Malaysia Airlines was robbed of RM2.52 billion during Collaboration Agreement with AirAsia – Tony Fernandez and his gangsters – how did it happen?

Our investigative report reveals both present CEO of Malaysia Airlines that is Ahmad Jauhari and Danny Rashdan have been executing MAS heist inside Malaysia Airlines for Tony Fernandez and his gangsters since the Collaboration Agreement between MAS and AirAsia brokered by CIMB took effect.  Although Tony Fernandez and his partner – Kamarudin Meranun already resigned as the board of directors of Malaysia Airlines, the heist will continue to be executed by Ahmad Jauhari and Danny Itchy Dan.

People, our Malaysians taxpayers have been robbed by AirAsia’s CEOs and Khazanah CEO, under our noses!!!

Both the CON-CEO for Malaysia Airlines who are AJ and Danny jointly appointed Plane Consult as consultant for Malaysia Airlines from January 2012 to April 2012.  One of Malaysian Parliament members – YB Wee Choo Keong received information regarding the Plane Consult which mainly is the consultant for Low Cost Carriers whose current clients included both AirAsia Bhd and AirAsia X Sdn Bhd – rivalries of Malaysia Airlines.

Malaysia Airlines is a full service and a premium airline and this doesn’t add up to compulsorily having appointed a Consultant specializing for Low Cost Airlines. We believe this is it – the evidence of Low-Costizing Malaysia Airlines and robbing complete of Malaysia Airlines’ properties, subsidiaries including all current contracts that Malaysia Airlines have contracted out to certain agents.

This way, Tony Fernandez and his gangsters could continue game-changing Malaysia Airlines into a low cost structure airlines that charges premium fares and tricked the public and government by signing away MAS profitable routes and subsidiaries into AirAsia’s group by embezzling MAS funds in a legitimate process  without being known it could continuously increase AirAsia’s group earnings.

Earlier, we’ve written the Evidence of Broad Daylight MAS Heist by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters Part I, Part II and Part III. As predicted, their plot was to have Malaysia Airlines declared another losses to boycott its full membership with ONEWORLD. It turned out that the last losses is one of the biggest losses ever declared by Malaysia Airlines in Malaysia civil aviation industry since the birth of Malaysia Airlines which we’ve written here – The Gigantic Fraud by AirAsia, CiMB and bent Politicians fabricated, embezzling MAS funds declaring huge lossesof RM2.5 billion for Malaysia Airlines Part I, Part II and Part III.

Now we have these evidences of fraud committed by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters – AirAsia and bent politicians – the three musketeers.

We had investigated there are more than 4 other airlines in ONEWORLD group that have refused to accept Malaysia Airlines as ONE-WORLD member due to its continuous loss-making history. What ONEWORLD did not know is that MAS recent huge losses was fabricated to boycott Malaysia Airlines from joining ONEWORDL as its alliance.

Our articles revealed the plots by Tony Fernandez committing MAS heist in Part I, Part II and Part III of MAS Heist by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters (above) will be executed by both AJ and Danny for AirAsia and now, we found out one of the ways to embezzle MAS fund is through hiring Plane Consult for their expertise continue bleeding MAS since the JCC – Joint Collaboration Committee was interrupted by Dr. Wafi from MAS Group Legal  Practice (GLP) via another avenue to avoid attracting anti-trust regulators.

Anti-trust defines that competitors cannot fixing prices and routes.

However, convenient decisions were made by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters in appointing Plane Consult through the CON-CEO fabricating more losses, follow suits with the parachuted AirAsia’s present management that had landed into Malaysia Airlines is for LOOTING every profitable divisions belong to Malaysia Airlines for AirAsia.

This heist by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters is to increase AirAsia’s group earnings for AirAsia to get the bankers to increase their loan amount for a larger order of Airbus aircrafts. Tony Fernandez is targeting at 500 Airbus aircrafts and for every aircraft delivered into AirAsia, Tony Fernandez will be paid RM16 million in commissions which he charges to AirAsia for Evil Kutty.

So let’s add up the total commissions Tony Fernandez would get for Evil kutty….people, its RM8 billion for 500 aircrafts!!! It’s enough to take over Malaysia; RM1 billion buys 20.5 % shares and so with RM5 billions, Evil Kutty and Tony Fernandez can own Malaysia Airlines for themselves.

