MAS Unions & Associations submitted memorandum against MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement via Share Swap to Malaysia Prime Minister – Part III

MAS sad story continues; read here for Part I & Part II and this Part III reveals the plot by Tony Fernandez and his cronies ripping-off nine (9) of the flight simulators for training pilots owned by Malaysia Airlines through a Joint Venture-ship with AirAsia and CAE with a new company called MAS Pilot Training Academy.

The memorandum submitted to Malaysia Prime Minister was reporting Tony Fernandez at the time when he was still one of MAS Board of Directors; gave directive to chain the nine (9) flight simulators owned by Malaysia Airlines and three (3) flight simulators that owned by CAE/AirAsia under a Joint Venture company called MAS Pilot Training Academy.

This plot was to take away MAS 100% ownerships and rationalizing AirAsia a FREE ownerships of 40% of shares and giving CAE a 50% of shares and leaving a minuscule of only 10% ownerships for Malaysia Airlines.

Examining in arithmetic picture, Malaysia Airlines that owns 75% of the 12 flight simulators; if the Joint Venture is successful; will only be allocated a 10% of the shares in this Joint Venture with AirAsia. And Air Asia who owns ZERO flight simulators training pilots now would gain “FREE” shares approximately 40% from this Joint Venture with Malaysia Airlines without even investing a cent.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies believe this is a con-job and in this Joint Venture between Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia; it is only beneficial for AirAsia gaining money-spinning to increase its group’s earnings plotted by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters. We believe this is Air Asia’s scam and lies underhanded Malaysia Airlines via JOINT VENTURE scheme collaborating with AirAsia. Be careful Malaysia Airlines, you know whom you are dealing with? It’s a thief that is collaborating with you and this thief also a looter is Tony Fernandez.

GUAMs condemned the above shows the unfairness by Tony Fernandez and his friends (cronies) who acted as MAS board of directors favoring one-sided for AirAsia. The formula being used as above illustrated “A wise man with swindling strategy”.

GUAMs also specified that if MAS Pilot Training Academy is generating a yearly revenue of RM140 millions, Malaysia Airlines would be apportioned only RM14 million profit per year based on its 10% of shares in this Joint Venture deal. The question is how could Malaysia Airlines, which own 9 simulators will be apportioned with only a 10% (RM14 millions) of its total yearly revenue? In this regard, they believe it is the wrongness imposed on Malaysia Airlines by AirAsia Tony Fernandez and his friends (cronies).

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies comment if the Joint Venture between MAS and AirAsia/CAE materialized, and the 9 flight simulators would give Malaysia Airlines a 75% of ownerships. So MAS should be allocated RM105 millions based on RM140 millions yearly revenue. With Tony Fernandez’s plot to apportion MAS with only a 10% of shares i.e. RM14 million per year from the RM140 millions revenue, this would mean Malaysia Airlines would lose RM91 millions to AirAsia and CAE in this Joint Venture. How could AirAsia be allocated FREE 40% of shares when it doesn’t even own a flight simulator? Even though, CAE has 3 flight simulators, Tony Fernandez and his friends should only apportion it with 25% of shares and not with 50% of shares. And we believe this is another evidence of ripping-off Malaysia Airlines by Tony Fernandez and his friends together with CAE (cronies) to get a free ride with Malaysia Airlines via their influence as MAS board of directors. Their position as MAS board of directors only gave them the ticket to ride Malaysia Airlines.

GUAMs reported that before the Collaboration Agreement with AirAsia, the Peninsular Malaysia has a few airlines such as Malaysia Airlines (Premium Airlines), Firefly (Low Cost Airlines), AirAsia and AirAsiaX (both also Low Cost Airlines). Immediately after the Collaboration with AirAsia and AirAsiaX, Tony Fernandez and his friends (cronines) had ended Firefly’s base at KLIA that was competing with AirAsia in that low cost segment.

And After Firefly’s base at KLIA was terminated, the new management of Malaysia Airlines with Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun sat in as MAS board of directors who are also the CEOs of AirAsia suddenly had decided to have a new SHORT HAUL airlines breaking Malaysia Airlines into two divisions – LONG HAUL and SHORT HAUL segments.

