Expensive contract for bleeding the National Airlines

Attention AJ and Md Noor,

A reader has posted us information about MAS having contracts for polishing its aircrafts that cost a bleeding of at least RM10k per month.

MAS currently have a fleet of 36 aircrafts and we are told each aircraft is only polished once a month.  Can this be a little overpriced?  We do hope it is not RM10k per aircraft per month because that will cost the airlines a bomb.

We were also told many of MAS contracts are “beneficial towards” the vendors than the airlines.

Quite recently, the VP of GSS has renewed a public transportation company that cost the airlines paying out up to RM1.5 million per month by utilizing its over-age vehicles that could compromise the safety of the users.  Very easy trick is that the position for VP and above is also on contract basis and so humans are getting weaker usually a few months before his contract is expiring.

There has been rumored the division’s handling transportation easily has opportunity for bribery practice and the vendors could have offered such opportunity with condition to waiving off the penalties.

We think this contract issue should be revisit for curbing the bleeding in the airlines.  The pricing should be beneficial for the airlines than the vendors which means AJ needs to enforce “Corruption Free Workplace”.


2 thoughts on “Expensive contract for bleeding the National Airlines

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