Watch out Malaysians and WAKE UP, it’s time for you to buy MAS shares so that Evil Kutty and Tony Fernandez cannot land into Malaysia Airlines for revenge.  

It’s always the CONMEN hiring another CONMAN story………….This is Plane Consult.

With the appointment of Plane Consult, it makes so much easy to execute MAS heist within Malaysia Airlines because Plane Consult would provide the consultation supporting the direction to bleed MAS even more and deeper. At the same time, Shane Nollan who is also an employee of Plane Consult is recruited as ACTING COMMERCIAL DIRECTOR for Malaysia Airlines with directive to oversee the transportation of AirAsia X’s stranded passengers into their final destinations where these AirAsia X’s passengers had pre-paid to AirAsia.


We know the Chairman of Plane Consult is Connor McCarthy a.k.a. MR. CONMAN from Ireland who is working closely for Ryanair. As Mr. ConMan is also the co-founder and present director of AirAsia Bhd, this is clear evidence of CONFLICT OF INTEREST in Malaysia Airlines truly adopted by both MAS present CEOs Ahmad Jauhari and Danny Rashdan who work for Tony Fernandez. As such, what reason is there left to keep these corporate espionages in Malaysia Airlines?

Simply put, Tony Fernandez is robbing Malaysia Airlines using his cronies who are Plane Consult to provide consultation signing away Malaysia Airlines profitable units to AirAsia.

A Full Premium Airline cannot be running by a LOW COST CON-Sultant whose mentality is about running low cost airlines.  Malaysia Airlines is a Full Service Carrier and a premium airlines and we repeat Malaysia Airlines is not a low cost airlines.

Under Tan Sri Azman Mokhtar’s crony and the BINA TERLUPA FIKIR KONGSI BERHAD, Malaysia Airlines lost 22 routes to AirAsia and declared massive losses of RM2.52 billions under AirAsia’s management.

In brief circumstances, Tony Fernandez had successfully robbed complete of 22 domestic routes that were originally given to MAS by Malaysian government.

Now who are the AirAsia management that still in Malaysia Airlines?

  1. Ahmad Jauhari
  2. Danny Rashdan
  3. Shane Nollan
  4. Plane Consult – Connor McCarthy
  5. Rozman Omar
  6. Azhari Dahlan
  7. Nor Zalida
  8. Angelina Fernandez
  9. Hayati Dato’ Ali now spying for Danny Rashdan and Hayati Dato’ Ali is Danny’s cousin-sister.
  10. All MAS current board of directors.

The AirAsia’s Corporate Espionage – this group must be ejected out of Malaysia Airlines as quickly as possible for a smoother running of Malaysia Airlines.  The sleeping advisor must also leave soon .

Within eight months of the collaboration agreement with AirAsia under Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun, MAS already has 8 AirAsia corporate figures landed in Malaysia Airlines top management and it has also fine-tuned one of MAS present EVPs into a corporate espionage for AirAsia and closer ties with MAS Cabin Crew and Staff who formed NUFAM/MAFAA for more insight information – refer to Tony Fernandez’s blog stating closer ties with MAS Staff titled THANK YOU MAS STAFF – KEEP IN TOUCH.

What would happen if the Supplemental Collaboration Agreement with AirAsia progresses to 8 years? We would see MAS is only a holding company and AirAsia would be the management for Malaysia Airlines with AirAsia’s loyal employees parachuting into Malaysia Airlines taking over all of the current jobs which belong to Malaysia Airlines workers. Really?  MAS workers OUT, AirAsia workers IN.

People, remember that AirAsia workers work for a fixed salary of RM1000 per month and Malaysia Airlines workers work for a higher salary scale with yearly increment.

Under Shane Nollan, MAS had to absorb all AirAsia X’s passengers without airfare and without airport taxes into London, Paris and India. The fact is Shane Nollan as Acting Commercial Director for MAS  has made Malaysia Airlines continuously absorbing all airport taxes and other appropriate Premium Service airfares on behalf of AirAsia X – Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun whose CEO Azran for AirAsia X has failed in his job securing the landing rights into these destinations that’ve caused AirAsia X’s passengers stranded after their routes were terminated.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies suggest that an independent auditor is to investigate Shane Nollan’s work and if found guilty, please make him pay for all the differences before releasing his contract.

