How Tony Fernandez (AirAsia’s CEO) gets to KILL MAS Workers? Part II

This fight to save Malaysia Airlines is continuous till this day since the Collaboration Agreement (CCF) between Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia that taken effect on 9th August 2011.

The very ONE mistake Tony Fernandez and his gangsters made is the non-independent board of directors presently sitting in Malaysia Airlines for making decision reaping benefits for saving Air Asia and its present top Air Asia’s management teams have landed slowly but safely in Malaysia Airlines for executing Tun Dr. Mahathir’s COVERT AFFAIRS to kill two birds with one stone which is to overthrow the present ruling party and to control the economy for Malaysia.

Tun Dr. Mahathir uses Tony Fernandez, CEO of AirAsia to swallow complete of Malaysia Airlines because the National Airlines generates billions of ringgit yearly for the government and the country.   Remember that Tun Dr. Mahathir was the advisor for Petronas had caused Malaysia Airlines under Tengku Azmil hedged jet fuel at USD100-/+ more than other airlines can get in the market at that time.

The saying goes, MONEY IS POWER in Malaysia and so to possess more money means to become the most powerful public figure for Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad who ambitiously inclined to push for his son, Mukhriz to become the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Separating Malaysia Airlines into different units and subsidiaries is to circumvent the representation of MAS unions and associations fixing a new terms and conditions for MAS workers so that MAS workers would be seen cycling from their home to workplace in KLIA very soon because every MAS workers would not be able to own an automobile or even scooter.

This is without any doubts to exploit Malaysian labor markets sabotaging the Prime Minister’s vision to make Malaysia a higher income country in Asia.  By then, we would be seeing Tony Fernandez and his gangsters live in luxury lifestyle happily ever after and owning a few private islands somewhere hidden in the land of ASIA.  Soon, Tony Fernandez and his gangsters would also be selling Malaysia’s island to Richard Branson, Connor McCarthy and Alan Joyce of Qantas who are about to be the richest man in Australia after he successfully killed the unions of Australia.

So unions of Australia, let’s get ALAN JOYCE outta QANTAS as soon as possible.  Whatever he did down there in the land of Australia does affect us greatly in Malaysia.

In the new terms and conditions for a newly registered company/subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines or rather the FRESH employment terms and conditions for MAS workers would see both the Pilot and the cabin crew be provided a basis of 5 years’ contract of employment. Those from the Engineering category will also be termed on contract basis but shorter term than the term for the Pilot and the Cabin Crew.  We believe the Engineers and ground technicians would be given a 6 months contract of employment based on their performance and this is to avoid contributing EPF to the government or the present ruling party.

HOW CRUEL?  It’s called POLITICS and POLITIC possesses NO compassion!

The plan to make Malaysian a contract worker had been accomplished with the help from both Human Resources Ministers namely Dato’ Subramaniam and Dato’ Maznah.

Their ground for fixing a new labor law that makes Malaysian a contract worker is to control the employers from exempting their monthly EPF contribution to the government.

IS THAT A GROUND OR A PLOT?  Or corruption has rose higher?

If you are pondering; “WHAT?” and “HOW THESE CROOKS DONE IT?”  Both the two BENT ministers have the power to change the labor law included the change of Malaysian Employment Act by inserted a new act for CONTRACT WORKER.  However, we believe that certainly needed the mandate from Parliament of Cabinet.  Ouch!! Whatta shameful truth!

So, Malaysians, you are now officially the contract workers for as long as these CROOKED ministers are around.  There will be more changes towards the labor law governing the Malaysian workers for as long as these BENT ministers are in the Parliament.

We truly hope the Prime Minister of Malaysia will also sack these BENT Ministers of Human Resources – Subramaniam and Maznah.  By hook and by crook, they would continue to destroy the laborers in Malaysia paving ways for more foreign investment to control the labor market of Malaysia fixing average income making Malaysia a country that will never prosper in this region.

That’s all they care about for they only care for drawing foreign investments.  So screw Najib’s vision to see Malaysia a higher income country and well-educated people of Malaysia will be fleeing the country like lunacy.

