The Gigantic Fraud by Air Asia, CIMB and the BENT Politicians embezzling Malaysia Airlines Funds declaring huge losses of RM2.5 billions – Part II

Dear readers, we’ve hit 10,000 readers daily just in exposing the bent politicians of the The Ending political party.  Our blog has widely spread all over the world with huge supporters from Malaysia (the largest hit), Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Hungarian, Belgium, Russia, India, oops even Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippine and even Qatar etc (long list)..whoa….THANK YOU, THANK YOU to all of you for reading our blog.  However, we wonder if Qatar Airlines’ CEO is reading this blog too. 🙂

Yesterday stats we had 13,117 hits – Once again, TERIMAKASIH for reading our blog.  Now enjoy this riding to the inner truth of MAS & AirAsia Collaboration Agreement.  Everybody wanted to know the truth and now let us tell the world and the Malaysian tax payers what this MAS/Air Asia Collaboration & Share Swap is all about.

Embezzling Malaysia Airlines’s fund is the main gigantic fraud by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters as they are paid in TOP RINGGIT by  certain BENT leading politicians together with the ex-leading bent politicians a.k.a Mr. Kutty and his blood brother, the Duke of “Khazanah” Daim Zainuddin and the duchess of “BEE END” Rafidah Aziz.

Oh! Dang…we are truly doomed MALAYSIA AIRLINES.  Our most shocking revelation is the most recent statement from the new appointed Chairman of Malaysia Airlines Tan Sri Md Noor below!!

Time to soar: Mohd Nor says the share swap with AirAsia is not part of the problem, but part of the solution.

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysia Airlines board is standing firm behind the co-operation with AirAsia as well as the share swap betweenKhazanah Nasional Bhd and Tune Air and has asked that the deal be given a chance to work.

MAS chairman Tan Sri Mohd Nor Yusof also expressed the board’s “commitment and support for the management team of Malaysia Airlines, led by group CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya”.

“Malaysia Airlines is a very sick patient, and its condition is quite critical. Indeed, there are a full range of prescriptions available. Judge us by the result, not by the choice of prescription,” he said in a statement issued here yesterday.

Mohd Nor’s backing for the deal follows a meeting between MAS unions with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak earlier this week to express their opposition to the Comprehensive Collaboration Framework (CCF) involving a share swap between Khazanah and Tune Air.

t was learnt that Najib had also summoned Mohd Nor and Ahmad Jauhari to his office where the two airline men argued for the deal.

Saying that passing judgment on the CCF and share swap now was premature, Mohd Nor said people should judge the team by the results under their new business plan.

The airline announced last month that it recorded a huge loss of RM2.5bil last year but expected to make a turnaround this year when its new aircraft, including five super jumbo Airbus A380, come into operation.

In August, Khazanah took up a 10% stake in AirAsia while Tune Air, the investment vehicle of AirAsia founders Tan Sri Tony Fernandes andDatuk Kamarudin Meranun, bought a 20.5% stake in MAS.

On top of the share swap, a collaboration agreement was signed simultaneously by MAS, AirAsia and AirAsia X, which would effectively see MAS concentrate on being a full-service premium carrier, AirAsia on being a regional low-cost carrier and AirAsia X, a medium-to-long haul low-cost carrier.

“The Board is confident that the CCF will benefit both Malaysia Airlines and AirAsia by promoting synergies in many areas. I would like to be very clear in stating that the share swap is not part of the acute financial problems at Malaysia Airlines; it is part of the solution,” said Mohd Nor.

Okey dokey MAS Chairman, how would you like to explain to the tax payers and the government on the Collaboration Agreement between Malaysia Airlines, AirAsia and AirAsiaX herein stated in the signed document dated 9 August 2011 of item 7 – FINANCIAL EFFECTS that The entry into the Collaboration Agreement does not have any effect on the issued and paid-up share capital of the Company and is not expected to have any material effect on the earnings, gearing and net assets of AirAsia group for the financial year ending 31 December 2011.  However, it is expected to contribute positively to AirAsia group’s earnings moving forward.

Mr. Chairman of Malaysia Airlines, whilst you said the Collaboration & Share Swap with AirAsia is not part of the problem but a solution, would you be kind to explain to the public and tax payers and even retirees like us how in the world would Malaysia Airlines ended up declaring massive loss of RM2.52 billion after share swap with AirAsia within the 8 months’ window?

Before the share swap, the maximum losses that ever declared even during Tajudin Ramli’s era (instructed by Mr. Kutty and we all know that) was approximately RM1.3 billion to RM2.6 billion and that losses were made and declared in two consecutive years.  Do you know what we think?  We think the standard of living in Malaysia has proven to have increased more than 100% as painfully experienced by the Malaysians and even the BENT Politicians have to increase the number of the losses for Malaysia Airlines in a double amount in just 8 months.  This huge loss will be siphoned out for Mr. Kutty’s political journey to win in the next election.