YB Wee Choo Keong published in his blog the following professional fees and expenses for Malaysia Airlines that charged by Plane Consult – Mr. Connor McCarthy as approved by Danny Rashdan and MAS current board of directors and here’s the full itemized billings that Plane Consult sent to Malaysia Airlines Deputy Group CEO – Danny Rashdan:-

Professional fees paid to Plane Consult for the month of March 2012 totaled Euro 665,171 equivalent to RM3 millions-round up (A)

1.  Engineering & Maintenance    Euro 135,000

2.  Airlines Engineering Group     Euro   54,000

3.  Commercial                             Euro 204,000

4.  Network Planning/Scheduling Euro   48,000

5.  Fleet Planning                          Euro   30,000

6.  Operations                                Euro 180,000

7.  Mind inspired                            Euro     4,917

8.  Interest charges (April 2012)   Euro     9,254

And the expenses for Shane Nollan approved by MAS current board of directors for the following items:-

1.  Costs of flight from Ireland to London Heathrow

2.  Taxi fares in London and Malaysia

3.  Tune Talk mobile top up etc

4.  Petrol & Car park

For the month of February 2012 the expenses incurred by Shane Nollan was Euro 6,560 equivalent to approximately RM31,500 (B) and for the month of March 2012 his expenses escalated to Euro 10,691 equivalent to approximately RM51,350 (C)

Let’s sum up A + B + C = RM3,082,850 and this is only for Plane Consult professional fees and Shane Nollan’s monthly expenses.

What about the other expenses for Danny Rashdan who flown down to London Heathrow signed away RM18 millions sponsorships for QPR?

How about Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun’s expenses and claims when they were MAS board of directors?

People, this is TRULY the broad daylight crime organized by Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun for Evil Kutty and his two other musketeers-Daim and Rafidah.  Shouldn’t this be reported to the police by MAS current CEO Ahmad Jauhari and Danny Pondan if they are neutral and have interest to manage Malaysia Airlines? If police report isn’t made by these two crooks, then they are part of the MAS heist organized crime by Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun.

Stay tune to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies.

9 thoughts on “Malaysia Airlines was robbed of RM2.52 billion during Collaboration Agreement with AirAsia – Tony Fernandez and his gangsters – how did it happen?

  1. Dear MF,

    I agree fully with your write-up. The RM2.5B losses is designed by intention so that TF and his gangsters’ robbing of MAS will become legitimate. Any accountants worth their salt will tell you that. Since the collaboration is off won’t it be correct that the sum of RM18M signed out to QPR be returned to MAS? In fact with all these solid evidents, MF or Wee Choo Keong should proceed to lodge a police report and then let every tax paying citizens watch if the police will take any action!

  2. Now who are the AirAsia management that is still with Malaysia Airlines?

    1.Ahmad Jauhari
    2.Danny Rashdan
    3.Shane Nollan
    4.Plane Consult – Connor McCarthy
    5.Rozman Omar
    6.Azhari Dahlan
    7.Nor Zalida
    8.Angelina Fernandez
    9.Hayati Dato’ Ali now spying for Danny Rashdan and Hayati Dato’ Ali is Danny’s cousin-sister.
    10.All MAS current board of directors.

    Lets bet who going to go next….Take a pick…and… What we going to do with them

  3. For the amount of professional fees (Euro 665,171) paid to Plane Consult in the month of March 2012, can anyone tell what is the recommendation made by Plane Consult? We must know what is the recommendation first before we can pass judgement whether the money paid is worth its salt or nothing more than what you and I know. The problem with our Management is they would rather pay a consultant than taking the same stuff from internal experts with many years of experience and exposure.

    • Dear EX,

      Just to be clear the consultant is paid for their transformation plan turnaround Malaysia Airlines’ assets into AirAsia’s hands. The consultant has also got Malaysia Airlines under Tony Fernandez and his gangsters to indemnify PlaneConsult from any GUARANTEE-ING of the success on turning around Malaysia Airlines to RED.

      Simply put, PLANECONSULT is a con-job by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters.


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  5. I like what you guys are up too. Such smart work and reporting! Keep up the superb works guys I’ve incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it’ll improve the value of my site 🙂

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