In Air Asia, under Mr. Kutty’s full support (Mr. Kutty happened to be the longest-serving former Prime Minister of Malaysia), the transport coverage for its workers especially the female workforce will not be provided neither any transport mileage are claimable.  It is knowingly would increase the labor costs for Air Asia and consequently would also increase the overhead/operational costs for this mini airlines that is currently oversize in its staff strength.

So we believe Mr. Kutty had ordered both the BENT ministers – Subra and Maznah to join in these covert affairs sabotaging the workers from maintaining a safer workplace for Malaysia as strongly advocated and cultivated by Tony Fernandez, the heartless employer of the century who only cares to increase saving “labor cost” measures at all cost at the expense of his staff’s personal safety.  Those who work under Tony Fernandez will not survive long in the workplace and that’s the trademark of Tony Fernandez.

One of the targets in these covert affairs by Air Asia is to use Tony Fernandez’s trademark to remove the transport costs and also to reduce the operational costs for MAS Pilots and Cabin Crew.

Simply put, KILL MAS unions and associations will leave balls for Air Asia’s FORBIDDING transport for its staff rolling the same standard for Malaysia Airlines and jeopardizing the safety of those already used to get transport from home to workplace, vv.

With the assistance rendered from the newly formed National Union for Flight Attendant Malaysia – NUFAM is the remedy for Tony Fernandez and it seems to show the light at the end of the tunnel for his trademark be retained for MAS workers.

The woman in red is Dato’ Maznah, the deputy Minister of Human Resources

We are well-informed NUFAM is formed by a group of MAS Cabin Crew of whom also registered with Registrar of Society as Malaysia Airlines Flight Attendant Association (MAFAA).  And NUFAM is fully, absolutely seconded and approved by Dato’ Maznah, the deputy Minister of Human Resources that later was mandated by Parliament of Cabinet….ouchhh!! It’s another shameful truth being told to the world.  You see…it’s partially the present LEADING BENT POLITICIANS of whom are the cronies of Mahathir doing all the nonsense to you in this land of Malaysia, controlling the labor market and now overthrowing the present Evening Minister (p.m.).

Stays tune for Part III on the history of MAFAA and future of NUFAM, the BENT politicians’ newly found pet.

Malaysiaairlinesfamilies is not responsible for all the comments posted by our commentators. 🙂

25 thoughts on “How Tony Fernandez (AirAsia’s CEO) gets to KILL MAS Workers? Part II

  1. Hi mas families,

    Just dropping a line say TQ for exposing the culprits causing havoc in MAS. Very appreciated your investigative work. Well presented and great job. A bit of info for U abt MAFAA. They intended to earn a living by representing cabin crew in MAS initially. But didn’t do well. When i was still a member of MAFAA, they threatened to take up legal suit against me owed them 2 years arrears. I went over MASEU and seeked help. Now i know MAFAA is a bunch of crooks licking TF’s balls everyday.

  2. hey there..thnaks for your efforts into this piece of info. Definitely will not join nufam whatever the dogs sent by tf. to the hell you go you stupid crew members behind nufam. !!@#$%^&*())))(*&^^ you f**ked off this planet. Watch it you nufam assholes..f**k out of this world for good.

  3., fyi John Johnson registered for maffaa secreatry and Ismail Nasaruind has good relationships with Mahathir and tony. The stupid mafaa invited tony to cabin crw’s nite and they got drunk together with tony. heard the group also used drugs given by tony and one of them Naowalena didn’t pass urine test during medical caheck up. ismail is paid to kill mASEU and mas cabin crew. he lives in luxury and comfortable lifestyle usign monthly dues from mafaa…stupid crew who r members to maffa feedinfg ismail nasarudin a better life. sent you some material and photos. thanks very nice your site..

  4. btw, that john johnson is psycho and ismail nasaruidn is corrupted and a hypocrit. they sold the crew to tony suggested to take away transport and put them on room sharing basis. after all that, ismail and john and gangs spread rumors unions i.e. masue signed off crew’s benefits included transport and not transparent thru sms to crew. they got jealous aso everytime maseu send out email. just got email from maseu today and got good news incrment for salary but mafaa now nufam will continue attack maseu all over again. somemore they aso call ground staff form national union stay away from maseu 🙂

    • Dear Perfectorist,

      Would you be able to produce some link or messages that we could use for our next post with regards to MAFAA attacks MASEU? It will be very interesting to see how Tony’s dogs are sent to KILL the main union in Malaysia Airlines.


