Love letter from MAS loyal passenger to SPRM copied to Ahmad Jauhari

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies have received information there was a love letter written by MAS genuine regular (Enrich) passenger to the SPRM (anti-corruption government agency) indicting the circumstantial evidence of innuendos that have been committed in Malaysia Airlines following the setting of precedence by Danny ITCHY Dan who had double upgraded his maid and baby as illegally (based on MAS rules and regulations) from economy class to first class which we’ve written here in our previous post.

Danny ITCHY Dan acting as Deputy CEO for Malaysia Airlines had illegally upgraded his maid and baby that by policy of Malaysia Airlines; carriage of baby is banned in First Class for comfort and safety related of MAS first class passengers.

In this scenario, we believe Danny had abused his authority and illegally upgraded his maid and baby from Economy Class into First Class which had BREACHED the company’s policy as stated in the following clause :

Clause 13 – Para 13.10 – Breach of any laws, rules, regulations, orders of the Corporate Code of Ethics and Corporate Policies applicable to Malaysia Airlines

The carriage of infant is already banned in First Class since those days when Tengku Azmil was still the CEO for Malaysia Airlines and double upgrading from economy class to first class is prohibited since 2002 by Malaysia Airlines as stated in the following MAS regulated policy:

GEN-002-R01 dated 3 Sept 2002 (Thanks to our reader, Janed):

“On no account shall EY passenger be DOUBLE upgraded into FRCL”

However, strangely, there is neither disciplinary nor internal inquiry taken against Danny Rashdan for breaching Malaysia Airlines’ oldest policies in town that Danny had violated since January 2012. This also means MAS current top management is condoning the demeanor action practiced by its own deputy group CEO!!

D A N N Y   R A S H  (ITCHY) D A N     R E A L L Y     B O L E H !!!

Generally, in any industrial practice, if the top management is condoning any demeanor acts of its own workers within the same level, there sets already the precedence in freeing all of its workers in the whole of the organization from all other demeaning acts.  In reality, the whole organization is without doubt fully destroyed and all workers will follow suit of the new precedent act set by one of its own bosses.

Guess what we about to expose in this episode?

Here is the love letter we have captured from one of MAS regular Enrich travelers which already copied to Ahmad Jauhari, MAS Group CEO;

To : :

Sir, I as a Malaysia Citizen has witnessed the irregularity practice and wrong doings committed by MAS employees on MH0002/13 March 2012.  I was traveling as a business class passenger from Kuala Lumpur to London and witnessed details of corruption practice, wrongful acts and abuse of authority by Inflight Supervisors as follow;

(1)  Illegal Upgrading from economy passengers to business class/first class – act of misconducts carried out by Inflight Supervisor En. Azhar for upgrading economy passengers to Row 20A and 20C of business class and a few other passengers to upper deck business class too.

(2)  Abuse of Authority by Inflight Supervisor Shahrudin who used his power and MAS resources to sit in First Class cabin throughout the journey on MH0002.

(3)  Why must there be two Inflight Supervisor in one aircraft to London. This is abuse of authority and our taxpayers’ fund.

MAS is rightfully owned by our Malaysian taxpayers. Such misconduct by MAS staff on MH0002/13 March 2012 were carried out by the head of Cabin Crew have caused a huge losses for the Government and MAS itself as a whole entity.

SPRM shall investigate urgently and I believe there are a few of MAS Executives who also are condoning to such incident inside MAS.

MAS and our country have already lost billions of ringgit resulted by the acts of these irresponsible parties e.g. En. Azhar and Shahrudin.

Salam Perihatian, KP

(We obliged to keep this in anonymous status respecting the privacy of this courageous owner who bravely took the initiate to cease corruption practice within Malaysia Airlines)

To the owner of the love letter, Malaysiaairlinesfamilies thanking you from the bottom of our heart for your courageous and bravery in upholding the justice for Malaysia Airlines.

The copy of the above love letter was also copied to MACC at Putrajaya.  So do us proud, Mr. Prime Minister..will ye and asap please!

We shall wait and see if Ahmad Jauhari will act accordingly to balance the stringent rules and regulations of MAS before it is all being destroyed by Danny Rashdan.

The first thing AJ shall impose is to commence an internal inquiry on Danny on his abusive behavior as deputy Group CEO in his illegal upgrading of his maid and baby surpassed Business Class into First Class and onwards, AJ shall also command the investigation into these two corrupted cabin crew vizly Azhar and Shahrudin for committing the crime by illegally upgrading the passengers from economy to business class and first class quietly.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies will follow closely on this development and will keep our readers posted of the latest development…stay tune to us with more unexposed true story….next story will be on MASEU’s President Alias Aziz whether he owns the Aircraft Cleaning Company! He better not be because we will expose the internal corruption practice by any irresponsible parties.

