Strategy of the Pirates of Caribbean

The national airline is in its critical stage again proclaimed by its new MD/CEO coincidentally in conjunction with those who has overdue terms in facing fresh general election by next year March 2012.

Each election however, ironically will cost the national airlines “massive losses”. This time, the losses almost cost the airlines entering chapter 11 analogous to American Airlines and Qantas resultant from the footstep of JAL in re-structuring the airlines by shrinking its staff strength then re-hiring new staff with lower salaries, terms and conditions.

Malaysia Civil Servants are getting an increment of 7% up to 13% as “Advance Appreciation” from the evening minister (p.m.) as booking fees for the “successful” future election.

We believe the only person who can cease the share swap between MAS and Air Asia is the “appointed” Evening Minister (p.m.). However, we were informed he is not interested in justifying the share swap issue that has a very big impact on MAS 20,000 workers.

So Malaysian workers, do you know who to vote in the future? If you still don’t know whom to choose, better let us know in advance so we could arrange “hammering session” on those indecisive voters.

It appears our history began with appointing our own Evening Minister and as the potential candidates, you do not need to participate in the general election process to become the next number 1 Asshole because systematically, you could be appointed provided your late father was the “number one” man.

We have received information from Evening Minister’s close aids that Mahathir will make his son becoming the next powerful man so that he could continue siphoning off profits from the National Airlines and enjoy riding his horses in Argentina with Daim.

The Malaysians workers must not waste time but join forces now and start cursing this Mahathir and his future generation for screwing the country by allowing Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun the opportunity to screwing the national airlines bit-by-bit and piece-by-piece. Danny has gone to Khazanah asking for another 10% of shares for Tony Fernandez and Kamarudin Meranun. We think this two is the pirates of the Caribbean.


4 thoughts on “Strategy of the Pirates of Caribbean

  1. Nothing wrong with Mahathir decision, he did admit the mistake by appointing Tajuddin at that time. This is more to Daim game in manipulating the situation as he is being trusted to oversee the the GLCs.

  2. Thank you for comment. Yes, we have several highly reliable confirmations that the real culprit behind the curtain is Daim but to what extent did Mahathir help in transforming MAS? He did the worst by putting Daim running GLCs which also ruining BN’s governance too. Soon, more info on how BN sells it’s country to the rich neighbor.

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