MAS Union & Associations produced memorandum against MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement to Malaysia Prime Minister – Part I

Efficacy of the union and associations producing the memorandum against MAS and AirAsia Collaboration Agreement to the Malaysia Prime Minister – will it work and what’s in it?

An interesting read of this article is the inner truth but very sad story about Malaysia Airlines where it is now slowly being wiping out by Air Asia’s bastards a.k.a. Tony Fernandez, Kamarudin Meranun and Danny Rashdan (The Itchy Man).

Whilst investigating for more stories on MAS, we’ve found no evidence on MASEU’s President Alias Aziz linking him to Airlines Interior Cabin Cleaning Services for Malaysia Airlines. The Airlines Interior Cabin Cleaning at KLIA belongs to Malaysia Airlines.

Finally, after almost two months, we’ve got the copy of the memorandum that GUAMs (MAS 8 union and associations) had submitted to Malaysia Prime Minister. Herein that memorandum, we feel it is MAS & AirAsia Collaboration that kick-starts the depression among MAS workers.

On 14th February 2012, GUAMs met Prime Minister YAB Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak refreshing the history of Malaysia Airlines and their objectives in submitting the memorandum to the Malaysia Prime Minister underlining MAS workers restless longing for betterment (sustainable development) and the increased of depression among MAS workers befell from the ‘NO BLUE PRINT” yet the equivocal and an ambiguous business directions of Collaboration Agreement ties with Air Asia’s bastards – Tony Fernandez and his gangsters.

GUAMs calls for BLUE PRINT from MAS CEO/MD – Ahmad Jauhari but until today as we’ve heard, AJ has neither BLUE PRINT nor response for GUAMs.

The history of Malaysia Airlines 

MAS was established on 1st April 1972 as a National Airlines after the separation from Malaysia Singapore Airways (MSA). Malaysia Airlines first inaugural airlines operation was on 1st October 1972 commenced with thousands of offices located at UMBC, Jalan Sulaiman, Kuala Lumpur.

The formation of Malaysia Airlines is for the following missions:-

  • To be the ambassadors epitomizing Malaysia worldwide holding Malaysia’s FLAG symbolizing its independence where it became our Malaysians’ PRIDE leading the future for Malaysia.
  • To engineer the economy, the development and the growth for the whole country of Malaysia.
  • To promote social and national integration mainly to bridge the gap between Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah and Sarawak.
  • To generate employment opportunities for Malaysians (Rakyat Malaysia) and develop skilled workers/professional occupations within the airlines industry in Malaysia.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies love jogging the memory of our leaders in this country the vision and values governing by all Commonwealth countries…………….

Commonwealth Visions and values

We believe in giving a voice to the voiceless, bringing people together and promoting cultural expression and exchange. Commitment to diversity, development, democracy, good governance and human rights, all core Commonwealth values, help guide our work.

These values are rooted in declarations agreed by all Commonwealth member states. Major declarations include the 1971 Singapore Principles, 1991 Harare Declaration and, today, the 2009 Trinidad and Tobago Affirmation.

Our vision is of a Commonwealth where civil society organisations can realise their potential and engage with governments and the private sector in the shared enterprise of nation-building and international co-operation.

Commonwealth Mission statement

Our organisational mission, derived from our Strategic Framework, is to “strengthen civil society organisations across the Commonwealth as they promote democracy, advance sustainable development and foster inter-cultural understanding.”

The memorandum stated to Malaysia Prime Minister on 14th February 2012 highlighted MAS Chairman Yang Berbahagia Tan Sri Mohd Noor Bin Yusof on 14th September 2011 announced to the union that his appointment as MAS new Chairman is to SAVE Malaysia Airlines for the second time with the following arrangement:-

  • To establish a collaboration between Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia.
  • To SAVE all workers of Malaysia Airlines.
  • To appoint new directors that can work harmoniously with the union and associations.
  • To establish a committee for Collective Agreement Bargaining headed by Vice President of Human Capital Division and the head of Industrial Relations.