21 thoughts on “Love letter from MAS loyal passenger to SPRM copied to Ahmad Jauhari

  1. Azhar and Shahrudin should be sacked. No pardon for corruption practice. The whistleblower took the case…shame on Danny setting precedence.

  2. Dear YB,
    I think the 1 who report is not biz class passenger. From the story i heard..this ‘reporter’ is also a Cabin Crew,Flight Steward Mohd Dromzy..He also asking to be upgraded but been denied by the Ifs due to some reasons..therefore..because of ‘sakit hati’ & ‘malu’ punya pasal..he make noise bout that upgraded Ifs..For Admin Info..that Ifs Shahrudin been upgraded due to special & official request by YM Tg Mahkota Pahang.
    However..its not MAS policy to simply upgrade pax from Economy Zone to Biz/FC Zone for any reasons.

    • Dear Broken Winglet,

      FYI, we are not in collaboration with YB or anyone else in Malaysia Airlines. We are an independent journalists who blog against corruption and abnormality in overall. As much as we have sympathy for our National Carrier, we’ll do our best probing into this case.

      Our follow-up investigation reveals a cabin crew was forced to put in his report against the abnormality. Who is he we haven’t got the clue yet but will be revealing more juicy news very soon involving the management of Cabin Crew department in their ways of handling this situations.

      However, we thank you for your information on the upgrading of IFS Shahrudin by YM Tg Mahkota of Pahang. Cheers and stay tune to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies.

      • There are some peculiarities involving royalties and MAS crew Department,
        Heard it involve a few datuks in the flight operations side as well. These datuks
        prob you can guess from whom they received their titles from. Hence , you can add one
        plus one. The directives come from them. This has been going on for quite some time.
        All one needs is to get closelyaffilliated with these royalties and their ADCs and presto!! A done deal!.Thus, the Royal Cabin Crew is born. Their duties , to grant extra favors on board with upgradings the extras. Both the IFS are not wrong, the system has been coerced by the certain few for their personal benefits.


  3. Currently the staff morale is very low and action should be taken to improve the situation quickly. The new management has FAILED in the fundamental duty of any corporate initiative, which is to galvanize support and get the buy-in from the workforce. They have FAILED to realize that it takes a large workforce to successful run an airline business and therefore cannot be high handed in the approach to turnaround the company especially since MAS has a workforce of 20,000. It also contravenes the 1Malaysia aspiration of people first, performance now.

    As the sentiment for the share swap and the CCF is negative, no amount of plans and implementation rolled out from Management from this point onwards will bring positive results as the productivity and loyalty to the programme is already flawed and damaged.

    • Dear MAS Bugger,

      We agree absolutely with your views. The overstaff issue in Malaysia Airlines has recently highlighted by another reporter from Sun Daily News quoting the strength of MAS workers were supposed to be reduced from 20,000 to 17,000 during I.J.’s time but regains its strength to 20,000 after Tg. Azmil succeeded I.J.

      From our point of view, there seems very complicated to run Malaysia Airlines if a CEO/MD is not standing firm on his footing by allowing political interference that might contribute to a fact the oversize staff in MAS was indeed a political issue.

      For example, many have said the Royal family of Pahang have demanded certain people or MAS staff become the eligible representatives for Pahang royalty family at the expense of Malaysia Airlines.

      This is one of the worst political interference of all times and it certainly damages the programme affecting the productivity of the workers.

      Can something be undone to all this without the political interference?

      Now, the rakyat(s) have known of this, we shall see if the royalty still have the face to do something dirty like this when boarding Malaysia Airlines again.

      MAS has its own policies and planning but it has always been interrupted by either the Pahang royalty or Mr. Evil Kutty, the greatest con man in Malaysia.


      • From ALL THE ABOVE problem..its all starts when Idris Jala took over..
        1) He offer MSS to MAS Staff..but then re-employed them back by yearly contract
        2) Sell MAS Assets..then rent it back..
        3) Introduce Whistle-Blower Program..its only create chaos and more backstabber among staff..
        4) Start KPi..create more self-fishness among staff and kaki kipas..
        ..For MAS Staff..Idris Jala is a disaster. If he really good..y don’t he audit our Catering, Baggage Handler, Cleaning Services and Suppliers that make tons of money from MAS.
        And..until now..i still don’t know what happen to MAS Advisor, Tun Abdullah..(Is he still sleeping)..coz he didn’t make any comment or give a better idea how to save MAS..!!

      • Actually Pahang Royalties NEVER demand any MAS Staff/Crew to become their reps..They don’t give a damned who served them or not..just these staff sendiri appointed themselves for their own personal interest.

