Rebuilding trust in Malaysia Airlines

Raja Azura Raja Mahayuddin is the Executive VP of Human Capital Division. Her upcoming project is becoming the speaker for World HRD Congress on the subject of “SURVIVE & THRIVE” on HR Leadership & Challenges in the coming years that will be held on 15th February to 18th February 2012.

When she became the first woman to hold the EVP position in MAS, she became the talk of the town for a while because majorities have not known her well during that time. Quite a few men who had heard about her “single” status at her age of 38 were actually interested in getting to know her better. Unfortunately, the moment they get to know her personally, they have changed their mind.

Worst, the moment MAS workers started getting closer and knowing her a little personally, all workers started to stay away from her. There must be a reason for it.

This woman has the urge to make workers getting “sick” in the workplace. Her leaderships have grown from rebranding “Human Resource” to “Human Capital” where it then becomes the infamous Human Cannibalizing as has been transformed by Raja Azura Raja Mahayuddin in Malaysia Airlines.

Nowadays, it is no fun working with MAS anymore under Raja Azura, the undomesticated from the new generation implementing human cannibalizing strategy and distorting the reputation of the company.

The former MAS CEO, Idris Jala once said MAS Human Resource was the worst department in Malaysia Airlines. Today, under Raja Azura, MAS Human Capital Division is the barbarian department. At the rate she is pursuing, MAS top management will receive bulk of continual grievances being filed by MAS workers to the justice department.

Raja Azura has very high tendency to cause industrial disharmony between MAS workers and MAS unions/associations. Her favorite skill is twisting the inner truth by blaming the unions and associations with ill-intent creating confusions, disharmonies and violating the agreement signed between the unions/associations on behalf of MAS in which she hopes by doing so, MAS workers would have left the airlines on their own accord.

It has been known that MAS Human Capital Division under Raja Azura shall engineer dishonesty and fraudulent to workers to instigate industrial disharmony in the workplace and ultimately, it will trigger the unions/association to file their dissatisfaction to the top management over her barbarian leaderships in Human Capital division. She has made numerous mistakes on behalf of Malaysia Airlines that have threatened an industrial action that is known be taken against MAS.

We have also recognized Raja Azura talks really big but no action being taken and that she promotes NEPOTISM within Malaysia Airlines to be the next richer woman by bidding for MAS contracts via her cronies.

Bidding for contracts using proxies has been known as another lifestyle in Malaysia Airlines after you have worked too long in the management level.

Corruption practice will widen within the airlines by having Raja Azura and her cronies staying put in Malaysia Airlines. She keeps her cool when someone of her circle was caught in bidding contract and she did not take action upon those corrupted management until someone has alerted the top gun. Her cronies are Zaiton Shaari, Hayati Dato Ali, Roslind Ramli and the Saripah lady who works in the insurance section.

MAS’s reputation is at stake under Raja Azura who seemingly challenging MAS workers continuously making Malaysia Airlines the worst workplace for key stakeholders and the employees at large.

The new management must step up to rebuilding trust in Malaysia Airlines without prejudice and she has to be gotten rid off for the benefits of MAS workers towards achieving peace “rebuilding trust in the company” and focusing on sustaining the airlines.

A true HR practitioner will always adapt the philosophy of rebuilding trust in the organization and not the way how Raja Azura Raja Mahayuddin is orchestrating in Malaysia Airlines.

14 thoughts on “Rebuilding trust in Malaysia Airlines

  1. Dear MAS families, v love MAS v.much n v won’t want 2 c her destroying MAS. TQ for posting info so v know which culprit v shud be looking 4. Post her picture 2 so v can throw stone 2 her face.

  2. Raja Azura…..shoo…shoo..shoo and away from MAS. i heard she’s f**king ugly face like creature not human. mas staff don’t want you so shoo your ass out of mas…effectively

  3. Better sign petition to get her out. Raja Azura you deserved no position in mas.

    I hope the top management have come to realise such crooks should not be let in in the first place. It seems all are ladies in charge work together to rambo mas. AJ better watch out cos she will rambo all she can. meetings arrangement with her also very difficult and what’s more to say she would listen to top management. AJ should get rid of her but just in case AJ allowed her to stay, it would mean “bigger” challenge for mas staff.

  4. Pls note that all these are done to frustrate the staffs and those who seem to challenge the company’s policies. One thing right about her is that she is never interested to meet anyone as she seem to be very busy with her schedules. As far as implementing policies, we see no spectacular change in Human Resources policies except some fresh air to her own division.

  5. Fuck off Raja stupid Azura….your days are numbered….there were no improvement in MAS since she took over the seat….she’s not performing but receiving bigger salary that can get 10 executives to do her jobs….I heard she has been lying to the top management and Malaysian government about MAS staff are lazy and causing a lot of problems in company and she is not professional too…she is a busting union bitch or Tony Fernandez too.

  6. I relish, lead to I discovered just what I used to be looking for. You have ended my 4 day lengthy hunt! God Bless you man. Have a great day. Bye

  7. To the hell she goes…ugly bitch and ugly heart she has. The people she hired are now all mat salleh. Please expose her more to the public so whole malaysia organization can see her true colors before she ruin the employees.

  8. MAS is trying to force over 2000 staff working in Subang to move to KLIA. MAS MD says this is so we can organise meetings easier. The one time cost is over RM 35 million and the added rental is about RM 40K per month. MAS is bleeding profusely yet MD wants to spend so much. The real reason is someone wants to buy the land in Subang.
    MAS Human Capital (aka human corpse) previously known as Human Resources (aka himan resources) has not bothered to engage the Unions. The person incharge of the move in human corpse dept is the MD’s sister.

    • correction
      MAS Human Capital (aka human corpse) previously known as Human Resources (aka human remains) has not bothered to engage the Unions. The person incharge of the move in human corpse dept is the MD’s sister.

  9. this really wide open my eyes….. i am totally shocked with whole information here…. with the salary upfront and also all the crony-ism….
    Hope MAS will light up again and burst the dilemma that been carried over started from TR.

    i’ve been grown by MAS and now growing my kid also by MAS…. certain staff wouldn’t care what happen to MAS but… for myself.. i do care and pray the best for MAS.

    hope the almighty cease all the thugs away..

    may almighty bless MAS all the way.

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