How Tony Fernandez (AirAsia’s CEO) uses MAFAA/NUFAM to KILL MAS workers slowly? Part III

In this Part III, our investigations have drawn us closer to the spies that Tony Fernandez had secretly met earlier even before the secret share swap deal between MAS and AirAsia. This message was sent to us yesterday posted by MAFAA President, Ismail Nasarudin also the co-founder of NUFAM.

We now say to Ismail Nasarudin, tried scaring us with police report ain’t gonna worries us at all.  We advise you to pool all your worries into your future with Malaysia Airlines.  When the judgment day comes, you wouldn’t know if you would still have a job with Malaysia Airlines and so is your group who are near armageddon.  You must know starting a war with international bloggers like us means having a formidable enemy; “your whole life”.

Let’s us reveal your past history which you co-founded MAFAA – Malaysia Airlines Flight Attendant Association.  Your record shows it was in year 1998 following a lengthy discussion on how to take over MASEU after you were defeated in one of the elections.  The lengthy discussion between you and Captain Dato’ Mohd Johan (now supposedly in B747 Fleet) at the time when he was the President of MAPA – Malaysia Airlines Pilot Association; was held in his MAPA’s office resulted in you given birth to MAFAA.  MAFAA was selected for its closeness in pronunciation to that similar to MAPA.

Are we close?  Yeah..we bet you’re panting!!  Take a deep breathe and continue reading our interesting revelations.

Our commentators have revealed MAFAA was formed out of personality clashed with many union representatives. The idea by MAFAA was to earn a living by representing MAS Cabin Crew. Hence, the selection of MAFAA councils were of a group of cronies and nepotism so it seems.  Our investigation reveals Ismail Nasarudin self elected as General Secretary of MAFAA for several terms possibly for 8 years until a few years later, after many condemnations from their own members, Ismail then switched and upgraded his position to President of MAFAA.

What on earth possessed its members elected him as President of MAFAA?  Well, we believe it’s his ambition to be a union’s President since his last defeat in 1998.  He has gone on preaching false representation of MAFAA that violated their own constitutions and rules.  His strategy used included tackling the weaker potential member.  In 2007, the total number of MAFAA was only 127 (thanks to our readers for this information), however, Ismail continues to declare falsely of having 2000 (two thousands) memberships.  In 2009, MAFAA was asked to release its memberships’ list but were found to have triplicated its members’ account to 2000 members.  We have been informed although some of its members did not pay the arrears for years, they were still listed as MAFAA current members.

Isn’t that a con-job?  So clearly MAFAA is a con-job by some MAS Cabin Crew?  Whatta surprising finding!!

We believe a few months before Tony Fernandez and his gangsters start invading Malaysia Airlines via the secret share swap, there were secret rendezvous between Tony Fernandez personally and Ismail Nasarudin discussing the strategy circumventing MAS unions and associations in Malaysia Airlines.

Our findings also disclosed of the reason Tony Fernandez chose Ismail Nasarudin was because of the advice from the Evil Tun Dr. Mahathir.

We believe Ismail Nasarudin has been given instruction by Tony Fernandez to finding ways to annihilate MAS unions and association together since they were both of the same crooked species and frequencies clicked to work together well and in orderly.  Ismail Nasarudin’s duty is to report back to Tony Fernandez of the plans by Tengku Azmil, the former MAS CEO after Bernard Francis resigned from Malaysia Airlines.

Few days before the secret share swap took place, Ismail Nasarudin went ahead together with Dato’ Maznah, the deputy Minister of Human Remains announcing the launching of unregistered National Union for Flight Attendant Malaysia – NUFAM.

Could it be that Dato’ Maznah is ca-hooting with MAFAA to annihilate MASEU or has she been instructed by Dr. Evil to work hand-in-hand with Ismail Nasarudin to reduce the perks, terms and conditions for MAS Cabin Crew via NUFAM?  If that is so, truly MAS Cabin Crew has now become the victims of bureaucratic conspiracy.  

We welcome Dato’ Maznah to explain her involvement in forming of NUFAM. Dares she? We heard she chickened out from officiating NUFAM for MAFAA!!

A day before the share swap deal between MAS and Air Asia took place, MAFAA posted the news to its members informing Tony Fernandez will gain a 20% stake in Malaysia Airlines and consequently after the MAS/AirAsia share swap deal, Ismail Nasarudin and his cronies have invited Tony Fernandez to Cabin Crew’s night function organized by Malaysia Airlines.  We have been informed MAFAA representatives indulged high intoxication throughout the night entertaining Tony Fernandez and his gangs including Johnny Fernandez on the Cabin Crew’s night.

Let’s see what we have found out from MAFAA’s next con-job in NUFAM in our Part IV series – How Tony Fernandez (AirAsia’s CEO) gets to KILL MAS workers slowly?). Stay tune to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies is not responsible for all the comments posted by our commentators. 🙂

16 thoughts on “How Tony Fernandez (AirAsia’s CEO) uses MAFAA/NUFAM to KILL MAS workers slowly? Part III

  1. Well done MF, please speed up with your next episode. Can’t wait to read it. MF will certainly receive the support of not only the victims in MAS but the general public at large. The evil kutty’s influence needs to be “clipped” fast or Malaysia is doomed. Do not wait for Najis, he has no guts to do anything involving evil Kutty. Maybe only PR will. As for this pest IsNa he is no better than a cockroach.