GUAMs asked the Malaysia Prime Minister – Why is that Firefly’s jet operation has to be terminated when in the first place it was formed by Malaysia Airlines for competing with AirAsia before the Collaboration Agreement with AirAsia?

They believe, the definite answer is that since Firefly’s jet operations at KLIA had eaten into AirAsia’s operation at KLCCT; the best solution for Tony Fernandez in securing AirAsia’s coverage without competition is to end Firefly’s jet operations at KLIA and to form a new company under Malaysia Airlines whilst Tony Fernandez is still the board of directors so to further making sure that the Collaboration Agreement between Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia will inhibit MAS new Short Haul Premium airlines from competing with AirAsia’s short haul low cost segmented markets.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies recall during Dato’ Seri Idris Jala’s reigning time as MAS CEO/MD, he did lower the airfares for Malaysia Airlines with his 5 star added value strategy competing with AirAsia Low Cost Carrier and we believe it hit AirAsia really badly and finally, ending Firefly’s jet operations at KLIA and later at KLCCT2 planned for 2013 is a piece of evidence illustrating the monopoly marketing strategy adopted by Tony Fernandez.

So watch out AirAsia-Japan, Tony Fernandez will slither gradually into Japan markets controlling Japan Aviation Industry via AirAsia-Japan and again, Tony Fernandez will repeat the same strategy which he has used on Malaysia Airlines during his reigning period controlling Malaysia Airlines as the board of directors for Malaysia Airlines.

Thanks to the Malaysia Prime Ministers for the cancellation of share swap between MAS and AirAsia; and MAS Union for the pressure ridding off Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun as MAS board of directors via the cancellation of share swap.

The report also elaborated that AirAsiaX had ended its LONG HAUL sectors into United Kingdom and Europe as it was generating losses for group AirAsia. As a low cost carrier, AirAsiaX cannot afford its operation into London and Paris generally because of its overhead and operation costs that easily could bankrupt AirAsia itself. Many low cost carriers had known of this factor that the farther the carrier goes, the higher the cost it will incur to the carrier.

Despite knowing this fact, Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun continued with their ignorance competing with Malaysia Airlines although they were already making losses and by breaking up Malaysia Airlines into pieces with motive to taking over its profitable divisions under the pretext of Joint Venture-ship, is called LOOTING Malaysia Airlines’ properties.

This proves that Tony Fernandez and his friends (cronies) is forever and will be forever the rivalry to Malaysia Airlines and will continue finding ways to cripple Malaysia Airlines’ development until it collapsed.

GUAMs in their belief Tony Fernandez is not an expert in airlines industry as predicted, praised and broadcasted by the media.

The termination of both London and Paris were already predicted by investors in airlines industry as there was never a low cost carrier that can generate profit successfully from its long haul sectors. The example of Oasis Airways that based in Hong Kong already had its HongKong-London-HongKong routes quenched due to huge losses incurred on these two long haul LOW COST sectors.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies believe Tony Fernandez is interested to see Malaysia Airlines cripple and collapse and that one of the fine day, AirAsia will take control 100% of Malaysia Airlines as the next National Carrier for Malaysia but with Low Cost National Carrier mindset. This is will spoil the tourism for Malaysia. Another way of describing it, Tony Fernandez will destroy Malaysia Tourism with his unwise, GREEDY and unfeasible strategy.

The memorandum stated that the influence of Tony Fernandez and his friends (cronies) whom are rivalries of Malaysia Airlines have disintegrated Malaysia Airlines into 4 units such as follows;

(1) MAS Aerospace Engineering (MAE)

(2) MAS Pilot Training Academy

(3) MAS Ground Services

(4) MAS Cargo

GUAMs raised their concerned to Malaysia Prime Ministers; Are these units belonging to Malaysia Airlines or otherwise? Are all the assets that belong to Malaysia Airlines will be sold below the market price or be given FREE to Tony Fernandez and his friends (cronies)?

GUAMs also expressed their similar concerns where these units would face the similar fate as what had happened to MAS Catering Sdn. Bhd. where history had proven MAS Catering Sdn. Bhd was sold to LSG Skychef and Saujana Gubahan Sdn. Bhd. where later, it ended being owned by LSG Skychef Sdn. Bhd.

Stay tune for our Part IV continuation……..Malaysiaairlinesfamilies!


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