MAS Union & Associations submitted memorandum against MAS & AirAsia Collaboration Agreement to Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak – Part IV

“Hari ini dalam sejarah” almost had occurred to Malaysia Airlines during the Collaboration Agreement with AirAsia under the spell of Tony Fernandez and his gangsters, the three musketeers – the bent former and present politicians.

Take a moment to ponder during the Collaboration Agreement with AirAsia; what really has had benefitted Malaysia Airlines?

The answer is there were absolutely nothing really benefitted Malaysia Airlines during the Collaboration Agreement and the nothingness of achievement were recorded in the history of Malaysia during the dominance control under Evil Kutty’s advisory and guidance.

In Malaysia, an organization could either be wiped out or become the history if it is under the spell of Evil Kutty and Tony Fernandez prescribing their mortal-blow strategy for Malaysia Airlines for SAVING AirAsia.

From the Part I, Part II and Part III of this thread, we’ve translated the history of Malaysia Airlines and it’s main core existence as the National Carrier included the LOOTING planning instead of the TRANSFORMATION planning which were prescribed by Tony Fernandez and his friends under the pretext of collaborating with Malaysia Airlines.

Now here in this thread, we’re gonna exposed the real stimulus behind the originality script as to our belief is written by Evil Kutty and Tony Fernandez for wiping out Malaysia Airlines not only to SAVE AirAsia but also to interrupt Malaysia Airlines from joining the global alliance for greater sustainability and global network.

For survivability of Malaysia Airlines, the former CEO Tengku Azmil had to inter-connecting with the international alliance widening its coverage via joining the global network and ensuring Malaysia Airlines would be FREED from the GAME CHANGERS mind.

WHO ARE THE GAME CHANGERs? It’s Tony Fernandez and his gangsters who’s been searching for ways out to spread their anti-union strategy and finding ways slithered inside Malaysia Airlines for gaining control of Malaysia Airlines assets.

In GUAMs memorandum, it was reported in the media the intention of Malaysia Airlines having had the discussion with Qantas Airways to form a PREMIUM airlines that to our belief will be based in Kuala Lumpur; if permitted will force Malaysia Airlines into downsizing its workforce and shrinking its network coverage where in the end we would see Malaysia Airlines becomes the history. This propaganda will probably be documented and showcase in HARI INI DALAM SEJARAH – The History in Malaysia.

GUAMs lambasted Khazanah as the golden shareholders of Malaysia Airlines, should have considered very carefully of the consequences infiltrating into the Collaboration Agreement with AirAsia before initiating the share swap DODGE deal. The fact is that GUAMs had found out the Share Swap deal was  finalized without further discussion on its actual dealing and agreement with AirAsia.  The share swap deal was done in hush-hush for Tony Fernandez and his friends bestowing them the almighty power in the decision making with a penetrating voice to influence Malaysia Airlines before the collaboration deal was fully set-up. This one-sided deal had provided the in-depth opportunity for Tony Fernandez and his friends to utilize all assets belong to Malaysia Airlines to their benefits.

In the argument presented by GUAMs, it was stated Khazanah must be held responsible for all damages incurred by Tony Fernandez and his friends (cronies) and Khazanah as the golden shareholders cannot pretend they did not know what Tony Fernandez and his friends had been planning for Malaysia Airlines because Khazanah agreed to the hush-hush share swap without a proper collaboration plan by AirAsia lay ahead for Malaysia Airlines.

In such respect, GUAMs demanded the share swap and the collaboration agreement with AirAsia to be cancelled immediately. The government and Khazanah must correct and repair all the wrong-doings that had been done for Malaysia Airlines by Tony Fernandez and his friends.

The members of the Parliament have informed GUAMs that Malaysia Airlines has been suffering losses in view of the fact caused by the cost of its high workforce. GUAMs condemned such information is flawed and had been falsely disseminated to the members of the Parliament.

The truth is Malaysia Airlines is one of the airlines in this region that has indicated the lowest operational cost ever recorded. The chart below retrieved from CAPA – Centre Aviation Pacific Asia indicated in full release of information received from the airlines in the region stipulating Malaysia Airlines recorded the lowest unit costs i.e. 25.6 sen per ASK as compared to Etihad which is 28.5 sen per ASK, Singapore Airlines recorded 29.5 sen and Cathay Pacific had recorded 30 sen per ASK respectively.

However, the productivity of the workers in Malaysia Airlines is also the lowest as recorded below is 0.77 comparing with Singapore Airlines which is 0.55 and Cathay Pacific is 0.43 per aircraft seat.

Although the productivity level in Malaysia Airlines is lower as compared to the other two stronger competitors, Malaysia Airlines still records the lowest operational costs in comparison to Etihad, Singapore Airlines, ThaiAirways, Emirates and Cathay Pacific. This is caused by the monthly wages for Malaysia Airlines workers is the lowest among the competitors in the region.

