The Gigantic Fraud by Air Asia, CIMB and the BENT Politicians embezzling Malaysia Airlines Funds declaring huge losses of RM2.5 billions – Part III

Invading Malaysia Airlines by AirAsia’s CEOs “Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun” aided by the bureaucratic conspiracy (the former leading BENT politicians a.k.a. Mr. Kutty (Dr. Evil), the duke of Khazanah and the duchess that ending BEE END party soon) were actually planned in London by Tony Fernandez, Kamarudin Meranun, Danny Rashdan a.k.a. Johnny Fernandez and Nasir Tun Abdul Razak, the Chairman for CIMB a.k.a. Collaboration Is Malaysia Business that ultimately    IS    TO    TAKEOVER     MALAYSIA    AIRLINES.

Please take a closer look at the new livery for Malaysia Airlines new A380 that has been changed to blue WAU pointed towards our right with Malaysia Airlines’ logo NOW that is also turning BLUE.  The originality of the WAU’s direction is pointed towards LEFT signifying perhaps an Islamic symbol and its WAU’s color is supposedly a combination of both RED and BLUE to signifying the Malaysian’s flag but it has been changed by Tony Fernandez of AirAsia for Malaysia Airlines.

This is a message from Tony Fernandez “Air Asia is taking over Malaysia Airlines NOW” and it’s progressing in stages

So Malaysia Airlines now is turning blue suffering from oxygen deficiency suffocated by both AirAsia board of directors and top management who have successfully invaded Malaysia Airlines.

Truly, we saw the changes of our National Airlines’ colors and its design now clearly MEANT there is NO MORE NATIONAL AIRLINES for Malaysia because the new livery DOES NOT represent the flag of Malaysia as an Islamic country but representing the invasion of Air Asia turning Malaysia probably into a non-Islamic country that soon will become the state owns by Tony Fernandez and his QPR craziness.  By then, Toni will be the QUEEN of Malaysia (Queen Park Ranger) waving like the QUEEN of England as he already is.

WE all strongly believe DR. EVIL is collaborating with certain leaders from the ruling party paying Tony Fernandez and his gangsters in TOP RINGGIT to destroy Malaysia Airlines and gaining control of its lucrative airlines business by falsely declaring Malaysia Airlines is not making money and is a sick patient.  WE all know Malaysia Airlines is the victim of this bureaucratic conspiracy.

We ought to say this to Tony Fernandez and his gangsters particularly the ITCHY Dan, the talking cock Chairman and the Idiot Ahmad Jauhsekali (Mr. Far Far Away) that they should bear in mind their covert affair and conspiracy to KILL Malaysia Airlines for AirAsia is non-halal business strategic in the plotting of invading complete of Malaysia Airlines.   And we think AirAsia should change its logo to this picture below!

Thanks to for coming up with this beautiful logo suitably fit for AirAsia’s CEOs Tony Fernandez.

We finally have all facts pointed to the premeditation of this MAS/AirAsia Collaboration that actually is to siphon MAS fund for saving AirAsia and other Tune Air’s ailing companies that failed badly in business.

The question is why did they choose Malaysia Airlines?

Malaysia Airlines is the engineer for Malaysia’s economy and it brings the largest revenue for the country with the revenue of RM13 to RM14 billion per annum which averagely, Malaysia Airlines generates a minimum of RM1.2 billion per month.  The economic analysts would have agreed that any companies that have generated more than RM10 billion per annum is a very successful company and so is Malaysia Airlines.

Comparing Air Asia with Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia’s yearly revenue is not more than RM4 billion for a company that has a capital commitment of RM57 billion financed by CIMB.  This small company approximately has a total of less than 10,000 staff presently (Tony Fernandez claims AirAsia has 9000 staff) has already incurred a huge capital commitment and surely we believe they cannot afford to pay off their debts with the way crazy Tony Fernandez is still on the spending spree mood to buy more aircrafts because it is his second occupation as part-time Airbus salesman trying to sell Airbus aircrafts to all  ASEAN countries.

If we do the calculation for AirAsia based on its current huge debts as incurred by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters; RM57 billion divided by RM4 billion (yearly revenue), it will take 14 years and 4 months to pay off their debts and that is why the collaboration with Malaysia Airlines is needed desperately.

Judging from the number of AirAsia’s staff strength as claimed by Tony Fernandez which is 9000 and yearly revenue generated by this 9000 staff would be RM4 billion for Air Asia; so we are seeing productivity generated by each Air Asia staff would be RM444,444.00 per annum.

Whereas Malaysia Airlines in general has 20,000 staff strength and its workers have generated a yearly revenue of RM14 billion per year for Malaysia Airlines consistently.  The overall performance by MAS workers is that each worker has brought MAS RM700,000 per per annum and of which their productivity level is certainly higher in Malaysia.

