How Tony Fernandez gets to KILL MAS Workers slowly? Part I

Our previous posts on The Gigantic Fraud by AirAsia, CIMB and the BENT Politicians that embezzling MAS Funds by declaring huge losses of RM2.52 billions Part I, Part II and Part III and MAS Heist Updates have revealed the most shocking inner truth of MAS heist by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters in this century and all these only happened during this Collaboration Agreement between Khazanah and Tune Air group for Malaysia Airlines to collaborate with Air Asia.

And all of these con-jobs were allowed by our Malaysia Prime Minister condoning his brother Nasir Tun Abdul Razak for conspiring with AirAsia and the BENT Politicians.  We believe the whole world now already know the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Tun Abdul Razak has condoned to this collaboration between MAS and AirAsia that will only reap benefits for AirAsia.

So, Mr. Prime Minister, if you failed in reversing the share swap and terminating the collaboration agreement once and for all as quickly as possible before Tony Fernandez and his gangsters finished swallowing Malaysia Airlines; then it proves you have condoned it and have failed in your duty as the Malaysian Prime Minister to protect the Malaysian citizens from becoming the victims of this bureaucratic conspiracy.

In this episode, we would reveal the steps plotted by Tony Fernandez and Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohammad a.k.a. Mr. Kutty their secret plans in getting rid of MAS workers, Pilots and Cabin Crew claiming their operational costs were seen to be the highest on the chart.  The truth is the operational cost for MAS workers only costs Malaysia Airlines less than 10% of its monthly revenue.  The inner truth is Tony Fernandez and Mr. Kutty both have eyes on the vendor services as reported by Danny ITCHY Dan’s cousin sister the vendor services contracted by Malaysia Airlines at KLIA are so lucrative for the contractor and the contracts were signed by Hayati Dato Ali under the pretext of saving labour/high operational costs.

Sometimes, we the retirees ponder, how on earth possessed Malaysia Airlines to hire stupid top management and consultant like Danny Itchy Dan, Con-Plane Consultant and many more who would continuously cause Malaysia Airlines a double costing in getting vendor services flooding in KLIA.

We recalled our other posts here regarding the productivity of MAS workers that is higher than AirAsia workers that is because it has already been made known to Tony Fernandez who then has planned quietly to downsize the current AirAsia staff strength following the advice (comparison) given by this CON-MEN from the PLANET for CONSULTANT.

He is an Irishman who is now being paid Euro 500 per hour (thanks to our reader for providing the information to us) for his expertise in how to getting MAS workers injured in the workplace.  The test run for baggage loading and unloading recently occurred in KLIA has resulted in one of MAS workers seriously injured and almost died.  Well! We say thank you to this CON-MAN who claimed to be the expert in effective planning for Malaysia Airlines.

MASEU & MESA – WHERE WERE YOU ALL?  MAS workers need you to be with them at all times because AirAsia is about to swallow the entire Malaysia Airlines.  We truly hope our information on this site will assist you in getting the share swap reversed and the Collaboration Agreement be terminated.  

MASEU, we have been informed the injured worker is now PARALYZED.  DID YOU HEAR THAT you STUPID PLANE CONSULTANT?  The next move by PLANE CON-MEN would be to injure the Engineers and Cabin Crew at KLIA through a newly formed Union for Flight Attendant i.e. NUFAM.  We urge MASEU to read our next post on Part II for more detailed insight conspiracy to get Engineer and Cabin Crew injured while on duty.

 This is the KILLER UNION approved by Ministry of Human Resources in conjunction with MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement.  Care to know what’s the hidden agenda? Please stay tune to read our next post Part II.

We urge MASEU and MESA to do what you can do to get this CON-MEN outta Malaysia Airlines the soonest the better before another worker has killed in Malaysia Airlines.  We suggest to MASEU & MESA to please lodge a police report on  each accident and incident that have occurred during the tenure of this MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement!

Let’s get back to our story, for many years, Malaysia Airlines already adopted skillful system for loading and unloading the multiple baggages at KLIA ramp services.  Although sometimes we experienced a lot of delays in the delivery of our baggage at KLIA, we do understand it was not the fault of MAS Workers because the ramp services has been outsourced by the STUPID Hayati Dato Ali who is the cousin-sister of Danny ITCHY Dan.

This CON-MAN who thought he’s very experienced and expert in this area had the test run for loading and unloading baggage nearly killed a worker during the trial run that oversaw by the stupid HAYATI DATO ALI.  The worker who is seriously injured were handpicked to do the test run by PLANE CONSULTANT and the head of Airport Operation (Hayati Dato Ali).

PEOPLE almost a life was lost during the first TRIAL, so what is this CON-MAN gonna say to cover his STUPID CONSULTANCY FIRM?