  2. Hi MF, tqvm 4 exposing these crooked crew. they hv no shame somemore dancing with TF and Danny the doggy. But that fat Norwalena cannot shake her boom cos too big 2 shakeaboom. Pls speed up more stupids mafaa/nufam activiitye soon. We must take them down with Mustafr maarof. email me pls.

  3. MF,

    Well done in all championing to cast out TF and gangs. Please also post more pictures of the hypocrite so all readers can monitor them in public. Perhaps, also later the readers could post you more info and pictures of their (nufam/mafaa/TF & gangs) whereabouts.

    Keep up the excellent work and the public will share your enthusiasm in this calling!

    Those doggies with cockroaches mentality should not be flying as can endanger the flights though. Both that Ismail cockroaches and fatty norwalena are siblings. That Akram is well-known for not having brains and balls like chick-dee. What is that Capt Nawawi doing with them? He’s also not good person.

  4. MF…it’s mayday, mayday, mayday. we just heard TF & Gangs ordered Ismail Busuk-hati to form a blog attacking MASEU and MESA also using YB WCK to attack maseu. TF has also ordered Ismail Busuk-hati to also file police report coz TF cannot do it. This TF’s punya anjing-anjing busuk will fabricate stories abt MASEU and its union reps. As usual lah, they always got jealous of maseu’s punya reps and boycotted them every flights. MASEU punya reps also jadi victims of NUFAM/MAFAA/AirAsia conspiracy. Later, you see lah what they post on their FB behaving like ANGELS of god send…hehhehe…i did warned u the ramification!!!!!! fyi norwalena’s husban is close friedn of TF.

    • Dear JV Qantas,

      We thank you for your information. However, we are not in any position to protect any parties even if it is MASEU or MESA or MAPA.

      Our duty is to expose the spies that Tony Fernandez has already planted in Malaysia Airlines.

      The rest we leave to all MAS workers on how you want to do with the spies.


  5. Mas cabin crew,

    Don’t join nufam or mafaa if you treasure your employment. What a wicked and stupid crew!!! How they can be cabin crew in the first place? F**k you all!! Watch your back too!!

  6. MF, not sure if this helps…PM punya aide Datuk James Ratib has dumped one mas cabin crew named jennifer xxx xxx xxxx and she revengefully spread how umno conducted their dirty election using money to buy the people to vote for them. The coverage must be 80% and above to win the election and anything less than 50% will not will in the elction. Hope this helps.

  7. I’m lost with the post by ‘anonymous’. However, from YB WeeCK blogs I read. MASEU is no better then MAFAA. Both has ‘Hidden Agendas’…. hmmmm…book by Dr M?

  8. Greetings malaysiaairlines family
    What has been reveal and deeply concern ARE by end of the days the STAFF of MAS will be suffer more due to one sided story.cant u all work out or colobration with them for the SAKE of malaysia airlines rather picking or fighting among u and nufam.every single days and the the blog reports make management mas are more power to abuse the staff.what i see,is all about ego n super power to show whose the boss.pls have some thought for others..pls be like yb wee choo keong that are sincerely fighting for mas staff…

    • Dear Viper 1909,

      We thank you for reading our post and we very much agree with WCK for fighting for or against MAS staff or he’s against MAS/AirAsia management parachuted from AirAsia?

      Comments posted from our readers “WCK said both MAFAA & MASEU have hidden agendas”. If we’re correct, WCK is getting too personal with this MAS & AirAsia CCF issues and hence may well breaking up MESA with MASEU, MAPA with others and MASEU with all unions and associations.

      Back to our mission, our duty is to expose the spies planted inside Malaysia Airlines and the killing plans laying down for MAS workers. If you followed us thoroughly, we do not give chance to spies that come from AirAsia. Most importantly, MAS workers are alerted and that’s the idea of reading our blog where you would be informed of your future if you are with Malaysia Airlines.


  9. I was very pleased to seek out this internet-site.I wished to thanks for your time for this wonderful read!! I definitely having fun with each little little bit of it and I’ve you bookmarked to check out new stuff you weblog post.

  10. The very crux of your writing whilst appearing reasonable originally, did not really work properly with me after some time. Somewhere within the paragraphs you were able to make me a believer but just for a while. I nevertheless have got a problem with your leaps in logic and one would do well to fill in those gaps. In the event you can accomplish that, I will certainly end up being impressed.

  11. I think first you should learn to respect the people that made it to be successful, but you are just complaining like a wimpy kid, there is reasons why they grew so much unlike other organization, but does complaining or finding faults makes you better, then why you don’t grow to be a better being?! Tony Fernandez started everything from scratch and now look how successful he is, Why can’t you do the same? where’s your moral? Try to push people up and don’t bring other’s down as yourself will be down soon!

    • Dear Anonymous Who Cares,

      Indeed you do not care much about those airlines workers who have been working hard for the national airlines. You questioned us where’s our morale but you never shown yourself have any bit of morale so we assume you must be an asshole polishing Tony’s balls everyday.

      You said Tony Fernandez started everything from the scratch. Well! We don’t think so and we think he’s been sucking people’s blood to get to where he is now by corrupting any agents who are willing to die for him and bribery is his favorite choice in his business strategies. And so, if you still naively believe Tony Fernandez is a great guy, then we have to say this to you and remember this piece of our most professional advice that will be – PLEASE GO EAT SHIT POOPS BY TONY FERNANDEZ AND ENJOY TONY’S BULLSHITS. Have a great life you low life bastard who cares for no one accept yourself. Cheers!

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