This simple calculation proves that MAS workers are more productive than Air Asia workers and why is that MAS workers have to be gotten rid from Malaysia Airlines?  We’ll story you in our next post – full-blown conspiracy by AirAsia to takeover Malaysia Airlines.

Hey…hey..HELLOOOO…calling Mr. Prime Minister, did you see the above comparison?  If you the Prime Minister of Malaysia is not affirmative in your call for terminating MAS/AirAsia collaboration agreement soon, that means you the Prime Minister of Malaysia is just being relaxing, allowing the broad daylight MAS heist advancing by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters.

Mr. Prime Minister, you have to act fast or your whole team will be backfired by this MAS Heist crisis.

When Tony Fernandez took over Malaysia Airlines as the new board of directors for Malaysia Airlines, the public and the tax payers did not know it is actually a TAKEOVER disguised in the so-called Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement (CCF) with AirAsia.  The CCF formed a committee called the Joint Collaboration Committee (JCC) to oversee the appointment of new board of directors who are inclined towards AirAsia as the new board of directors for Malaysia Airlines.  Simply put, Tony Fernandez together with Kamarudin Meranun has appointed their cronies as the new board of directors for Malaysia via the share swap opportunity.

This also concludes that there is no independent board of directors for Malaysia Airlines and this is already known by the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Whilst Malaysia Airlines was actually making profits, its second (forgery) account for the public shows it is still making losses and the recent huge losses declared by Tony Fernandez and his gangster for Malaysia Airlines is to justify that Tony Fernandez should be replaced as the new CEO for Malaysia Airlines.

The National Carrier – Malaysia Airlines has been generating revenue (profits) but it has to continuously declaring losses to the public and Tony Fernandez who sits as the board of directors for Malaysia Airlines knows about this conspiracy because he is paid in TOP RINGGIT. Tony SCUMBAG Fernandez has had his dog a.k.a. Johnny Fernandez to withdraw MAS funds for MAS advertising expenses and invested into Tune Air’s other subsidiary, a company tailoring for uniforms and jersey for both MAS Cabin Crew and Queen Park Rangers’ team.

Did you see that PEOPLE?  RM18 million taxpayers’ money were siphoned out right under our noses for Tune Air’s survivability reimbursable from MAS advertising expenses.

That it is – FUNDS from MAS account siphoned out for investing in Tune Air’s ailing companies including Air Asia and Air Asia X.

Dang…con-men you Tony Fernandez and gangsters.  WE have also probed deeper of the plans that have already been executed by Tony Fernandez to slowly annihilate MAS workers paving ways for AirAsia workers to be absorbed into Malaysia Airlines.

Stay tune for Malaysiaairlinesfamilies’ in depth investigations into this “full-blown” conspiracy.


12 thoughts on “The Gigantic Fraud by Air Asia, CIMB and the BENT Politicians embezzling Malaysia Airlines Funds declaring huge losses of RM2.5 billions – Part III

  1. u need to do ur research more thoroughly.

    the strength of a company is not purely based on its revenue, but we look more on its earnings. what is the point of the company making so much revenue but still end up making losses if it cant manage its cost? and in the case of MAS, the two major costs are fuel cost and STAFF cost. SIA operates at about 20k staff and can be more profitable than MAS which is operating with 21k of staff.

    and what taxpayers’ money? MAS is a public listed entity. so it’s the shareholders money, not taxpayers’ money. unless u own shares in MAS, then u under the capacity of a shareholder have lost ur money, not the taxpayers’ and certainly not every Malaysian citizens. do not mislead people.

    so u say that MAS purposely announced losses so that Airasia will come into the picture to take over the company? Airasia is doing fine as it is back then, why would it want to be dragged into non-profit making MAS? and if u have any proof of any false reporting by MAS, please lodge ur report to the authority. the auditors have certainly certified the account and losses reported by MAS in FY11, and now suddenly u with no evidence at all trying to say it is not true? you’re trying to undermine the credibility our of accountants just so that u can make ur story more believable?

    oh come on lah. only those who didnt come finance background would believe such story.

    • Dear BabiGila, once again you are caught cowardly hiding as an anonymous. Hello Toni Fernandes, if you have no balls to write in your own personal capacity, then don’t even try to fool us with your stupidity. We’ll see who is that stupid enough to challenge National Carrier.

      Will be back very soon to expose your BIG arse.

  2. and if MAS employees are not satisfied with the current situation, why dont u guys just leave the company and find other jobs? why are u still holding on to the company? what are u guys waiting for? or u think u cant find jobs at other places because the employees are too complacent already?

  3. Halo ash pain in the ass….14 billion with 2.52 billions sucked out by Dr. Evil and Toni and gangs for saving air asia…what u expect hah? MAS the largest company in malaysia…u do ur blind calculation aso can get u to compare with air asia…bodooi…dunno how to count then shut up

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