MAS Unions & Associations produced memorandum against MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement to Malaysia Prime Minister – Part II

This is the sequential of Part I of the memorandum that MAS unions & associations submitted to Malaysia Prime Minister on 14th February 2012 opposing against MAS & AirAsia Collaboration one-sided Agreement.

GUAMs is Group of Unions & Associations in Malaysia Airlines :-

  1. MASEU – Malaysia Airlines System Employees’ Union
  2. AWUS – Airlines Workers Union Sarawak
  3. ATWUS – Air Transport Workers Union Sabah)
  4. MESA (MAS Executive Staff Association)
  5. SEAMAS (Sabah Executive Association of MAS)
  6. SESC (Sarawak Executive Staff Committee of MAS)
  7. MASMA (MAS Managerial Staff Association)
  8. MAPA (Malaysia Airlines Pilot Association)

The memorandum GUAMs submitted emphasizing on the Collaboration Agreement between MAS & AirAsia is only beneficial for Air Asia group as per what we’ve posted earlier in this content of the collaboration agreement between MAS & AirAsia brokered by CIMB (Evil Kutty and the duke of DAIM blood suckers).

GUAMs officially reported to Malaysia Prime Minister against Tony Fernandez of his abusive authority influencing MAS new board of directors to have Firefly ceased its Jet Operation by given an unfounded reason which was that Firefly had caused huge losses to Malaysia Airlines and its golden share-holders – Khazanah.

GUAMs also believe if Firefly is given FREE-HAND to run its course independently and to grow and compete independently with AirAsia; it will be beneficial for the Rakyat (people and citizen of Malaysia) on the whole because being competitive with huge competition is healthy for all segmented markets.  Stopping the competition only means producing anti-competitive pricing for airfares and this is generally referred as MONOPOLY MARKET – an integral violation of the CARTEL anti-trust law.

So the whole shebang of the Collaboration Agreement between MAS & AirAsia is to KILL Firefly’s Jet Operations in order to SAVE AirAsia’s profitable routes that have become LESS-profitable probably because of the painful competition between AirAsia and Firefly over the domestic routes between Sabah, Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia.

Tony Fernandez’s new motto – KILLS FIREFLY SAVES  AIRASIA 

When AirAsia realizing the effective modus operandi of Firefly Jet Operations that will be based in KLCCT2 in 2013 could shaken its entire AirAsia’s empire, Tony Fernandez took the opportunity to halt Firefly Jet Operations stationed at KLIA (later at KLICCT2) and only allowing Firefly to survive its small portion of operations via Subang Airport. He then robbed complete of the 22 routes that AirAsia failed to seize it from Malaysia Airlines in 2006 which almost caused a huge loss of 8,000 employment opportunity for Malaysians at that time. 

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies investigated after AirAsia had stolen 22 routes from Malaysia Airlines, the scrape of 8,000 jobs for MAS workers were already laid out by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters supposedly by the end of this April 2012 but fortunately, GUAMs unitedly lodged an official complaint to Malaysia Prime Minister just on-time before the slashing of jobs opportunity in Malaysia Airlines were initiated by Tony Fernandez, Kamarudin Meranun and Danny Rashdan a.k.a. Johnny Upgrading Fernandez.

GUAMs further reported to Malaysia Prime Minister that Malaysia Airlines as a FULL SERVICE CARRIER had to bear all costs clearing all Firefly stranded passengers for months of which their routes were terminated by Tony Fernandez without advance notice and this had certainly incurred larger costs for Malaysia Airlines to absorb all additional costs incurred by Firefly because the airfares those stranded passengers purchased were of the Low Cost Fare but travelled on Premium Service Airlines.

Not only Malaysia Airlines had to cover all other costs especially fuel costs for Firefly but Malaysia Airlines also had to absorb all Firefly staff increasing its human resources problems internally.

This is evidence of inefficiency and ineffectiveness in the new management of Malaysia Airlines appointed by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters.

Now we know why AirAsia under Tony Fernandez did not make money but still continue to falsely declaring profit making for AirAsia to the Public. It is his inefficiencies and ineffectiveness in managing AirAsia that causes AirAsia X lost Orly, Mumbai, Delhi and London Stansted. Poor AAX’s CEO have to face the repercussions from the Public and we know in the future, Azran will not be hired by another airlines operators if he lost his job with AAX. So Azran, better pack and get out before you’re sacked in the name of POOR PERFORMANCE.

