How Tony Fernandez waving to his fans? Our message for Tony Fucker and his gangsters

This is our twenty-second post since we start blogging about MAS and Air Asia. We have been investigating intensively on this subject – the collaboration between MAS and Air Asia that only reaps benefits for improving Air Asia group’s earning.   Consequently, we have also become the full time Private Investigators for MAS and Air Asia.

“TOUGH” is the word we can describe on becoming the Private Investigator but ‘SATISFIED’ it is when we blogged our full investigations.  The information that we have gathered certainly has to be accurate or we will get thousands “BOO(s)” from Tony Fernandez and his gangsters.

Has Tony Fernandez ever ponder why we have turned into an Investigator cum blogger?

We doubt he is really bother because he has very thick skin and he thought by doing what he has been doing, nobody dares to really touch him and that also, nobody knows what Tony Fernandez is really up to.  Well! Tony Fernandez is very wrong if he really thinks that way because we care about the National Airlines.

Seriously, our way expressing our extreme concerns for Malaysia Airlines is through blogging truthfully.  And we will not going to stop until the Collaboration between MAS and Air Asia is pullout officially.

Mr. Prime Minister, MAS workers do not agree with this Collaboration between MAS and Air Asia.  Please do something for the sake of our country and the national Airlines.

We will not allow the trademark of Tony Fernandez and his gangsters sabotaging Malaysia Airlines and sacking MAS loyal workers who have worked very hard to sustain the National Airlines.

Tony Fernandez said openly “I am a thief and I rob MAS but nobody dares to touch me”.

Mr. Prime Minister, Tony Fernandez claimed nobody dares to touch him.  Did he mean that includes you too?  Prove to us Toni is wrong.

STEALING WEALTH IS A CRIME Do you understand this moral words, Mr. Tony Fucker?  

Let us counsel Mr. Tony Fucker a little – You’re an asshole and will always be remembered as the asshole that all Malaysians now know about and probably the world now has recognized you being the CRIMINAL for robbing rich airlines and screwing airlines workers.  Perhaps, there are people who may be sympathizing with your struggles in saving Air Asia but stealing wealth is still a crime.  A crime is never a blessing act.

Where is your morale?  It looks like your mom did not educate you the humanity and morality subjects.

As we all now are fully aware that Tony Fernandez and his gangsters have become the criminal in robbing rich airlines, we ask the readers and bloggers to watch out for more of their plots on “Airlines Heist” in other ASEAN country via corrupting the high-level officials and politicians like how he has plotted the MAS heist.  MAS Cargo and MRO are his targets to increase Air Asia yearly revenue.

In plain sight, Tony Fernandez is stealing MAS CARGO AND MAS MRO for his Air Asia group under our nose!!!!!!!

One of our readers has quoted, “It is amazing how a highly reputable airline can be placed in such a predicament as MAS is now in? The only reason why MAS has to cut its ROME sector is to allow Air Asia it’s pursuit to land in Milan instead. Absolutely unbelievable!!! MAS is being butchered for the sake of Air Asia.”

Yup!  You spotted it and well-said.  Tony Fernandez and his gangsters have orchestrated the whole episode-illustrating MAS not generating revenue in order to reduce its destinations into Europe with intention paving ways for Air Asia to generate some revenue so that Air Asia could pay back the loans to CIMB bank.  This has been authorized by Nasir of CIMB bank executed by Johnny Fernandez (Danny Rash-Dan) making ways for Air Asia finding revenues to pay back their loans to the bank.

Remember that CIMB bank is the broker for the collaboration between MAS and Air Asia?

Read :

So how Johnny Fernandez also called Danny Rash-Dan did it?

Johnny Fernandez is appointed as Commercial Director of Sales, which means he oversees the air ticket sales for Malaysia Airlines.  For the last decade, European routes were all the while generating revenues for Malaysia Airlines and the frequencies were increased to daily basis with the passengers’ load that were at least above 80%.

Since the collaboration between MAS and Air Asia, an overnight decision is  made for Malaysia Airlines to cut those “used to be most profitable routes” by MAS board of directors who are actually the Air Asia board of directors.

Tony Fernandez holds many positions including a new profession that is robbing rich airlines and his part-time occupation still remains as salesman for Airbus Industry; that means he will keep buying more Airbus aircrafts in coming months.

For the public information, Tony Fernandez has a dream to conquer ASEAN Civil Aviation Industry, the LCC and FSC Airlines upholding monopoly strategy and exploiting the workers’ rights under the nose of the public.  This is because Tony thinks the public is the fool who never learns.

The fools that never learn are Tony Fernandez’s fans who keep praising him like the god of Air Asia. 

How Tony Fernandez waving to his fans?

People, Tony Fernandez is waving at you “Come let me cheat you flying with low safety priority aircrafts because Air Asia is low cost airlines and let us overcharge you more and more hidden charges because you people are ignorant of your rights.”

Tony Fernandez loves employing the young and gullible toadying (apple polisher) because he loves being flattered all the times.

Not long ago, we actually spotted Tony Fernandez copycats the long legacy of hand waving style from the Queen Elizabeth II of England.

We take a look at how Queen Elizabeth of England most significant waving moments.  Queen Elizabeth is one of the world’s more recognizable waving people as reported by CNN.   As the Queen will be passing her waving duty soon to her new daughter-in-law, Tony Fernandez now copycats Queen Elizabeth’s long legacy hand-waving gesture and waved to his fans as if he’s “The Queen Of England”.

Hey, Toni (Tony Fernandez), you think you are the Queen of England  la?  Awwww….whatta pathetic copycat!  We also know you copycat Frank ISRAEL

Stay tune for more revelations…..we will also blog MAS top management’s attitude and their stupidity.

8 thoughts on “How Tony Fernandez waving to his fans? Our message for Tony Fucker and his gangsters

  1. Tony F#@&* you destroy East Malaysia tourism industry. First he stopped MAS profitable route from Kota Kinabalu to JB later he stopped his rural air service as not profitable and his Air Asia has many hidden charges…. how we hate this son of a gun! We miss Firefly and the old MAS very much and no thanks to bloody Tony and his gang of corporate marauders! Blast off from this planet Tony F#@x.

  2. Dear Tony Hater,

    We are with you 110%…this TF and gangs really !@#$$%^&&**(())__*^%$@@#$%^&*(&^%$#@#$%^&#$%^&**I&^%$%^&*(*&^%$%^&*(*&^%^&*&^%$^&*U&^%^&*&^%^&*&^%^&*^%$^&^%$%^&*^%$^&*^%^&*^%$^&^%$^&^%^&^%^&^%^&*^%^&^%^&^%$#$%$#@!#$%^&*()*&^%$#@#$%^&*()*&^%$#@#$%^&*(*&^%$#@$%^&*(*&^%$#@$%^….tired…really what we say…..

  3. you guys sound like a bunch of pathetic losers…don’t hate the player…its all a game…right now they are in charge…so they run things their way…all things that go up MUST come down…theory of the Universe…

    so dont go bashing Tony & gang….

  4. Simon, TF and His gangs are thieves. Are you asking the audience to procrastinate their fight against thugs who said “I am a thief and nobody dares to touch me?” you sounded like Tony’s dogs unleashed to destabilize MAS workers.

  5. Well done ALL.
    If the govt dont take action against this Toni, we must all boycott Air Asia and all Tune Air products.

    Next stage is to vote ABU and ABBN (Anybody but BN)

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