Is liquidating the National Carrier via Collaboration Framework is the ultimate goal?

Dear readers,

As always, your comradeship standing behind our Malaysian Flag is greatly appreciated by all Malaysians.  Today, our blog have reached nearly 9,000 hits since this was established on 23rd November 2011.

To Binafikir visitors, our blog comes only with one mission that is to fight against “thugs” that probably could be plotting dramatic scene with ill intent on liquidating our national airlines and improving the poverty and debts for our country.

As of yesterday, we’re still monitoring the sales for JNB, SIN, TPE etcetera and a shocking revelation is that MAS under Danny Rasdhan-the Bina terlupa Fikir gang, also sells one-way airfares to Singapore for only 20 ringgit.

Is this crazy? Or is this how Bina TAK MAU fikir and Axehole’s office boy (AJ and Md Nor) accomplishes the mission bankrupting our National Airlines?

Why is the evening minister (p.m.) appointed a retiree to oversees CCF?  We have the opinion the goal is for them to CABUT (ciau) far far away after the bankrupt of National Airlines.

We all know very well that Tony Fernandez is a business KON man whose ulterior motive is buy a bankrupt airlines like what he did with RM1 price for Air Asia.

Before Tony Fernandez embarks on his mission to take over MAS, he has had many meetings with his mentor, the founder of Ryanair, Richard Branson who screwed airlines industry, Alan Joyce who screwed Qantas Airlines and probably the CEO of another airlines too, which we have yet to receive affirmation.

Their final step galvanizing by CCF business plan is to liquidating National Airlines through sabotaging the internal sales by selling 80% tickets for Air Asia and blocking MAS sales for routes to Johannesburg, Cape Town, Buenos Aires, Dubai, Los Angeles and Singapore so that they could prove to the Malaysian BLIND GOMEN they have done the best but because of the unions are still attached to National Airlines, the company cannot make money.  They won’t tell our gullible GOMEN that they are making sales for Air Asia and closing SHOP for National Airlines already.

Do you concur to all of the above, Mr. Axehole ?  We know Mr. Axehole has been patronizing our blog.  We welcome Tony Fernandez to post his comment so we could learn about more him and his plots to kill National Carrier.  Dare the Devil?

7 thoughts on “Is liquidating the National Carrier via Collaboration Framework is the ultimate goal?

  1. Hi.will TF answr to this blog? He is living with MAS cabin crw LSS Maria soria who’s taking unpaid leave n rumor said she will come back as EVP in MAS.

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