  5. we allknow what nufam is abt. Behind it is mustafar maarof, the crooked man who was once the executive secretary of maseu and got sacked from maseu for trying to sell exco’s position to graded staff.

    Mustafar is now with airod and has terminated 50 staff in airod from the day he was hired as industrial manager. all this forming nufam was his idea but instruction to register a national union is from TF. Mustafar is a greedy man and he asked how much would mafaa pay him if he boycotted maseu. It’s mustafar who persuaded D. Maznah to support nufam by having fed her with false information abt maseu. Maybe D. Maznah didn’t know any truth in there.

    We feel very sorryy for maseu to have employed such crook. Now Mustafar asked nufam, ismail nasarudin to find ways get the newly appointed maseu executive sec terminated so for him to go back to maseu and kill the union from the inside. Eeither way, mustafar would sit in nufam as executive secretary or perhaps other position in union that can pay him 6k a month.

    We’ve tapped their conversations and so we will have evidence to show to the authority later once the plans by mustafar maarof and ismail nasarudin took off. We’ll be bcak to checkon your blog. love it. Many thnaks!

  6. To add a bit more, MF, mustafar tried approached tony fernandez but failed and so got hold of ismail nasarudin and ismail paid him a bit of sum to revenge against maseu for sacking him in the 1st place. mustafar is close friend to maseu vp alizam kusrin and a few of excos too. the instruction to proceed with registration for nufam was from tony fernandez so oust maseu and pull out the CA covered graded staff.

    The lead to meet with D. Maznah was through mustafar maarof. The application was however pushed by Mahathir for approval. And Nufam took only 2 weeks for approval and another one month blessing from Parliament.

  7. To save MAS, Kutty and his thieves including all those traitors within MAS must be contained immediately. Immediate industrial action is an alternative. There should be no compromise by all the unions no matter what transpires.

    • Dear John Lang,

      We absolutely agree with your comment. Cheers!

      To MAS UNIONS/ASSOCIATIONS, please please please don’t wait any longer and act immediately with industrial action.

      To all who provided information to us, we’re very much grateful for your comments/informations as written above.


  8. OMG….To Arial, you\re saying Mustafar Maarof also involved. Damit! That bastard prayed loudly and someone saw he brought his younger girlfriend to USJ at night for bastard!! Now he still brings his girlfriend there… Thanks for sharing..about this animal WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Dear MF,

    Thank you for acknowledging my comments. I am not in any way associated with MAS but being a senior GM of an international MNC, I just cannot bear to see the day light robberies and outright raping of MAS by all these bent politicians and their gang of thieves particularly TF the young upstart but putting the blame squarely on the previous managements for all the problems in MAS systematically created by these thieves over the years. In my 30 years of corporate career, I have turned around 2 almost dead companies but if I were to volunteer my service to MAS it will not be accepted for obvious reasons by the current regime as well as Kutty and his bunch of thieves.

    Keep up with your good work MF, you will have the support of many people who share your mission and views.

  10. Hiya from Malaysia…just to say hi and hope my comment will be publsih.

    The simple formula use by TF and Kutty and thieves is for fresh T&C in NewCo and fresh Collective agreement with new Union is to start from the scratch.


  11. Latest circular from the Chairman….”This morning, I shared with the team the Board’s decision to keep long haul (LH) and short haul (SH) operations intact, as one, under Malaysia Airlines. The short haul will be a Division on its own, and we will re-look the business model to see how we can harness the strengths of SH and fortify our LH operation.”…………
    So no new set-up but a totally new Division to cater the short-haul, hopefully the terms and conditions of employment does come into play here…

  12. Please fellas,if u think these guys are crooks with the help of Mahathir and the BENT politicians,please show some proof! I have seen MAFAA and those guys working their asses out to protect the interest of their crew members.Dont spread lies about things you make out to catch the interest of those reading your blogs. They are just people who are fighting for the rights of their own profession as crew members. If you think MAFAA NUFAM and the whole gang plan to cook to destroy MAS Unions, you guys please get your facts right. I know their leaders well enough and they are ordinary people and employees who worked hard to strive for their colleagues. What a mockery and rubbish you guys are posting, shooting blanks here and there. Please open up your blog for better knowledge and not just create lies about everyone.