MAS union had recommended the salary and wages for Malaysia Airlines to be benchmarked with those  of the other two competitors such as Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific. Unfortunately, Malaysia Airlines did not accept the benchmark as standard practice for all categories.

The total monthly salary for MAS workers is RM1.2 billion per year. It was only an eight percent of total annual revenue of RM13 billion that Malaysia Airlines generated for year 2010. The other argument presented by GUAMs included MAS management should not be making a comparison study on the monthly wages between Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia because the salary for MAS workers are the lowest as compared to the two competitors – Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific.  And that MAS management shall not take this lowest salary issue as the cause for MAS having suffered frequent losses. Such accusation is merely unreasonable and beyond wrong practice.

Information for the Prime Minister

Revenue from 2007 to 2010 in (RM billion)

Year                  2008               2009               2010

Revenue         15,035             11,340             12,980

Growth           +2.8%             -24.6%           +14.5%

The above information indicated Malaysia Airlines had generated a total revenue of RM15,035 billion in year 2008. This was caused by the increased of RM405 million or a growth of 2.8% as compared to the financial growth for year 2007. In year 2009, the revenue generated was RM11,340 billion. This reduction in revenue of RM3,695 billion or -24.6% growth as compare to year 2008 was caused by the axing of several routes.

To be continue in our next post Part V.

9 thoughts on “MAS Union & Associations submitted memorandum against MAS & AirAsia Collaboration Agreement to Malaysia Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak – Part IV

  1. Dear MF,

    There is this matter relating to the misbehaviour and abuse of power by Danny Itchy Rasdan who demanded free up grade to first class for himself & his whole family with his maid included.

    I understand that he was very demanding from check-in thru to boarding and along the way was throwing his weight around telling everyone off that he is the Vice President of MAS.

    Lately it appears that this matter has been forgotten and I also understand that he claims that he is not aware about the up grading rules. What the f**k is he bullshitting about and trying to fool? Being the Vice President he should know every single rules in the company or else he is not qualify to be one in the first place. There should be no excuses especially from senior managers like him. If he is an office boy, such explanation can be considered.

    Will MF please keep harping on this issue until this idiot pays for all the differences in cost for that up grade incident. He should be sacked for misbehaving and abuse of authority. If he refused to pay, bring this matter to the attention of the general public via the msm and by all means get him sacked from MAS. He is a disgrace to MAS and Malaysia. If MAS do not make him pay, then I will suggest that all fare paying passengers should demand an up grade from now onward because this mother f**ker has already set a precedent for others to follow. Does this idiot thinks he owns MAS? Biadap dan kurang ajar betul budak sial ini.

    • Dear John Lowe,

      Apology for replying late because we have received affirmative that a demand has been forwarded by MAS UNION withdrawing all AirAsia ex-management staff that currently working in Malaysia Airlines which includes the CEOs.

      We would wait for the progressive action from the Malaysia Prime Minister. Cheers!


  2. John Lowe n Malaysiaairlinesfamilies: It’s out in the Malaysian Insider today 29th June….”Rashdan quits MAS”…’s a good day today you all!!!

  3. Now at least MAS has gotten rid of one pest. Who is next?

    I also read about Dr Don will be appointed a Board Director of MAS in the coming MAS AGM in The Star of Tues 29 May. Now there is a glim of hope for MAS with Dr. Don on board.

    I’m looking forward to more good news. Hopefully the whole useless board appointed by TF & his gang of thieves will leave MAS too.

  4. “Rumours have it that Dr Mohamadon Abdullah has been recruited back to MAS in the top management. Syabas! It is hoped that this is true. MAS will then at least has someone with real aviation experience in the top management. Dr Don, as he is fondly referred to by MAS staffs, MAS staffs are waiting for your official arrival and to also welcome you back to MAS with open arms to assist them to do the right things for MAS.” from WCK site…

    Dr Don, you back in the fray?

  5. SiGua: yes, Dr Don confirmed the appointment and he has accepted the offer…”last kopek” he says….
    Better days ahead for MAS…..fingers crossed!!

    • Dear MH-J and Dr. Don,

      Malaysiaairlinesfamilies vehemently looking forward to a higher morale for MAS workers. Please get AJ outta MAS as soon as possible. The clueless CEO has nothing to offer but traitor ship is the only way to sign away MAS assets to AirAsia’s cronies for improving AirAsia’s group earning. So now Dr. Don is inside Malaysia Airlines, that we said to you before Dr. Don, we could do something for MAS but what we didn’t tell you is that by GETTING PEOPLE LIKE YOU TO LEAD MAS 🙂

      Congrats Dr. Don. We know you when we’re working together once upon a time.


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