The union was informed by MAS Chairman that Tan Sri Tony Fucker and Dato’ Kamarudin Pirate will be appointed as the new board of directors for Malaysia Airlines together with one of the board of directors for Air Asia i.e. Rashdan Bin Yusof whose position is Alternate Director for AirAsia will also be appointed as the Alternate Director for one of new MAS board of directors.

GUAMs as the responsible union and associations governing MAS workers’ job security and welfare had responded to MAS new Chairman their fraternity extended to the new board of directors only comes with a condition that the collaboration is not a deceptive or the manipulating crafts by AirAsia to destroy Malaysia Airlines.

On 19th September 2011, Ahmad Jauhari bin Yahya was officially appointed as MAS CEO/MD and on 30th September 2011, he held his first meeting with GUAMs announcing the new Organization Chart for Malaysia Airlines.  There was no BLUE PRINT presented to GUAMs in the new Business Plan by MAS new CEO/MD.  However, on two occasions that were 7th December 2011 followed by 16th December 2011; MAS new CEO/MD (Ahmad Jauhari) finally elaborated the new Business Plan for Malaysia Airlines that were as follows:-

(1)  Malaysia Airlines will be divided into two units that is:

  • Short-haul Operations (NewCo)
  • Long-haul Operations

(2)  Malaysia Airlines will be re-structured and split into different units such as:-

  • MAS Aerospace Engineering (MAE)
  • MASKargo
  • MAS Pilot Training/Academy
  • MAS Ground Services
  • MAS Holidays
  • MASWings

(3)  Profit Center (?????)

Ahmad Jauhari also had informed MAS workers that they must resign as Malaysia Airlines’ employees prior to joining the new company/unit. The condition for them to join the NewCo will be as per normal recruitment process that is to apply for new job with NewCo that Malaysia Airlines is yet to register. GUAMs believe by buttering up MAS workers to resign voluntarily, Malaysia Airlines under AirAsia’s governance will not be absorbing ex-MAS workers who had resigned on their own accord.

Per se, GUAMs believe this is a dirty tactic from Tony Fucker in downsizing and terminating the current workforce in Malaysia Airlines as well as the memberships in union and associations through self-resignation.

GUAMs had protested and disagreed with the conditions presented by Ahmad Jauhari to Malaysia Prime Minister and exposed the dirty scheme is the TRADEMARK by Tony Fernandez.

The Malaysia Airlines new Business Plan does not show the deals to save MAS workers and not as per declaration by MAS New Chairman, Tan Sri Mohd Noor on 14th September 2011 to GUAMs that it was to SAVE MALAYSIA AIRLINES. Hence, GUAMs demanded for the BLUE PRINT but did not get response at all from MAS new CEO/MD – Ahmad Jauhari.

The union and associations alerted the Malaysia Prime Minister that Ahmad Jauhari used his persuasion calling MAS workers to resign from Malaysia Airlines and to re-join the NEW company has proven the direction of the collaboration agreement is to terminate MAS workers and is not in compliance with the Malaysia Employment Act, the Malaysia Federal Constitution and the universal Human Rights’ practice.

Thence, the collaboration between MAS and AirAsia under the governance of Tony Fernandez and AirAsia’s board of directors who now also seated comfortably as MAS board of directors had issued a directive to MAS workers based in Subang to clear from occupying the building by the end of this April 2012.

There are approximately 2,500 MAS workers who are the permanent resident residing in the vicinity of Subang Airport have been forced to change their workplace and residence within the shortest period. 

The workers have filed their grievances to MASEU of their difficulty to find new place in KLIA stating the current standard of living is hiking and costly. And the cost of transporting to and fro KLIA (between 140km to 180km) would incur them at least RM1000 per month. Such decisions made by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters were cruel and without considering the Human Resource factors where many of the administrative staff are earning a gross salary of as low as RM1000 per month.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies believe this is another evidence of Tony Fernandez’s dirty tactic in his attempt to force MAS workers to resign on their own accord. This is Tony’s dictatorship that he probably has learned from Evil Kutty.

What could be the reason for Tony Fernandez scheming in this way? And why must MAS workers transfer to KLIA? Continue finding out this truth…….