We believe clearly you are the bullshitting head for Air Asia camouflaging as the new board of directors in Malaysia Airlines.  We’ll pin those THUGS down step by step!!  Hah..don’t get heart attack because we are only doing our part to save Malaysia Airlines from your vicious hands running adversely to KILL Malaysia Airlines to SAVE Air Asia, that also paving ways for Air Asia to initiate a takeover move by the end of this month.

The Chairman of Malaysia Airlines also said “passing judgment on the CCF and share swap now was premature, Mohd Nor said people should judge the team by the results under their new business plan.”

Now our questions for you Mr. Chairman of Malaysia Airlines; but before we get into that we hope you are able to withstand the pressure of being questioned because the international journalists will be knocking on your door soon and we hope you would not play the mouse game hiding inside your mom’s panty.

First question for Mr. Chairman of Malaysia Airlines – Did you know that Ahmad Jauhari had received two weeks’ training from Tony Fernandez before you recruited him into Malaysia Airlines?

Second question for Mr. Chairman of Malaysia Airlines – Are you aware that current business plan in operation is still the Business Turnaround Plan II (BTP II) that were initiated by Idris Jala and passing down by Tengku Azmil where Tengku Azmil announced the future profit making plans under BTP II would be generating a yearly revenue of up to RM1 billion for Malaysia Airlines?

Third question for Mr. Chairman of Malaysia Airlines – Are you for Malaysia Airlines workers or are you for certain BENT leading politicians who are embezzling Malaysia Airlines’ fund for their political journey?

Fourth question for Mr. Chairman of Malaysia Airlines – If the current business plan for Malaysia Airlines in operation is the new business plan laid down by the new board of directors of Malaysia Airlines who are also the Air Asia and AirAsia X CEO – Tony Fernandez, Kamarudin Meranun and Danny Rash (itchy) Dan together with CIMB’s Chairman Nasir Tun Abdul Razak not forgetting Mr. Kutty and gangs are also the part and parcel to this conspiracy to takeover Malaysia Airlines; why would we need to give a second chance to allow the CCF to continue even after the new business plan is another failure from the BINA tak MAHU FIKIR company that you co-founded with Danny the ITCHY Dan a.k.a. Johnny Fernandez?

Our final question for now – Is it true that MAS unions & associations were informed by the former management of Malaysia Airlines that there were profit made from April to June 2011?

So the previous management made RM240 millions loss but were flown out by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters.  Mr. Chairman, now supposedly the new management should be announcing good profit as per Malaysia Airlines’ actual account that you and we know about (!!) but instead of declaring the actual profits that has been made under the BTP II, you as the Chairman on behalf of the crooked Air Asia board of directors and CEOs of Air Asia & Air Asia X (Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun) claiming that Malaysia Airlines once again made losses but the difference is this time the losses are fully incurred by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters in a larger amount of losses in the history of Malaysia civil aviation industry and yet, you as the Chairman still claimed it is too premature to passing on the judgment on the Collaboration & Share Swap with Air Asia.

Tan Sri…..Whatta you talking about?  Is that your senility talking or your judgment call?

Oh yeah…hope you can breathe in deeply and take a deeper breathe because we are about to expose transparently of your hidden agenda in this collaboration deal with AirAsia.  By hook or by crook, you as the Chairman for Malaysia Airlines will ensure the CCF is sailing smooth for your smooth operation because your company (BinaTakMauFikir Consultancy Firm specializing for Bankruptcy Only) now is at stake that every of your customers are slowly running away.

Mr. Chairman, we all know what the Collaboration Agreement & Share Swap with AirAsia is all about and even the Bukit Aman Police have investigated that two accounts were opened by Malaysia Airlines after the Share Swap/Collaboration Agreement with AirAsia for only one purpose and that is to continuously declaring losses for Malaysia Airlines to justify that Tony Fernandez should be the next CEO of Malaysia Airlines and we believe Ahmad Jauhari is scared to be arrested for his anti-trust violation activities that is being organized by Tony Fernandez, Kamarudin Meranun and Danny the Johnny Fernandez.

Our message to Toni Fernandez – we know it’s your small try you small fly but don’t ever dream about becoming the CEO of Malaysia Airlines you son of the sick bitch!!

We are taking our long tea-break and will be back very shortly for more insight gigantic fraud by Tony Fernandez and YOU (The MAS Chairman), the CIMB and the BENT politicians…stay tune people and please enjoy every seconds of our heated exposure on the scam of Malaysia Airlines and Air Asia collaboration deals!