Mr. Prime Minister, please shoo away this Tony Fernandez and his gangsters from this Boleh-LAND, once and for all for the good and peacefulness of Malaysia.

In the memorandum to Malaysia Prime Minister, GUAMs also expressed their resentment against Tony Fernandez’s LOUD and CLEAR announcement to MAS workers in Johor Senai Airport that he, Tony Fernandez successfully half-MURDERED Firefly during the launching for AirAsia new routes from Johor Baru to Kuching, and Kuching to Johor Baru; Johor Baru to Kota Kinabalu and return without competition from Firefly.

At the same time, Tony Fernandez also had increased AirAsia’s flights into those destinations previously flown by Malaysia Airlines after terminating MAS from operating the routes and continue reducing Malaysia Airlines flights from time to time. All these decisions were made in the name of Collaboration Agreement between MAS and AirAsia.

GUAMs believe Tony Fernandez is using the collaboration agreement to boycott Malaysia Airlines international routes such as Kuala Lumpur – Sydney – Kuala Lumpur. This plan will reduce yearly revenue for Malaysia Airlines and increased in its quarterly losses.

With Tony Fernandez who is the CEO of AirAsia and Kamarudin Meranun who is his deputy CEO of AirAsia that sitting-in as board of directors in Malaysia Airlines; they have created the Conflict Of Interest which is now happening in Malaysia Airlines. The first exemplary is the payment for QPR Jersey T-shirt for QPR club that owns by Tony Fernandez himself. This proves Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun are not supposed to hold the position as MAS Board of Directors because they will influence the rest of the board of directors making favorable decisions to increase profits for group AirAsia’s earnings.

GUAMs added that the government of Sabah and Sarawak have interests to buy over MASWings and Firefly for their own security because many MAS domestic and international routes originated from Sabah and Sarawak were terminated in the name of the collaboration agreement with AirAsia where it only benefits one-sided for AirAsia. This will impact adversely and causing complications and chaos in airlines industry of Malaysia. It will also have great impact on the country’s merchants dealing businesses and Malaysian travelers/workers state-crossing between Sabah and Sarawak and Peninsular Malaysia.

The unions from Sabah and Sarawak are not pleased with the new MAS board of directors because none of the current board of directors represented Sabah and Sarawak and per se, their state and people well-being were not looked after as were before the Collaboration Agreement between MAS and AirAsia.

GUAMs also filed their grievances in their memorandum to Malaysia Prime Minister of the anti-MAS unions and associations by current MAS Top Management. MAS current board of directors are using dirty tactic to cripple the movement of MAS unions and associations through its MAS Human Resource Division creating a constant industrial disharmony practice inside Malaysia Airlines conquering and dictating MAS workers of their working terms and conditions pulling them out of the coverage from its current collective and bilateral agreement.

The tactical of separating Malaysia Airlines from its units and subsidiaries is nothing new to MAS workers. The steps to restructure Malaysia Airlines since 1994 continues to this day and under YM Dato’ Tengku Azmil, he approved it during his town-hall session with MAS workers before the Collaboration Agreement with AirAsia took place.

YM Dato’ Tengku Azmil announced to MAS workers that his plans in restructuring Malaysia Airlines could generate a yearly revenue between RM300 millions to RM1 billion. YM Dato’ Tengku Azmil also had given his assurance to MAS workers those transferred to new subsidiaries will still maintain its status, perks and benefits similar to what MAS workers are currently provided. The plan by YM Dato’ Tengku Azmil received full fraternity support unanimously from MAS unions and associations (GUAMs).

MAS workers know Tony Fernandez has copied YM Dato’ Tengku Azmil’s powerful restructuring plans to sustain his airlines. The only difference between Tony Fernandez and Tengku Azmil is that YM Dato’ Tengku Azmil did not have anti-union and associations movement in his plans as he respects MAS workers whether young, younger and old or older. YM Dato’ Tengku Azmil gave his respect for MAS workers to be represented by their individual unions and associations to sustain industrial harmony practice in Malaysia airlines industry.

Strangely, the most essential and yet fundamental element that now disturbing MAS unions and associations is that why is this powerful restructuring planning reckoning by YM Dato Seri Tengku Azmil were not counted before the signing of the collaboration agreement between Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia?

GUAMs in their quest for the betterment of Malaysia Airlines urged Malaysia Prime Minister to study the ulterior motive behind the Collaboration Agreement between Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia; where IF it is to SAVE Malaysia Airlines really; why would Tengku Azmil and previous board of directors were dismissed urgently after he presented his powerful plans for sustaining Malaysia Airlines with the right directions and capacity to generate yearly profit of up to RM1 billion?

