AirAsia Safety Briefing Announcement – Awesome or STUPID?

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome onboard our site to watch if you would agree with AirAsia Safety Announcement that they called it AWESOME here……

We gotta tell you we think the safety briefing announcement by AirAsia is truly sucks!!! It wasn’t entertaining at all and it indicates how playful is AirAsia all about.

With that PLAYFUL MINDSET, do you still FEEL SAFE flying with AirAsia? 

See this one from South West Airlines.  South West Airlines had a rapper conducting safety briefing and it’s very entertaining. We love watching it over and over again.

So we say to AirAsia, you people really sucks in your safety briefing announcement. It wasn’t that AWESOME and don’t be so proud of your STUPID ain’t that AWESOME at all.

How about watching this SUPERSTAR – John Travolta Qantas Safety Video?

After watching QANTAS Safety video, do you feel much more better and safer thinking of flying with QANTAS airlines in the future? Because they are professional and they don’t joke away with their safety briefing announcement. So is Malaysia Airlines too.

So who wants to fly with JOKERs? See, our point is that AirAsia is not serious in their safety elements; that is what they are all about.

AirAsia is about being NOT PROFESSIONAL, NOT SERIOUS ABOUT AIRCRAFT SAFETY, NOT HONEST AND CONTINUE CHEATING THE PUBLIC CONSUMERS and MANY MORE…dishonesties to unravel here AirAsia airfares is not cheap compared with Full Service Airlines with and AirAsia is about being NOT 100% SAFE to fly with like this……….scary aircraft but we thought it’s new aircraft??

16 thoughts on “AirAsia Safety Briefing Announcement – Awesome or STUPID?

  1. Hey there You are doing good work writing this posts. I am reading Your posts for some time and i can’t wait for next. Your blog represents Your point of view, that’s what i like .

  2. Unprofessional, immature and attention seeking…..taking in-flight safety to a different level…stand-up comedian would be a more appropriate job for the flight attendant who made the safety briefing!!! A disgrace to all other airlines who take pride in the quality of their safety briefings and in-flight announcements….

  3. It’s laborious to seek out educated people on this topic, but you sound like you understand what you’re speaking about! Thanks
    You need to take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I’ll advocate this website!

  4. AA is making fun on pre-flight safety briefing.Common sense this pre-flight safety briefing should be taken seriously not humorously.Wait until an incident happens,then you can see these cabin crew screams for their lives like nobody bussiness.Try to be funny ah?

    • Dear Highlander,

      It’s the business model that they take on to ignore safety being the top priority. The safety briefing is childishly delivered and they probably be thinking they were very CREATIVE and ENTERTAINING. Can the public place their trust and comfort on these UNPROFESSIONAL CREW of AIR ASIA?

      We are very thankful MAS does not take safety as jokes and the jokes one day can turn into a disaster for all travelers who travel with AirAsia.

  5. Yes..totally agree,until an incident/accident happens,AA.. under `Tony and his Gangsters’can joke all they want and make themselves look like CLOWNS….I would not want to travel AA because i don’t feel secure/safe at all…!!!!!! To me…SAFETY 1st..and AA is not on my list of airline to fly with…in fact nothing funny about them…just a bunch of monkeys flyin in the air…

    • Live life abundantly must be Tony Fernandes himself. Coward for hiding your true identity commented in this blog… obvious he is stupid fernandes.

  6. This page appears to recieve an excellent ammount of guests. How do you market it? It offers a nice person twist about things. I guess having something helpful or large to talk about is an essential factor.

  7. What’s with the “Hate Air Asia” and “Hate Tony” campaign….??? Well as far as AirAsia goes… they operate very much like any other successful budget carrier…AirAsia has not had any serious safety issues…. As for Tony… mmm… don’t know him too well, but he hasn’t committed any crime… Did he step on your foot or something…?? Or you expecting him to resign and handover everything to you ?? I don’t understand the hate here…

    Malaysian Airlines is Malaysian Airlines…. If they are not doing well then, the obvious thing to do would be to review the market & their operations… Why even talk about other airlines…??

    • Dear Ziggy,

      Perhaps as ziggy as you are needed to know why there is a need to have Tony Fernandez to run AirAsia. The incidence of AirAsia eating into Malaysia Airlines just to turnaround Malaysia Airlines into a holding company. By the definition of a holding company of AirAsia means a dead company without assets and human capital value. This also in turn transforming into a monopoly system where AirAsia under Tony Fernandez gets to control Malaysia Airlines airfares, routes and revenues.

      If you do a bit of research, you will know why Tony Fernandez needs to sell his airbus purchases fast by collaborating with Malaysia Airlines. Not only that, Tony Fernandez has his eyes on every region to make other carriers as holding companies too. One of the legacy airlines has already become a holding company and that is All Nippon Airways. Next, Tony is eyeing on Air Mauritius if you do read a bit of aviation news.


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