Malaysiaairlinesfamilies calls for Tony Fernandez to better get OUTTA of AirAsia and Malaysia before AirAsia gets screwed!

The called off of SECRET Share Swap by Malaysia Prime Minister is still NOT satisfying at all by 1 Malaysia, the bloggers and mainly some of MAS workers.

We took an emergency break from enjoying our vacation to announce this fantastic news to our followers, fans, supporters and frequent surfers where today we have captured the world’s attention for reading our postings on MAS and AirAsia SECRET Share Swap’s deal that went off on 1st May 2012.

Take a look at our coverage and it’s unbelievable that we have captured readers from all over the world even Haiti now becomes our regular readers. It’s really amazing.

Look at these countries closely……….

The biggest readers is from Malaysia and second largest readers is from Australia. So is that Danny Rashdan a.k.a. Johnny Fernandez and also the deputy CEO of Malaysia Airlines has anymore face value to continue standing tall and still holding the flag for Malaysia Airlines after what he did onboard the flight on MH122?

Those traveling passengers could have demanded a double upgrading from MAS because of Danny’s precedence and if those demands had been rejected, they could sue Malaysia Airlines for double standard.

We have a message for Danny the NANNY, leave Malaysia Airlines as soon as possible before we expose you even deeper and before you incur Malaysia Airlines with a higher lawsuit cases from MAS passengers. Get your ass OUTTA Malaysia Airlines quickly.

GET OUT DANNY RASHDAN FROM MALAYSIA AIRLINES.  S a v e s   y o u r   f a c e   w h i l e    y o u   c a n!!!

The Prime Minister of Malaysia ought to know that thousands of people are unhappy with Tony Fernandez being the CEO for AirAsia. Tony Fernandez should be ousted as soon as possible before he continues sabotaging Malaysia’s tourism by misleading AirAsia’s passengers of their product. AirAsia’s latest product is pre-paid your holiday package now but travel later where you would never get any refund in the event your holiday package is cancelled by AirAsia.

Even the stupid DAIM Bloodsucker is gonna be ruined by Tony Fernandez for Tony only knows how to destroy the establishment by covering the huge losses AirAsia X is generating for Tune Air Group and  burdening AirAsia’s profit-making.

Tony Fernandez is not safe to be with any corporate companies he’s attached with. We’ve heard rumors he just lost his Ferrari to an old friend. And the amount of debts is increasing for AirAsia each day under Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun (both the pirates from AirAsia).

AirAsia still owes Airbus Industry a huge down-payment for the 200 aircrafts which Tony Fernandez  ordered from Airbus in Paris last year. On top of that, Tony Fernandez cannot pay up the penalty for late aircraft delivery that he deferred due to flights cancelled by AirAsiaX and so Tony Fernandez has to steal 22 domestic routes from Malaysia Airlines.

In short, AirAsia has already robbed complete of MAS’s profitable routes via the Collaboration Agreement between Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia that Khazanah designed supposedly is to save Malaysia Airlines. It turned the other way around that Khazanah’s Managing Director is helping Tony Fernandez to steal 22 domestic routes from Malaysia Airlines. So this is evidence of Khazanah helping to SAVING AirAsia by stealing away MAS profitable routes for AirAsia under the CCF.

This is an outstanding evidence of KHAZANAH’s mismanagement and defective judgment. BUT Khazanah continues to employ a defective Managing Director – Azman Mokhtar – picture below.

So Airliners in the world, stay away from Tony Fernandez and his gangsters – the Greatest Con-Men of the year.  And Airbus shareholders better be aware when Tony Fernandez is placing another order to complete his first round of 500 aircrafts with Airbus Company so to be eligible in becoming one of your shareholders.

We’re gonna continue with our vacation spending quality time with families and we’ll back soon with Part III – memorandum by GUAMs sent to Malaysia Prime Minister and Comparison between Aseana and MAS.   1 Malaysia   TRULY   B  O  L  E  H   and   together   we   can   take   down   the   sinners!

Stay tune to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies!


2 thoughts on “Malaysiaairlinesfamilies calls for Tony Fernandez to better get OUTTA of AirAsia and Malaysia before AirAsia gets screwed!

  1. hahahaha….toni pergi mati la….tony fernandes is shitty head.
    tq MF…good job. Toni must leave malayisia for peaceful country.

  2. Guys, please check on Tony Fernandes’s blog and he said thank you to mas staff. Looks like he’s gonna used mas cabin crew to rojak mas for good and KEEP internal info flowing to airasia.The last we saw him in mas town hall session, he was totally embarassed by majority booed him the snake bites from behind your back. 9 mths with mas already parchuted 9 airasia culprits. Joint venture with airasia will mean DEAD END FOR MAS.

    TONY FERNANDES, read this…….B E R A M B U S D A R I N E G A R A MALAYSIA. Everybody must vote for the gomen that can rid off Tony the snake Fernandes.

    PM must stop this nonsense for once. Dun allow Toni to be living in Malaysia or PM will be kicked out from Malaysia by Toni and his cronies. Toni uses maffa/nufam to get close to ministries for up-close and personal rapport so to get rid of Najib. Y’all must know toni cannot be trusted and a scorpion with a nature to sting. Glad MF took the initiative for the calling………….

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