The gigantic fraud by AirAsia, CIMB and Bent Politicians that fabricated a loss of RM2.5 billions for Malaysia Airlines – Part I

Malaysia Airlines is truly invaded by AirAsia, CIMB and the bent Politicians.  We believe AirAsia has conspired with CIMB and the bent politicians entwined its gigantic fraud via MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement that brokered by CIMB and endorsed by Tun Dr. Mahathir and his cronies (bent politicians).

Finally, our messages have been well-circulated worldwide with the assistance of the international bloggers and NOW we have caught the world’s attention.  And  as shown in this map below, just yesterday we’ve hit 6,721 readers from around the world.

We believe AirAsia and CIMB together with the bent politicians who will be contesting in the next Malaysia General Election are siphoning funds from Malaysia Airlines to finance their activities for their winning in the next election.

It looks like Tun Dr. Mahathir’s son-Mukhriz’s campaign for upcoming election costs them billions of ringgit.  To be exact, RM2.5 billion to run for the winning election.

Wanna know how this election can be easily won?  We’ll save this story for the last dance and do continue to check out our posts because we will dance with Tony Fernandez and his gangsters right up to their very last dance.

We have reliable information that CIMB and AirAsia is financially correlated and intertwined with one another.  As we have highlighted before, truly the domino effect is if AirAsia falls, CIMB will also collapse.

Yup! People, better be careful with your investment via CIMB.  You may not feel it right now but the desperation for saving AirAsia is too imminent to be ignored.  Do not be ignorant for ignorance would cause a slow bleeding to death.

We are not defaming CIMB having its financial difficulties despite their last declaration profit making of RM4 billion.  If CIMB is very strong in its financial status, it will not have AirAsia the well known bad-paymaster as the top client.  Remember AirAsia owes Tun Dr. Mahathir (CIMB) more than RM50 billions.

If AirAsia goes into bankruptcy, what would happen to CIMB?  We do believe CIMB will have to declare bankruptcy too.

Being a banker, once you have a client that can default in payment at anytime, what you as the banker would do?  Of course, you would broker a collaboration agreement with the good track record company like Malaysia Airlines that never fails paying staff salary on 25th of each calendar month.

This is called “Saving Air Asia” from sinking further into the bottom of the sea 

Malaysia Airlines was established in year 1972 and has a proven track record of making profits until year 2000 where Tun Dr. Mahathir sent his crooked crony Tajudin Ramli into Malaysia Airlines siphoning out MAS funds to finance their hidden activities.

Malaysia Airlines had never declared a loss of RM2.5 billions before and exactly after AirAsia has invaded Malaysia via its MAS/AirAsia Collaboration Agreement; Malaysia Airlines suddenly has declared a loss of RM2.5 billions.

Now wouldn’t you want to know how they did it?

They have used the Malaysian Accounting Provision where they can declare both losses and profits by having two accounts where one is the actual account and the other is a forgery.  This means Malaysia Airlines can also declare losses even if is it making huge profits.  Similarly, when AirAsia is making losses, it can also declare profits for misleading the public to protect their market shares from collapsing.

Stay tune for more exciting insight gigantic fraud by Tony Fernandez and his gangsters – AirAsia/CIMB/Tun Dr. Mahathir and his cronies (three musketeers) Part II.


11 thoughts on “The gigantic fraud by AirAsia, CIMB and Bent Politicians that fabricated a loss of RM2.5 billions for Malaysia Airlines – Part I

  1. The CCF (read: share suap) may be reversed by Najib. If so, TF is still the winner, check the share prices prior to CCF and the trend from now till the actual reversal done. Gergaji dua mata that makan both ways. Poor EPF (read: duit rakyat) pumping millions into the market!

  2. Frankly, don’t know what are you are talking about after reading this blog. What $50 billion does Air Asia owe Dr.Mahathir(CIMB)?

    CIMB is helmed and controlled by Nazir Razak. So, where does Dr.M come in.

    It’s all too vague and iffy to be taken seriously.

    we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

    • Dear DPP, if you’ve followed our posts thoroughly, you would’ve understood the mastermind man behind CIMB. We believe it is TUN Dr. Mahathir Senile who wants to control the whole of Malaysians from freeing Malaysia by making us poorer and higher in debts. You know what would happen if we are to declare bankruptcy on personal capacity? That’s what TUN Dr. Mahathir is all about la! A pedigree dictator.

  3. Tq for this…let all people know…to DPP you should know,anything they can do..that is why they pulled out mr Idris Jala.

  4. Well researched mf. dpp, you are not as smart as you think. Everything in this country revolves around mm and these are all his legacies. Pls give credit when it is due.

  5. TF was never the owner or even a boss of AA. He’s only a proxy for Mr. Kuti since day one. AA has no difference from Berjaya, Maxis, Perwaja, YTL, etc. They all belong to Mr. Kuti and only the naive Malaysians think otherwise. MAS is being sucked dry to save AAs arse as AA is broke. They cheat their shareholders by declaring assets as profits. Incase you do not understand what I mean, AA declares every aircraft, parts, hammers, screwdrivers, pen, pencil and cockroach they purchase as profits. This is illegal and can be charged under the CBT but AA can get away with it hence they have such high share values for suckers to be confident to invest with.

    AA is broke. They forced MAS to buy inferior planes which they’ve over ordered and couldn’t afford to pay the French. They build a stupid LCC airport which costs more than KLIA itself. Needless do I have to mention who is incharge of building the airport.

    To Mr. DPP, I bet you are a tax payer too. As a tax payer you own part of Malaysia Airlines. I understand that you may have been deceived into believing that certain people are not involved with such scandals but let me tell you, you are wrong. Let me warn you, that you are in grave danger if you do not change your mentality to listen with an open heart. As a fellow Malaysian, I too wish you to have a great life for generations to come. Maybe someday your children or even your grandchildren may be best friends with mine. But would you like them to migrate out of this country as 3rd class citizens or live in this country in such a terrible state? I do not want this. I am so affraid if my daughter were to work as a maid in Indonesia and being abused by some mad housewife in future. We are no different from the Phillipines when Marcos raped their country. Ask yourself this before you sleep every night and maybe you will realise that this blog created by this unknown person might be useful for you.

    The “dacing” days are coming to an end. They are desperate and they know it themselves too. That’s why they are trying to rob us, the rakyat which means everyone of you Malaysians before they run away to live in Zurich or whichever timbuktu and declared that they have died of cancer or whatsoever disease. Most Malaysians hope that this terrible state of our country will end soon that is if all Malaysians do not remain being naive or as what was said in Malay, “Katak Dibawah Tempurung”. I wish the best to everyone working in MAS and hopefully the rainy days will be gone. VOTE FOR THE COMING GE!!!

    Salam sejahtera.

  6. Read the news yesterday? Will Govt tarik balik CCF?

    I dont think so, MAS Top Management now all from AA….even the Auditors/CONsultant also from AA…..DIE la like this…..

    Unless they want to pujuk 23000 of MAS staffs to vote them back….

    Its too late…..we’ll sacked you from the thrown!!!!

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