MAS and Air Asia shares

In Malaysia, we cannot argue about the stock market for Air Asia that is now overpriced.  Its share as per par value is only worth 10 cents while MAS share is worth RM1.00.

If par value is only worth RM0.10, its shares should be approximately around RM0.367 but it has been sold as RM3.670 in Malaysia market.  Crazy isn’t it?  But it is not crazy and this is called “insider trading”.

20.5% of of MAS shares swapped with 10% of Air Asia shares.  That clearly shows either crossed-eye calculation by the ladies in charge in “K” or “Big AngPow” resulted from share swap with one condition to collaborate with MAS because there’s a lot of goodies in MAS benefiting by simply just tying the knots with MAS.

(1)  FOC tickets and services inclusive of MRO

(2)  Outsourcing services whichever can increase ancillary revenues

(3)  Free sponsorships at the expense of the national carrier – simply put, if MAS can sponsor RM18 million for QPR, MAS can also sponsor free bungalow for the newcomers and not to mention free scholarship for families

(4)  The buying of A330 from the new BOD to make him richer and to be next trillion-aire

Long story short, all of the above cannot be done without the top gun’s approval.  Simply put, only commission earner will support such collaboration plan.

7 thoughts on “MAS and Air Asia shares

  1. There are so much things that involve in this collaboration..we should know,top men is involved..y?there is answer that cannot b told!

    • Dear Nubis Sarawak,

      It is very true when it comes to politics, it is truly and deeply dirty and every person involved would be stating almost different language washing their hands off. However, if the government is genuinely interested in prioritizing their full attention to its people, this plan would have been re-studied and given the priority to address it. We believe Tun M could have been behind it since he already admitted his approval to TF and Azman M when proposal for such collaboration was presented to him. Simply put, Tun M is the mentor to p.m. and where is p.m. when he is needed. We heard rumor spread that he refused to meet with MAS 8 unions and associations.

  2. If you look at photography session on the day of secret signing, why is NAZIR there? Any link? Will the probe be just going around the “old gum tree only”?

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