  4. This Azhar guy always operate the flight when sultan Pahang fly to London vv ..ayo this practice of having 2 Ifs always happen when Sultan Pahang is on board..if Sultan Pahang is comming back he will position himself to London then sleep at the business class maybe until arrival..then operate the flight back with sultan Pahang aboard..then he will upgrade the whole lot of the sultan men to business class or first class..who want to say anything..anyway the VR he will no abnormalities then the company do not know..but the MAS crew almost all wide body rated know about this mal practice..the sultan will then hand over a stash of English pounds to which had rightfully been paid to mas..he is worse than Danny Itchy least DAnny upgrade his family member..this guy just upgrade any Tom dick and Harry..after all all he knows he will be rewarded with a handsome amount of English pounds..

    Once an IFS had been strict about the upgrade thing..then sultan Pahang resorted to fly with Singapore Airlines..but not for long..this happen during Idris Jala time..

    To broken winglet :

    How sure are you the flight steward Mohd Dromzi made the report..a lot of MAS crew hate this Azhar guy..just ask any Malaysia Airlines wide body crew..they will tell you about this saga..just asking for an upgrade and been rejected does not mean he wrote the report..anyway the flight steward did ask for an upgrade he should at first give it to him at least he is one of the staff..but he has no monetary gain for this u have been rejected..

    • Bro mamat..
      Its not Azhar..its Azharuddin that u talking about..he’s the one that alway fly up & down to LHR whenever Sultan Pahang onboard. Tuanku never requested him to be onboard..just because Azharuddin closed with 1 of the Bodyguard & Sultan’s want to travel..this ADC will call MAS to request for Azharuddin…reasons : u already mentioned it 🙂

    • Its Shahrudin, bro..if Azarudin even worse..only follow YM Sutan Pahang only..caras other IFS flight also no long as can follow Tuanku to LHR..big ££££ tips waiting for him maaa..Think he is Royal IFS..and said Tuanku only want him to be on board to served..and sadly our Management blindly closed 1 eye bout this thing..

  5. I think this is what wil happen in the next PRU if :

    BN win = MAS bungkus

    Parti Pembangkang win = Tony fucker will start a new business (jual babi kat indon)

  6. Dear readers,

    As much as we like to approve all of your comments, we would take measures to approve comments relating to the above post from now on. Pardon us for doing this as we trust a few comments should be sufficient. We believe too much of speculations will drain the content of our post. We wanted our site to be readers friendly and not too much of political statements from among MAS Cabin Crew as commentators. Our apologies and regret of our measures imposed against SPECULATIONS and untrue incidents. We hope MAS cabin crew would understand our stand behind you protecting you.

    Our intention is to unite MAS cabin crew the world best cabin crew and the best hospitality MAS Cabin Crew have extended to us when we’re flying with you. You guys have no ideas who we are and how much we adore MAS Cabin Crew and MAS workers who have worked so hard to help MAS. We rely on you for our safety and comfort when flying with Malaysia Airlines. Keep up the excellent work and we are with you at all times.

    We also intent to unite MAS graded staff with the UNIONS and ASSOCIATIONS such as MASEU, ATWUS, AWUS, MESA, MAPA, MUSMAR etc and brings MAS into normality state and away from unwelcome saboteurs and spies from the other side.

    Stay tune to malaysiaairlinesfamilies for more exposed true MAS story.

  7. Thank you for limiting the comments.

    It would be a shame if indeed MAS crew were going to post more personal matters relating to their own brethern.

    MAS crew have always been known for their warmth, kindness and good nature.Just look around in the many aviation forums, eg and you will see favourable mentions of the MAS crew.I hope they continue to keep it that way and improve so that their standard of service is the gold standard or yardstick in measuring excellent service.

  8. Dear”s bloggers it dosen’t matter who is the culprit wheatr the stupid AMOK N THE CRONY DANNY DAN THE BOY or the IFS on duty for that particular flight , action have to be taken againt them

    if current mas top management have the BALLS to follow the standard procedure set by previous management , mas will not be where they are now , they shud be at the top competing wiz top airline in asia

    Dear’s all malaysian airline staffs YOU SHUD POINT THE GUN AT THE CURRENT PROBLEM

    the whole problem will stop once the top managers LEARN HOW TO BEHAVE LIKE NORMAL HUMAN BEING

    YB may allah give you courage to fight


  9. I am often to blogging and i really appreciate your content. The article has really peaks my interest. I am going to bookmark Love letter from MAS loyal passenger to SPRM copied to Ahmad Jauhari malaysiaairlinesfamilies and keep checking for new information.

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