MAS unions added it does not make sense especially before the Collaboration Agreement, there were rumors spread among MAS workers that the changes of MAS board of directors and CEO was already amidst taking place. The drastic measures in changing the new board of directors and CEO for Malaysia Airlines indicated a realization of hidden agenda between AirAsia and a few of its hidden cronies inside Malaysia Airlines.

Malaysia Airlines present CEO and its deputy CEO together with MAS present board of directors are making decisions which GUAMs believe are one-sided and only in favor of AirAsia for improving AirAsia’s group earnings. The perception among MAS workers that AirAsia is managing Malaysia Airlines is a fact and the truth; no longer a speculation. This cannot be allowed to continue and the government shall take immediate measures to correct the wrongdoings in Malaysia Airlines.

GUAMs expressed their belief that it is Khazanah’s vulnerability and defective judgment which is the root cause to the existing internal disharmonies in Malaysia Airlines. Khazanah should have been very careful when dealing with Tony Fernandez and his friends (cronies). The Khazanah should have perused the history of both Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia where both were fierce competitors and rivals.

GUAMs condemned Khazanah for approving Tony Fernandez and his friends and staff (cronies) from AirAsia embarking Malaysia Airlines; which to GUAMs is not a wise decision because it will provide FREEDOM for AirAsia to intercept, intervene in the administration and management level jeopardizing the status of Malaysia Airlines. 

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies believe this may attract the eyes of the LORD OF ANTI-TRUST.

AS the above has already been implemented where now in Malaysia Airlines, Tony Fernandez has planted his most trusted friends/employees (cronies) leading the important and higher position in Malaysia Airlines and having the authority to exercise their best judgment in organizing in Malaysia Airlines for the best interest of AirAsia.

This has proven that Tony Fernandez is interfering in administrating and managing Malaysia Airlines. GUAMs believe this is not just a dirty game playing by Tony Fernandez but also to fool the eyes of the public and MAS workers. The actions by Tony Fernandez and his friends (cronies) will impair Malaysia Airlines’ performance until at a stage where it will be impossible to recover from this dirty game.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies saw that in short, the memorandum issued by GUAMs is a peremptory mandate to the Malaysia Prime Minister to end the conflict of interest stems out of the Collaboration Agreement between MAS and AirAsia which could have initiated a ground for anti-trust or other legal actions.

We’ll be back on another episode on this SAD, SAD story of Malaysia Airlines and Firefly, Part III.  Stay tune people, to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies.


15 thoughts on “MAS Unions & Associations produced memorandum against MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement to Malaysia Prime Minister – Part II

  1. PLEASE help Firefly (Jet operation) employees; expats and those above 60 years old tech crew just lost their job! They got bills to pay too. Spouse and kids are brought into Malaysia, enrolled for schooling, house rental deposit, transportation, etc. Most of the laid off ground staff got to hunt for new jobs. It’s about basic survival, not looking at fancy lifestyle side. Other staff will be seconded into MH, salary will follow ‘whichever lower’ side. No flights until further notice.

    What have we done to deserve all this bullshit? We are the REAL victims of our own success. PM of Malaysia and GUAMs, indirectly, we are begging for help.

    Huge loss for our Jet Operations are all rubbish claims. Looking at profits in less than a year from the aviation industry? Those shareholders must be nuts. What about start-up cost, are they taking it into consideration? I’m sure everyone knows Firefly fare is not cheap, and our load factor easily above 80%, staff salary is way below market (cheap labour).


    Just my 2cents, put yourself in our shoes and think about it! Feel what we are going through now. Thanks!

  2. Dear MF,

    I remember some times back, there was this minor skid by MASWing in either Kuching or Miri and The Star & NST put up huge column with colour photo of the ill faithed aircraft. But when come to AA major crash in Kuching (as per shown in your pic above), I have to search for the news item which was very small with a few words and hidden in some corner of the inside pages of both The Star & NST. What do you call this?

    This bastard TF & his gang of samseng including evil kutty need to be extinguished from this earth for a more peaceful MAS in particular & Bolihland in general.

    Let us all do it in the coming GE13. Remember to join Bersih 3.0 tomorrow at Dataran Merdeka.

