How Tony Fernandez gets to kill MAS using MAFAA/NUFAM? Part IV

Hey people! We’re back now for far more interesting episode.  This is a long story and we are enjoying blogging it for the world and we’re gonna expose the strategy uses by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters in breaking up MAS workers and turning them into enemy against each other.  The idea is to contain the spreading of unionism and to control MAS workers similarly to AirAsia’s way in controlling their workers.

So AirAsia’s CEO is organizing against MAS workers.  Whatta bully Tony Fernandez is!

Let’s touch a little bit on the past history of MAFAA of the strategy they’ve used to disunite MAS Cabin Crew that now is recognized by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters.  Partially, we believe it’s also MASEU, MESA and MAPA’s fault for providing them space and opportunity nesting inside Malaysia Airlines for many dinosaur years.  True?  Especially MAPA former President, he shouldn’t have to break up MASEU using MAFAA.  What he did has left Tony Fernandez an available very USEFUL tool to use it back against MAS workers and now is directing back at MAPA and also MESA.

Careful people and you have been forewarned!! Don’t get involved in too much of politics because it will destroy your establishment!

The strategy adopted by MAFAA when disuniting MAS Cabin Crew includes the segregation of a few very strong group among MAS Cabin Crew. MAFAA uses buddy system and whispering campaign added with a bit of religion finesse to break free those stronger group that they fear most.

MAFAA is also the flying MAS Cabin Crew and when away from home base, they would invite a smaller group mainly those who are weak and prone to listening to rumors only for gathering some interesting activities inside their room during layover and their target is to poison every Cabin Crew with rumors exaggerating worse current working conditions in Malaysia Airlines and the double standard policy adopted by Malaysia Airlines. What these weak and fragile minded Cabin Crew did not know is that this is a strategy to brainwash and blocking them away from finding the truth.

So rumors have become the number one business for MAS Cabin Crew and the network avenue for channeling news is from word to word. Hey, that’s not very wise and rational. However, we believe majority of MAS Cabin Crew are well educated (some are even double degrees holder and higher too, so we’ve heard well) and certainly well-informed of most current politics in Malaysia Airlines if they are to converse intelligently-well and mix with the right people who speak based on facts and figures.

Let’s see if MAS workers mainly the Pilot and Cabin Crew can recognize this picture?

How about this picture? And what do they tell you? Buddy, close friends or close collaboration partners?  

Then they bore you a new union – NUFAM.  How fascinating this strategy is?  

NUFAM is part of MAS/AirAsia COLLABORATION AGREEMENT strategic plans

It’s a collaborating strategy to reduce perks, terms and conditions for the current MAS Cabin Crew where in the future NUFAM will also be representing AirAsia and Firefly workers.  

Imagines that FSC and LCC workers parked under one roof, what would be the outcome? Please do your maths adding some rationale facts and do NOT forget to count in the contract workers new clause that will be in your new terms and conditions that has already been approved by MOHR and his deputy, Dato’ Maznah and in fact, MOHR is very supportive of outsourcing or placing Malaysians on contract term basis.  It has been enacted in the new employment act for you, Malaysian workers.

Think harder and think carefully MAS workers.  This is the sign of pulling away your current benefits and governing terms and conditions.  Be disunited forever will draw you the new terms and conditions that will come with contract basis or be united forever rejecting the contract terms for MAS workers.

Because Ismail the cockroach will report back to Tony Fernandez….

Interesting fact, isn’t it? Coming back to MAFAA’s history, we were informed of MAFAA past merging with Unit Hidayah had split after a few years of merging as there was an embezzlement of fund allocated by the government for Unit Hidayah’s activity. We’ve also heard Ismail NATO is a very dishonest person possesses almost the same chauvinist characteristic similar to Tony Fernandez and Ismail had overcharged MAFAA the monthly rental that he rented from VICTUAL OFFICE ASSISTANT in Jalan Sultan Ismail. Unfortunately, all these abnormality were never been reported.  Probably, all wanted to stay away from trouble or perhaps they people involved were threatened?

What would happen to MAS Pilot after MAS Cabin Crew are given the contract basis? The synchronizing plan will see MAS Pilot be given options to be recycled into the newly registered company gradually and indefinitely while promotion will be stagnant in Malaysia Airlines. By then, all senior MAS workers would have left Malaysia Airlines and so this is a strategic planning to make MAS permanent workers leave Malaysia Airlines on their own accord without compensation and what not.

It’s a scary plannings!! Now let’s pray for the reverse of share swap and without any collaboration with Air Asia.  And Mr. Prime Minister, you have no choice but to cease MAS & AirAsia Collaboration Agreement before your next election.

Stay tune to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for more insights. Our next episode will cover the future working conditions for MAS Engineers and Technicians if MAS & AirAsia Collaboration Agreement continues…….and to NUFAM traitors – Now Everyone is Watching Your HOT Asses!

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies is not responsible for the contents of all comments posted by our commentators. 🙂

8 thoughts on “How Tony Fernandez gets to kill MAS using MAFAA/NUFAM? Part IV

  1. Sending love from Sweden! This is very interesting article. If permissible, please do study case on this topic exploiting the asian’s cultural. Real life experience is invaluable for many who have spent times searching for this topic. Great work, MF! Will be back for more.

  2. In the art of war, to be effective, you will have to be cruel. If TF wants to play cruel then be more cruel to him. Hit him hard where he pains most!

  3. Hi there,

    Interesting read. Would like to know by way of comparison, does Singapre Airlines and Aseana have many unions like MAS as well?How come they are trumping MAS whenwe were the leaders initially.

    Just wondering, because MAS has lost its best cabin crew award by skytrax since 2006 and Id like to see our national carrier regain its glory back. Im tired of seeing what they won in the past and nothing much has moved on from there.

    Just thoughts from a fan and avid follower of the local aviation industry.

    • Dear Starrymisty,

      We thank you from the bottom of our heart for following us.

      Your query has our interest at heart. We’ll be posting your query to our next post for our evaluation. Please stay tune to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies. Cheers!

  4. Dear MF, just wanna add info for u, TF is backpacking to his private island in BALI to operates his AA headquarter from Indon. To MAS crew, to be cruel back to TF and his spies send more spies inside NUFAM..heheehhee…and watch!

  5. FO Ismail…lipas tak ada otak! Get out soon…..for good b4 semua crew hamtam balik. Sri Ganesh licks Ismail’s balls….Get out soon…too…….!

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