based in Malaysia be at par with AirAsia Terms and Conditions, we continue receiving many postings complaining about NUFAM (MAFAA) is destroying MAS cabin crew as instructed by Tony Fernandez. We realized our revelations were truly not just the facts but were the truth and is happening now!!!

        Is GUAMs and MASEU reps doing anything about this?

        The share swap deal is indeed the glory of all members of GUAMs that also included MASEU. From the information we’ve gathered; NUFAM and MAFAA stole the credit from GUAMs and daringly posted their claims on our blog to prove their support for Tony Fernandez that he was called to tackle the well-being of MAS. We believe this is evidence of MAFAA & NUFAM collaborating with Tony Fernandez.

        We’ve also found out NUFAM and MAFAA have gone all out knocking on people’s door including our doors they knocked too which they did not realize it. They were asking for a favor to get Malaysia Prime Minister to officiate NUFAM. The Malaysia Prime Minister is very busy and so NUFAM asked for someone from the Prime Minister Department to do the opening ceremony launching NUFAM in June 2012.

        Please keep the information flowing to us so we could write about it. We mean EXPOSING THEIR HIDDEN agenda for forming NUFAM during the collaboration agreement between MAS and AirAsia whilst Tony Fernandez was still the board of MAS director.

        If possible, we need the number of MAS cabin crew who had registered with NUFAM and the current number of MAFAA paying and not paying members. The last figure we had as according to our readers, it was 500 MAFAA paying members and 600 MAFAA not paying members. We hope to correspond with you and those who may have these information.

        Cheers mate!


  6. I’m so happy to read this. This is the type of manual that needs to be given and not the accidental misinformation that is at the other blogs. Appreciate your sharing this best doc.

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