We bet he’s gonna say; MAS workers didn’t follow his proper instructions.  Yup! That is what the conman would normally say when error has occurred based on his CON-sultancy.

Back to the productivity of MAS workers versus the productivity of AirAsia workers, MAS staff strength is 20,000 and the productivity per each workers is RM700,000 per annum but for AirAsia, its staff strength is 9000 only and overall productivity is RM444,444 per each worker annually.

In order to increase the productivity level in AirAsia be parallel to Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia needs to downsize its workers to 5714 which means 9000 – 5714 = 3286 is the number for overstaffing in AirAsia now.  The plan by Tony Fernandez is now to transfer 3286 AirAsia workers to Malaysia Airlines or to be absorbed into MAS, the new company that Malaysia Airlines has registered as its subsidiary.

Welcome to experience Air Asia’s Hospitality

Now this is what MalaysiaairlinesFamilies called the hospitality of AirAsia that is to continuously cutting jobs for Malaysia Airlines and transferring the AirAsia staff into Malaysia Airlines via MAS/AirAsia collaboration agreement.  The very instant and proof we can find is that latest SIT-IN protest by the Italian MAS workers in Rome in this picture above.

To the Italian workers in ROME

We have sympathy for the Italian workers and we say to you Italian workers, Malaysiaairlinesfamilies is with you and truly we now plead to you to contribute your part by getting your Prime Minister of Italy to speak to our Malaysian Prime Minister and have the ROME sector be reinstated.  While you do your duty, we’ll do ours to get your jobs back.  We are writing a memorandum on your behalf to the union – MASEU for assistance to look  into your current state.

Stay tune, people for our Part II on How Tony Fernandez gets to KILL MAS workers slowly?

5 thoughts on “How Tony Fernandez gets to KILL MAS Workers slowly? Part I

  1. Now engineering also try to merge from Malaysia Airlines because they know this MAS-Airasia collaboration are not gonna give them any profit. I think they got the most profits in any sector in MAS. This is where MAS got their strength, if they lost this engineering sector then goodbye world !

  2. I’m a fan of yours greeting from Seychelles. This is well written and great work truly rock. Perhaps, you should consider joining the blogging tournament. This is great site and I highly recommend it to anyone.

  3. Absolute rubbish!

    How did you calculate the figures for the “productivity” of MAS staff and AirAsia staff?

    For starters, how do you define “productivity” in this context? Revenue per employee? Profit per employee? Costs per employee?

    How is that a CAPA analysis showed the following?

    Unit revenues (M’sian cents per ASK) YTD 2011:

    MAS: 20.0
    Thai Airways: 26.1
    Emirates: 29.4
    SIA: 31.8
    Cathay Pacific: 32.3

    RASK and CASK (M’sian cents):

    MAS: RASK 20.0 CASK 25.6
    Thai Airways: RASK 26.1 CASK 25.0
    Emirates: RASK 29.4 CASK 28.5
    SIA: RASK 31.8 CASK 29.5
    Cathay Pacific: RASK 32.3 CASK 30.5
    AirAsia: RASK 13.3 CASK 10.4

    Comparing MAS against other full-service airlines, the above figures show that MAS earns less per ASK than it’s costs per ASK. Voila, a loss!

    Isn’t that a better definition of “productivity”?

    • Dear Olek Skilgannon,

      We’re very pleased to have you commented in our blog. First, we thank you for taking time to read our posts and second, we’re very happy and oblige replying you this;

      The CAPA analysis is generally based on prediction and that is why it’s categorized under “Analysis”. MAS workers in general worked harder than Air Asia workers. This is all based on simple calculation if you could just do your maths.

      If we probed a little deeper, you may well want to find out who’s behind the CAPA doing all the analysis? We believe their analysis is inaccurate.

      RASK and CASK did not conclude that MAS fails badly because of its current staff strength. As CAPA is not entirely independent, it could be associated to certain organization to push for RESTRUCTURING policy that in turns RESIZING the staff strength.

      Simply put, MAS as compared to SIA, THAI AIRWAYS and CATHAY PACIFIC is still not affiliated to any global alliances. The sooner MAS is affiliated to one of the global alliances, the better MAS would be and there will be no more bleeding with expensive contracts and innuendos from BENT politicians.

      AS for Emirates, they have better control of jet fuel pricing unlike MAS, no matter how huge the losses MAS falsely declared under the instruction given by the AirAsia’s board of director, MAS still continues to hedge its fuel pricing higher than any other airlines in this region.

      So all these RASK and CASK were just another step of those CON-SULTANTS gimmick. And CAPA is Centre of Asia Pacific Aviation that has a column for CAPA analysis predicting the future of all airlines. The problem with CAPA is that they do not hold responsibility for their analysis whether accurate or not so. Who dares anyway?

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