  3. .”Putrajaya has decided to unravel the nine-month Malaysia Airlines-AirAsia alliance by next Wednesday as it has failed to show any promised improvement or lift the morale of the 20,000-strong staff in the flag carrier that lost RM2.52 billion in 2011, say sources, but a cooperation agreement is expected to kept in place.”………this may just be the ;light at the end of the tunnel’ if news from the Malaysian Insider is to be believed!!

    BRAVO to Y.B Wee Choo Keong, malaysiaairlinesfamilies and all who prevailed in their relentless pursuit on this MAS-AA saga!!

  4. It is very sad to note that even after being presented with the facts and proof by YB Wee, Bawang Adik still fools around, just playing for time, and not answering the real question, not wanting to investigate and not even giving a positive answer.

    Doesn’t he have a conscience?
    Doesn’t he know he has a god that he has to answer to?
    Doesn’t he know, he and his puppet masters are being cursed by thousands of people affected by their dishonest and corrupt action?

    We have to make sure that during the next GE13, we must go in force and campaign against this Bawang Adik in his constituency.

    Tooni and gang thinks they can take over mas engineering and get AA aircraft serviced at a big discount. This discount will affect the dept profit and then the engineers and mechanics pay and bonuses!!! These workers are already talking about boycotting AA aircraft. Who knows what else will they do, maybe even “sabo” the airplane or the work to be done!!! The engineers are licence holders, when their pay is affected, they can go anywhere and work.

    Read the following reports in the asian sentinel, what Kutty has done to the country:

    the next report from para.10 is again about Kutty:

    A country built on corruption, illegal and unfair practices, and lies is not a country but a criminal state…..
    soon the report on Dooolah and Jib-Gor will be out. We think the one on Jib-Gor will be a very explosive report…….

  5. Dear MH-J,

    Don’t be to happy. It is still too early to praise Putra Jaya’s sincerity until the collaboration is officially cancelled and the contents of any form of co-operation are made known to the public or at least to all the staff of MAS. Moreover, to prove PutraJaya’s sincerity, all those people currently in MAS and are known to be associated with TF & his gang of samseng must first be removed from MAS and MAS board of directors. Until all these are done, no one should trust any form of decision from Putra Jaya bearing in mind the PM is a flip flop character!

    • Dear John Lang,

      We have captured almost 300,000 readers monthly where 80% is readers from Malaysia. The remaining 20% is readers from around the country mostly Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Japan and United States.

      We are confident Prime Minister of Malaysia will work out something fairly for MAS workers.

      Even we spotted links from MOHR surfing our site. Cheers!

  6. The “scare” newspaper reporter bee kay sad-huss keeps reporting negatively on MAS.
    Why didnt they report on the conflict of interest in management going on now?
    why didnt they report on mas uplift of AA pax at a loss to MAS?
    why didnt they report on attempt to take over mas engineering to service AA aircraft at a big discount and at a loss to MAS?
    Maybe the boss is close to Tooni ah???
    Maybe we should all boycott this newspaper. If 100,000 people rejects that paper every day, then that might open their eyes to a more fair and balanced reporting……

  7. Dear J DOA,

    All the editors in the mass media are seedless and only know how to “bodek” the power that be. I agree with you that the newspapers concerend should be revealed for all & sundry to know their true colour then only will the boycott be effective. Let it start with MAS (inflight reading) and followed by all MAS staff & relatives and friends. Please see my comment dated 27 April as stated above.

    Let us all do our part in the coming GE13 no matter what decision is made by PutraJaya.

    Hidup Malaysiaairlinesfamilies & all supporters of MAS.

  8. To Kunang-kunang and Firefly staff,

    If not too much asking, can you please state the number of staff that currently unemployed. Please email ATTN MASEU Secretary General and Excos of your details so we could help out.


    MASEU Excos – Pauline Lim

  9. Hi Pauline,

    Exact figure is unknown, but from what i’ve gathered so far:

    -All tech crew above the age of 60, (offered compensation and choice of secondment to Lion Air)
    -All expatriate (offered compensation and choice of secondment to Lion Air)
    -Ground staff from all FY Jets stations (compensation only)
    -Flight Operations Officers (compensation only)
    -Expatriate flight engineers

    Tech Crew and Cabin Crew are all left idle at home, with no roster. Salary figures (promised to unveiled by end of April) still not briefed to us, upon secondment to MAS.

    Thanks again for your help and the attention.


    “bills to pay, family to take care, rental to cover, food for basic survival” with cabin crew gross salary of rm1000? think about it…

  10. All 8 union is against the callobaration except 1 union which is maffa/nufam. Instead this ass kisser become spy and call tony boss

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