Is MAS current airfares deal sufficient to cover variable costs?

Malaysia Airlines fly to Johannesburg, South Africa three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

We are informed since to collaboration agreement, there has been a new introduction of a “whirlwind fluctuating airfare prices” over the Malaysia Airlines Internet booking site. We probed into it and we were startled to undercover one shocking so called “the best deal” for route traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Johannesburg on economy class that danced as high as “RM9,610” for one way only that is not inclusive of taxes as yet.

Is it not strange? Is Danny trying to scare away MAS potential customers from traveling Malaysia Airlines to Johannesburg with such an overpriced airfares? Even Emirates is offering a return economy airfare to Johannesburg via Kuala Lumpur lower than RM9,610.  We actually found out that the normal airfares (published fares) from KUL to JNB is RM2,492 excluding the taxes (RM674).  How ridiculous?

Probably this is how the collaboration agreement works towards illustrating JNB route is not generating revenue for the airlines and that potential customers prefer to fly with Air Asia “x”.

We were too flabbergasted when discovering MAS Internet booking system also shows flights from KUL to JNB that are unavailable from 2 Jan until 9 Jan 2012. Out of curiosity, we made a call to MAS reservation at 1-300-88-3000 and were informed that those flights to JNB on these dates were already fully booked.

Is it fully booked or it has been fully blocked?

Strangely, we also found MAS flights into Johannesburg sell at RM370 for one way from 19th January 2012 until 31st January 2012. Didn’t AJ say Johannesburg route does not cover the variable costs? So does this price “RM370 for one way” will cover the variable costs for Johannesburg route?

It looks like the hand over of MAS international routes to Air Asia ‘x’ is no doubt getting imminent and accelerating.

5 thoughts on “Is MAS current airfares deal sufficient to cover variable costs?

  1. Good expose, Sahabat. We must get together and strategise. The crooks are feeling the heat. Email me. We must now converge for the final blow.

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