15 thoughts on “The Gigantic Fraud by Air Asia, CIMB and the BENT Politicians embezzling Malaysia Airlines Funds declaring huge losses of RM2.5 billions – Part II

  1. Keep it up guys… for this issue.. you dont talk to the chairman, ceo, board, khazanah etc…
    Only talk and explain to PM… if PM dont listen… boikot total airline for one week… this havent been done in Malaysia and the crooks always get away… NOW IS THE TIME… words doesnt seems to work anymore…
    action speaks louder..

    • Dear Zafre,

      We totally agree with your suggestion but unfortunately, our power lies within the boundaries of BOYCOTTING the airlines. We are powerless to discipline AirAsia board of directors and we truly hope that the MAS unions & associations wherever they are could do the PICKET or BOYCOTT or anything to discipline the AirAsia, CIMB and the Bent Politicians.

  2. Selepas baca.. one by one.. including all comments .. tak ada satu pun bukti, cuma tuduhan liar ..keputusannya .. blog ini ditulis oleh keling gila yang benci dengan tony AA ..

    Macam ini punya gila pun ada .. komen tulis sendiri .. masuk bakul angkat sendiri … poodahhh

    • Dear Keling Gila,

      Please read this blog :

      The information released is the truth. We are not anti-Tony Fernandez but we realize Tony Fernandez is anti-MAS WORKERS and MAS UNIONS/ASSOCIATIONS. If you can’t accept the truth, don’t blame us for exposing the truth.

      We are very happy to inform you All COMMENTS in our blog were written by our genuine readers including Tony Fernandez himself who disguised under different names.

      Well! Keling Gila, we could understand how difficult it is for you to accept the truth. We know who you are but we are giving you the opportunity to lash out your inner ferocious thoughts only.

      See ye!

  3. The unions have already spoken to the PM and still there is no action. Give PM another week and if there is still no response from PMO, tell the unions to take immediate actions like picketing or strike where necessary. What’s the point of waiting when the Chairman in this case (not too sure if he is for MAS or for AA/AAX) is already talking cock. Everyone including kids know that MAS is profitable until the crooked/bent politicians interfere into the management of MAS. To save MAS, the Unions must lead the way now and immediately. BTW, understand from the grapewine that there was discrepency in value during the buying of the football club by TF the moment he was appointed into MAS board. Any information on this matter?

    • Dear John Lang,

      What we have at this moment as we speak, there’s a leak of information to us just yesterday regarding the Talent House (Tune Empire) by TF which he had invested the RM18 million taken from MAS fund tailored QPR jersey for his QPR teams and merchandizing the investment from MAS fund for his Tune Air Empire. That’s all from all of us (the retired cows 😀 )

      Our next post will cover our calling for MASEU to act accordingly in disciplining the PIRATES OF AIRASIA.


  4. BRAVO!!!!! Malaysiaairlinesfamilies for exposing all the dirty deals and tricks of the Malaysia Airlines Chairman and all those crooks. These bloody crooks are just a bunch of idiots who doesn’t have brains to think for themselves and all they know is to follow orders from the that celaka son of the bitch Pariah TF.

    All these worse than animals idiots takda maruah. So Mr. Chairman of MAS how much did you get this time for changing the direction of the MAS logo and colours? Even the Corporate colour been changed……so sad.

    Malaysiaairlinesfamilies, do come back fast from your tea break as I can’t wait to read about what you guys is going to expose the 2nd part of the gigantic fraud of bloody TF and gangs.

  5. Interesting stories.. I’ve 2 immediate members working for MAS and know for sure they are not happy with what is going on. Uncertainty, low morale among lower staff, AA guys coming into MAS and many more fishing things happening. And recently MASEU’s visit to the Parliament and talked to the opposition MPs on this CCF issue. YB Khalid of Shah Alam recently brought up this issue in his debate.

    We don’t know what will happen next, but it looks quite certain that there is no reversal on the CCF plan and way forward is for AA and its goons to probably hunt on MAS and continue to reap what it can!

    What a sad state for Malaysia Airlines, once the pride of our country..

    • DEar Mohd Hafiz Yusof,

      Yup! Thank you for reading our post. Now as you can see even the Malaysia Chronicle has written about AirAsia equal to scam swindling the public after CCF with MAS. It means the CCF is best scraped for the benefit of both the country and the two airlines. Apparently, we now know the Chairman of Khazanah is Prime Minister himself. Either he is committing suicide or he’s sabotaging the ruling party.


  6. Have you ever thought about publishing an ebook or guest authoring on other websites? I have a blog based on the same topics you discuss and would really like to have you share some stories/information. I know my audience would value your work. If you are even remotely interested, feel free to send me an e-mail.

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