GUAMs reported MAS always had their administration based at the current location since 1972 as planned by its predecessors for more than 4 decades. The explanation from the new MAS Top Management i.e. Ahmad Jauhari of the reason for transferring Subang-based MAS workers to KLIA is absolutely unacceptable by MAS workers. The reason was deemed compulsive and was like a scurry to get out of MAS building near Subang Airport.

The truth is MAS new management demanded MAS workers to shift away from Subang because Tony Fernandez wanted the land where MAS Complex B is located. The land is facing the runway of Subang Airport and when a land is situated near an existing airport, it becomes priceless.

GUAMs reported that the statement from Tony Fernandez in the media concluded his intention and dream to own his own new Premium airlines operating with TURBO-PROP engine.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies believe that Tony Fernandez wanted the land for building another new terminal in Subang for his own new and undeveloped premium airlines that he would co-own later quietly with Alan Joyce of Qantas Airlines.

There is reason for Tony Fernandez to have his own new Premium Airlines operating TURBO-PROP where it is to compete in continuity with Firefly until Firefly is exhausted and out of the competition.

As long as Firefly is still in operation at Subang Airport, Tony Fernandez will not be satisfied and will continue finding NEMO if he needed to, finding new ways to KILL firefly.

The report by GUAMs submitted to Malaysia Prime Minister also highlighted the collaboration was to cease Firefly Jet operation at KLIA and later at KLCCT2. Tony Fernandez has used his power governing as board of directors for Malaysia Airlines to KILL Firefly step by step with his excuse condemning Firefly is a trouble subsidiary for Malaysia Airlines that losing millions of ringgit.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies believe, if given the opportunity to compete healthily and independently without the collaboration with AirAsia and without the interference from the governance of Pirates from AirAsia, it is believe Firefly via Jet operations can prove a substantiated profit making for Malaysia Airlines.

Immediately after the Firefly ceased its Jet operation, AirAsia took the opportunity to increase its flight frequencies for those destinations that Firefly and Malaysia Airlines had both ceased after the collaboration with AirAsia has taken off.

AirAsia has started to realize how dangerous it is to allow FireFly operated its Jet services via KLIA which can cripple AirAsia’s segmented markets. Tony Fernandez not only took the opportunity to KILL Firefly but also has already seized 22 domestic routes from Malaysia Airlines that he failed seizing it from Malaysia Airlines in 2006 due to the union protested against the passing of 22 MAS domestic routes to AirAsia fearing a loss of 8,000 jobs for MAS workers.

In this broad-daylight MAS heist, Tony Fernandez has caused at least a considerable loss of 8,000 jobs among MAS workers which GUAMs is presently and continuously protesting against the steps in laying off jobs for Malaysia Airlines at this critical stage.

The crisis of Malaysia’s economy and political instability may burden those who could’ve lost their jobs under the governance of Tony Fernandez and his gangsters a.k.a. as we believe is The infamous Pirates from AirAsia that now is to stealing Malaysia Airlines’ profitable subsidiaries and even land and property of Malaysia Airlines for outsiders.

We’ll be taking a break and please stay tune to our next sequential MAS true, sad story Part II.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies is not responsible for the content of the messages from our commentators 🙂


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  3. Hi Andriod, you must be very angry with all these bastards cum thieves by the way you have commented. All these bastards and thieves are having it too good and will not leave Bolihland because they have the evil kutty backing them. These bastards including the evil kutty need to be extinguished from this earth for a more peaceful Bolihland. For this to happen, all citizens of Bolihland will have to pray hard to Almighty. Hehehe.

  4. teruskan——– aku frequent flyer KWT-( emirates/qatar/eitihad/langkan/gulf/omanair)- KUL-KTE- since this swap- .firefly service no longer berdayasaing- even aku mampu nk bayar lebih tp sakit hati pasal swap deal ni mmbuatkan aku smakin benci dng AIRasia- BENAR2 menekan rakyat malaysia yg semakin tertekan- – be strong guys! proud of you’ll , presiden MASEU tu mcm presiden union ex company aku dulu- ke mana VP pergi ada lah dia…

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