What can MAS do to prevent leakages?

Many forums have been discussing about MAS and Air Asia Collaboration framework but only one forum provides the solutions to all MAS internal problems and we found the MASTROUBLESHOOTERS’ blog.  It explains explicitly about the direction MAS was heading before the collaboration framework existed.

What this forum would share with the public is how MAS management team burns the “capital” injected by the government from time to time.

Let’s start with MAS cargo who is headed by Roslan who provides the opportunity of “commission-based” in the purchasing of aircraft spare parts to the broker.  Does anyone from the government care to audit such acts?  This is an act of misconduct condoned by MAS top management.  Briefly, no one in MAS even bother to audit the “commission based” policy allowed by MAS cargo HOD.

Let’s go into catering services which during Idris Jala’s time where he had signed a deal under Bodowi as MAS advisor for extra wastage on each flights.  For example, in first class, if there were bookings for 2 passengers, the catering will supply first class bulk food for 4 passengers and here there goes the wastage and slow bleeding MAS to death strategy.  Why has no one stopped this bleeding including AJ the new MD?

How about Airport Operations?  Experience MAS permanent staff were instructed by MAS duty manager to guide the vendor’s inexperienced part-timers and as always, it ended up with MAS permanent staff did cover all the jobs for the vendors whilst the vendors’ part-time workers stood like a monument waiting for their working hours to finish up.

It is believe such outsourcing opportunity in MAS could breed corruption practice within MAS.  It was reported that ex-MAS AGM in-charged for airport operation who was retiring had the opportunity to appoint a vendor (under his proxy) to cater services for MAS prior to his official retirement.

Doubling the cost for the company is now a new strategy to eat the corporate company alive and then putting the blame onto the hardworking workers for not doing good enough is the new developed modern strategy being used by the cunning and greedy CON-SULTANTs.

How will MAS stops bleeding if all of the above instruction are being passed on from one MD to another new MD?

7 thoughts on “What can MAS do to prevent leakages?

  1. Let me become Managing Director of Malaysia Airlines and give me one year managed and helped MAS by looking example to JAL. I know what I’m going to do. MAS doesn’t needed any collaboration framework.

  2. as i heard, now have one vendor that take contract to polishing an aircraft during night stop. In one night they will polish two aircraft. Someone told me that the cost to polish one aircraft is 10k. I think this is ‘projek org ats’..wasting MAS money.

  3. I like your views on these issues you post in your blog. It gives a lot of infos that people don’t know. However there is a mistake in the vendor part. While you’re saying these vendors just stood by the side and do nothing, they are the ones doing the job at tip-top performance most of the time. These vendors are a very highly skilled workers, and they do their jobs better than MOST of the regular workers. Well this is from the engineering point of view. And just another extra info, MOST of these vendors don’t get paid well enough to match their skills.

    • Hi there,

      MAS vendors, mostly belong to either mid management under proxies or Mahathir’s cronies. The other reason why Mahathir is involved could be because his cronies are getting lessor contracts compared to those days whilst under his ruling party.

      Some vendors are serving no purposes as written in our article “standing like a monument” pointing the direction for MAS customers. In other airlines such as Qatar, given for example, we will not find such unskilled workers standing and pointing the direction for its customers.

      You said, these vendors don’t get paid well enough to match their skills. That’s the point. In reality, the vendors do not pay well for skilled workers and so they are supplying unskilled workers to MAS. While MAS is paying the vendors well to do the job, it always ended with the airlines’ workers accomplishing the work for the vendors’ workers. We have heard so many cases where the vendors are cheating the airlines by violating many parts of the contracts through bribing the duty manager avoided penalty being imposed on the vendors for not achieving up to the standards as per the written contract.

  4. For the aviation personnals and management if you look at europeans countries,the vendors are allowed to engage technicians and engineers for only for weeks or months unlike in malaysia airlines the vendors supply for months and years,its very very costly for mas but its lottery or big fat bonus for the vendor,because their rates are very high,this vendor are not intrested in mas performance all they are doing is milking mas cash, another example of expatriates no where in the world expatriates can serve for 30 yrs, in malaysia airlines can how this is possible dont tell me malaysian are not smart,interlligent,cannot be trained,taught,guided,to send this expatriates as we loose in millions,these guys are paid in thousands, tax free,housing,education annual leave, wow its good to be an expatriate in malaysia,

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