    • Dear Dino,

      We appreciate your comment and please read here.

      We’ll post some evidence for your eyes-opening leisure reading. The leader of MAFAA and also NUFAM is a working POLITICIAN in Malaysia Airlines as Cabin Crew. We have conducted intensive investigation into MAS heist and found the connection to this group of MAS Cabin Crew who shamefully sold off their own cabin crew behind the door with Tony Fernandez.

      Stay tune to Malaysiaairlinesfamilies

  13. Hello guys,i am being impartial but spare me the banter as i see too many accusations thrown all the page but no hard evidence is shown on this page.Please do us readers a favor,post your evidence,not just wild and baseless claims. Im yet to see anything here…..

    • Dear Yang KS,

      We thank you for reading our post and we’ll still in the midst compiling evidence on MAFAA/NUFAM exposing them teaming up with Tony Fernandez. Stay tune to malaysiaairlinesfamilies for our Part III.


  14. fuk off u stupid crew..!! u kill ur self, soul n heart!! u heartless what fuk nufam n mafaa. it seemed mas cabin crew r bunch of crooks too!

  15. I am not a Mafaa neither a Nufam member, but i lost hope in Maseu leaders. After too many donkey years in this Airlines, i realized Maseu still have not done enough to protect cabin crew’s welfare. I m very sure all of us here in MAS work to earn a living but all of the MAS cabin crew are not earning what we are supposed to. As the World’s Best Cabin Crew, we are among the lowest paid. Everytime Maseu dealed to sign our CA, whenever the company gives something, they will take back something. Can anyone tell which department in this Airlines can do multi tasking? Can any engineer or mechanic answer to our full paid pax whenever their seat or IFE is not functioning? Can any check in staff come and face the angry pax for 12 hrs of flight time when the pax didnt get their requested seat?Even when ever the staffs & their families travel, who are the 1 look after your comfort? Even when that idiot Rashdan aka Danny upgraded his nanny to FCC, who had to answer the upset pax? We the cabin crew are the one to clean all the shits created by other Department or even the Bosses themself. Why?? coz we love the company and hope that paxs will come back and fly with MH.Thats why we are the BEST CABIN CREW even when MAS is not the best airlines.
    So what i am saying neither NUFAM or MASEU is a bad body. Its just the persons head the bodies have their own personal agendas and theres always a conflicts of interest.
    To Maseu, i am sure u are aware that most of the staff are not happy with u, not only Cabin Crew.
    To NUFAM, u know who u are and only u know whats your agendas..
    Let us all the staffs pray for the best of everyone and our families.

    • Dear Antigajibuta,

      We thank you for reading our post. May we suggest that you would trash out all of your frustrations to the unions that represent you than keeping it to yourself? We are going to establish another blog especially for MAS Cabin Crew soon to protect MAS Cabin Crew terms and conditions from NUFAM/MAFAA. Feel free to pour out your best opinions.



  16. Tqvm MF for doing Malaysia Airlines a big favor championing the cause against CCF. These bunch of crooked cabin crew must be eliminated for good before they cause more pain to many others. Ismail is snake and the BEST lalang of Malaysia Airlines. HE sleeps around with many married women and maybe he also screwed Dato Maznah for approving the certificate. However, there still are many gullible cabin crew who only listen to rumors without facts. The photos you posted are enough evidence for NUFAM or mafaa fixing up MAS CABIN CRW with TF and gangs. I lost respect for Evil Kutty behind all this opera shot.

    To:NUFAM I will not resign from MASEU to join NUFAM, you bodoh punya cabincrew!! Pi makan tahi…puas-puas..erghhh…jaga bila we fly again. The NUFAM’s whatever union excos…will monitor you dan jangan cakap banyak! Kerja dulu..IFS ke, CS ke, LS make sure you close your f***king bars or report u back to office.

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